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Mountz, Inc.

Mountz, Inc. has promoted these products:

Mountz, Inc. - Electric Screwdrivers for Low-Torque Assembly
  • Various models that range from 0.3 – 15.6
  • Designed to increase productivity & enhance product quality through precision torque control & user comfort
  • Ensures accuracy in fastening with precision automatic shut-off clutch once preset torque is achieved.
  • Features a low-voltage, heavy-duty motor design.
  • External torque ad...
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Mountz, Inc. - TLS Pro ESD Preset Torque Screwdriver

The TLS Pro ESD torque screwdriver series is designed to provide ESD protection during the fastening process for those critical electronic components (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - TSP Cam-Over Torque Wrench

The TSP tool is a small preset cam-over torque wrench used for fastening applications where a single torque setting is required and will prevent an operator from incidentally adjusting the torque setting (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - SH-Series Robotic Screwdriver System

The SH-Series is an automation torque control system engineered for high precision accuracy and repeatable torque control. The high performance robotic fastening system by Mountz allows manufacturers to optimize the assembly area, reduce labor costs and increase productivity. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - TSN (Cam-Over Torque Wrench)

The TSN is a pre-set torque wrench that's ideal for maintenance and production applications where over-torque conditions are not tolerated. Built with a cam-over design, the accurate TSN torque wrench prevents a fastener or bolt from being over-torqued. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - NF-Series Brushless Electric Screwdrivers

Designed for high production environments, the E-DRIV NF-Series brushless electric torque screwdrivers feature a high performance brushless motor design that provides durability and reduces the standard maintenance costs for electric screwdrivers. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - EPT Series Adjustable Click Wrench

The EPT Series is a new adjustable click wrench by Mountz, Inc. Engineered to accurately provide proper torque control, these wrenches are built with high quality materials, which reduces the frequency for maintenance and repairs costs. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - MTWD Digital Torque Wrench

The MTWD is a digital wrench designed for daily fastening applications in a production environment. The electronic wrench comes with technology-assisted precision, sporting a digital display of torque readings, plus visual, acoustic and sensory signals that alert an operator once the pre-set torque is reached. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - Metric Fasteners

Mr. Metric (a Mountz company) is the leading metric fastener specialist in North America (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - TLS Pro Preset Torque Screwdriver

Mountz, Inc. introduces the new TLS Pro preset torque screwdriver series. These new torque tools are an upgrade to the reliable and trusted Mountz cam-over torque screwdriver technology. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - IPT Series Preset Click Wrench

The IPT Series is new a preset click wrench by Mountz, Inc. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - FlexPower Pulse Nutrunners

Built for high production environments, FlexPower pulse tools provide durability, power and speed for industrial assembly applications ranging from 4-150 N.m covering bolt sizes M5-M14. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - K-Series Electric Torque Screwdrivers

Mountz K-Series eletric torque screwdrivers increase productivity and enhance product quality through precision torque control and user comfort. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - SDX Torque Sensor

The SDX torque sensor available from Mountz, Inc. is an instrument designed for torque auditing, verification or tightening fasteners. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - Tool Balancers

The Mountz tool balancers provide easy handling for operators that work with tools for long, continuous hours. The balancers allow tools to be positioned over the work station for comfortable operation and can be used with pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or other tools. Mountz offers an assortment of ergonomic tool balancers. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - Dial Torque Wrenches

A dial torque wrench is typically used as a quality control instrument to verify or monitor torque. The dial torque wrench can be used for joint testing, auditing or verification of torque applied. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - TorqueLab LTT-Series (Torque Tester)

The LTT-Series torque analyzer is designed for calibrating tools, joint testing, auditing and measuring torque. Torque tools go out of calibration with use. To maintain consistent accuracy, torque tools must be checked periodically for wear or defective parts. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - MTX Low Torque Sensor

The MTX is a low torque sensor designed for calibrating and testing small hand screwdrivers, torque wrenches and power tools. With the sensor’s low profile design, the calibration instrument can also be used for testing automation and robotic fastening applications. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - Calibration Hex Step Adapter

The calibration hex step adapter by Mountz, Inc. is engineered for testing various size open-end torque wrenches with one adapter. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - CLD (Pneumatic Torque Multiplier)

CLD Pneumatic Torque Multiplier provides precision tightening and loosening of all heavy duty fastening connections. Shuts-off when pre-set torque is achieved. Non-impacting and operates at a smooth, continuous rotation Multiplier increases speed and productivity, as it is faster than a hydraulic wrench and is less expensive. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - Clean Room Torque Screwdrivers

Mountz offers a selection of clean room torque screwdrivers. The hand tools are manufactured to comply with Class 100 Clean Room standards (ISO 2) and are polished and sealed with a PTFE impregnated anodized coating that creates a tool nearly 40 times as clean as “off the shelf” torque tools. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - Micro Torque Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

The Micro Torque screwdriver is an externally adjustable torque tool that offers different setting options for applications that require more than one torque value (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - MSP Screw Presenters

The small and compact MSP screw presenter is designed to organize and automate work areas and production cells. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - EZ-Glider Torque Arm

The Mountz EZ-Glider torque arm is designed to improve production and quality control during the assembly process. (read more)

Mountz, Inc. - Plate Heat Exchanger Tools

Engineered for tightening or loosening heavy bolt connections with spindles or long threads, the Mountz RG (radial gearing) torque multipliers were specially developed for plate heat exchangers applications. (read more)