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Moog Components Group has promoted these products:

Moog Components Group - Wind Turbine Solutions for Critical Applications

As a key player in the wind industry, Moog Components Group provides high-reliability slip rings in critical applications where durability, performance, and uptime are demanded. These slip rings eliminate routine maintenance and costly downtime. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Visit Moog Components Group at Upcoming Tradeshows

Visit Moog Components Group at upcoming tradeshows in 2017. (read more)

Moog Components Group - The Benefits of Linear Motors

Moog's linear motors offer dynamic and precise linear motion positioning for robotics, factory automation, processing, packaging and other industrial applications. Read or new blog post, "The Benefits of Linear Motors" and learn about the performance attributes of linear motors and why most engineers upgrade their system to incorporate these devices. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Linear Motors Offering Precision, Speed, & Control

Moog Components Group's linear motors offer an advantage over current technology in weight, size, maintenance costs, environmental considerations, precision, speed, control, programmability, reliability and noise. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Why Moog Linear Motors?

Moog linear motors offer many advantages over pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical systems, including the ability to stand alone without the need for pneumatic or hydraulic pumps and infrastructure, reduce deployment, and maintenance costs. (read more)

Moog Components Group - High Reliability Modular Pitch Control Slip Ring

The EPA3 slip ring is the next generation of advanced Moog slip ring products developed for the wind energy market and large wind turbine electric pitch control systems. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Fiber Optic Multiplexers

To exploit the full bandwidth of fiber, multiplexing combines many signals of various types - video, serial data, network data, control lines - onto one optical fiber. Moog Components Group has a wide range of Time Division Multiplexers (TDM)options that allow multiple electrical channels to be multiplexed onto one or more optical fibers. (read more)

Moog Components Group - FastAct H Series Brushless Servo Motors

Moog Components Group's FastAct H series of brushless servomotors are permanent magnet motors that stand out for their extremely high level of performance and high acceleration speeds. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Fiber Optic Solutions for the Marine Industry

We have the technology

Moog's approach to solving power and data transmission challenges is simple - innovation and performance. Moog's products consistently perform in the world's harshest environments. We offer leading-edge custom solutions and services that set the pace in today's rapidly changing global markets. (read more)

Moog Components Group - LifeGuard Ultrasonic Air Bubble Detector

Moog Components Groups' LifeGuard ultrasonic air bubble detectors feature proprietary swept frequency technology, making these sensors more reliable and accurate than those utilizing fixed frequency or pulse-type circuitry. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Ethernet and High Definition Video Slip Rings

Moog’s Ethernet slip ring solutions have been developed to provide reliable products to allow transfer of the Ethernet protocol through a rotating interface. The innovative designs meet the challenge of matching impedance, controlling crosstalk and managing losses. Wide range of product solutions are offered with combinations of data and power in multiple mechanical configurations. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Moog Expands Production Site of Servo Systems

Moog Inc., a leading supplier of high performance solutions for motion control, has announced plans to expand and strengthen its resources at the Moog production site in Casella, in the province of Genoa (Italy), to gain a leading position in Europe and acquire new market share. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Brushless DC Torque Motors - DB Series

Moog's DB/DBE Matrix™ Series brushless torque motors are used in applications that require high power density and/or quick accelerations. The designs are optimized to minimize input power for maximum efficiency. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Moog Components Group Motor Catalog

Moog Components Group has introduced a new motor catalog to include Brushless and Brush DC Motors, Drive Electronics, Gearheads, and Position Sensors product lines. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Motor Solutions for Dusty and Wet Environments

When the application requires the reliability and performance of a brushless DC motor, yet must operate in a dusty or wet environment, the Moog BN-IP series is a natural choice. We have taken our proven BN series brushless motors and packaged them into an IP65 rated version. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Slip Ring Series with Through-Bore Design

Moog Components Group's through-bore slip rings feature our fiber brush technology which offers several advantages over conventional slip ring technology including multiple points of contact force per fiber and low contact wear rates. In addition, fiber brushes do not require lubrication and produce virtually no wear debris. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Brushless DC Outside Rotor Motors

Moog Components Groups' brushless DC motor capabilities provide solutions in a wide variety of applications. These motors are designed for use in high-speed, continuous operation applications, where they operate with low noise levels, low heat and high reliability. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Silencer Series Slotless Brushless DC Motors

Moog Components Group's Slotless motors provide zero detent torque for near zero vibration. Utilizing SmCo magnets and a stainless steel housing, the BMS09 is ideal for medical applications where the motor has to withstand autoclave conditions. Utilizing NdFeB magnets, the BSS09 provides excellent value with a lower cost and high torque. (read more)

Moog Components Group - BN Series Brushless DC Motors

Moog Components Group's Silencer® series of brushless motors offers diameters from 1.2 inches to 4.1 inches and lengths from 1.3 inches to 5.5 inches. It offers continuous torques from 2.4 to 519 oz-in and speeds up to 20,000 rpm. Built for rugged applications and environments, the Silencer series motors feature bonded rare earth magnets and aluminum housings. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Permanent Magnet DC Motors

Moog Components' complete line of Permanent Magnet DC Brush Motors are available with integral feedback devices for closed-loop control. Optional pre-aligned encoders and rugged brushless resolvers provide accurate positioning. Integral tachometers are available. (read more)

Moog Components Group - High Torque Density DBH-0472 Brushless DC Motors

Moog Components Group's DBH-0472 motors offer the greatest torque density available in a miniaturized package. The high technology motor uses Neo magnets in a unique magnetic circuit to deliver maximum power for the application. These are available packaged in a ruggedized housing/bearing structure and using a high temperature insulating scheme to offer superior environmental robustness. (read more)

Moog Components Group - AirMax™ High Performance Blowers

The Moog AirMaxTM P45 series of fans and blowers provides excellent output power per unit volume through the use of compact, high energy 3-phase brushless DC motors and efficient airfoil design. The motor utilizes high energy rare earth magnets to provide the blower with the necessary torque to provide maximum airflow in the minimum amount of system space. (read more)

Moog Components Group - RVDTs in Demanding Military/Aerospace Environments

Moog supplies a variety of resolvers, synchros and rotary variable differential transformers (RVDT) for use in demanding military and aerospace environments. These rugged and reliable devices provide accurate position and velocity feedback as well as commutation, without the structural or temperature restrictions imposed by other electronic feedback devices. (read more)

Moog Components Group - Moog AirMax™ P28 High Performance Blowers

The Moog AirMax™ P28 series of fans and blowers provides excellent output power per unit volume through the use of compact, high energy 3-phase brushless DC motors and efficient airfoil design. (read more)