Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol SV Microwave VITA 67 Coaxial Connector

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the VITA 67 Coaxial Connector solutions from Amphenol SV Microwave. These new connectors meet all the requirements of the VITA 67 connector standard and target high reliability, high density aerospace and defense RF applications.

The Amphenol SV Microwave VITA 67 Coaxial Connectors, available from Mouser Electronics, conform to the VITA 67... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Littelfuse LSP05/LSP10 Surge Protection Modules

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the LSP05 and LSP10 Surge Protection Modules from Littelfuse. The LSP05 protection module provides up to 10kA of surge current protection while the LSP10provides up to 20kA of surge protection. Littelfuse's LSP product series provides surge immunity with multiple protection features that is designed to prevent catastrophic equipment failures.

... (read more)
Mouser Electronics, Inc. - MachXO3™ Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the MachXO3™ Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) from Lattice Semiconductor. The MachXO3 uses a new packaging technology that eliminates bond wires, both increasing performance while reducing cost. This innovative packaging approach results in increased gate and input/output (I/O) density while maintaining a small board footprint. The Ma... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - EFL700A39 EnFilm™ Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the new EFL700A39 EnFilm™ Rechargeable Lithium Batteries from STMicroelectronics. At 25.7x25.7mm, these batteries are about the size of a postage stamp and are almost as thin, with a thickness of only 0.22mm. Nominal battery voltage is 3.9V with a capacity of 0.7mAh. This battery can supply a maximum pulsed current under load of 10mA.

Th (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol Harsh Environment USB Connection System

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the Harsh Environment USB 3.0 Connection System from Amphenol PCD. These connectors provide the ideal solution for USB 3.0 serial data transfer in harsh or demanding environments.

The new Amphenol PCD Harsh Environment USB 3.0 Connection System, available from Mouser Electronics, are high performance USB 3.0 connectors. They have the same f... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Cree GaN HEMT based MMICs

Cree GaN (Gallium Nitride) HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) based MMICs (monolithic microwave integrated circuits) enable extremely wide bandwidths to be achieved in small footprint packages. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Led Engin LZC Series LED Emitters

Led Engin LZC Series LED Emitters offer a 12 die emitter providing a max of 3000 lumens at 1A (5500K). The LZC Series has 40W of power dissipation capability in a small 9x9mm footprint for exceptional luminous flux density. It features an integrated glass lens, spatial color uniformity across the radiation pattern, and an excellent color rendering index. The LZC Series is designed for ou... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Pericom KM Series CMOS Crystal Oscillators

Pericom's KM Series CMOS Crystal Oscillators are the industry's smallest 32.768kHz crystal oscillator with a dimension of only 2.0mm x 1.6mm; its foot print saves over 30% of board space comparing with devices currently available on the market. These oscillators achieve superb stability over a broad range of operating conditions. The output clock signal is compatible with LVCMOS/LVTTL lo... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - RECOM Power RAC04-C/230 4W AC/DC Converter

RECOM Power RAC04-C/230 is a 4W AC/DC Converter. This regulated converter is available in both single and dual output models with universal input of 80-264VAC and isolated output of 3.75kVAC/1 minute. RAC04-C/230 from RECOM meets EN55022 Class B and is covered by a 3 year warranty. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Analog Devices AD9554 Clock Translator

Analog Devices AD9554 is a low loop bandwidth clock translator designed to provide jitter cleanup and synchronization for many systems, including synchronous optical networks (SONET/SDH). AD9554 generates an output clock synchronized to up to four external input references. The digital PLL (DPLL) allows for reduction of input time jitter or phase noise associated with the external refere... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - ISSI IS43/46TRx DDR3 SDRAM

ISSI IS43/46TRx DDR3 SDRAMs deliver high speed data transfer rates with a system frequency up to 1066MHz. Features include bidirectional differential data strobe, data masking per byte on Write commands, programmable burst length of 4 or 8, with programmable CAS latency. Applications include telecom & networking, automotive, and industrial embedded computing.


... (read more)
Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Mean Well PLM LED Power Supply

Mean Well PLM LED Power Supply series, with single stage PFC circuit design, is a cost effective power solution for reaching a high PF value (PF>0.9). The constant current devices comply with harmonic current limitation per EN61000-3-2 Class C, and fulfill the general lighting requirements. Other features include no load power consumption <0.5W and set up time < 500ms, complying... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Toshiba TLP5702 GaAlAs Photocoupler

Toshiba's TLP5702 GaAlAs Photocoupler is a photocoupler that comes in a 6-pin SO6L package that consists of a GaAlAs infrared light-emitting diode (LED) optically coupled to an integrated high-gain, high-speed photo detector IC. It provides guaranteed performance and specifications at temperatures of up to 110°C. The TLP5702 is physically smaller and thinner than a photocoupler in an... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Cree® XLamp® XP-L LEDs

Cree® XLamp® XP-L LED is the first commercially available single-die LED to deliver breakthrough efficacy of up to 200lm/w at 350mA. The game-changing Cree XLamp XP-L LED delivers an immediate performance increase of 50% or more as a drop-in upgrade for lighting designs based on Cree's market-leading XLamp XP-G LEDs. As the brightest member of the industry's only family of high-d... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - ISSI Analog IC Evaluation Boards

ISSI offers a variety of Evaluation Boards designed to help engineers evaluate and test ISSI's analog integrated circuits. These include Class D power and audio amplifiers, Class-AB stereo audio amplifiers, boost converters, LED drivers, step-down converters, and infrared light sensors. Each evaluation board is fully assembled and tested for use with their perspective analog IC.


(read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Cincon CHE75W 75W DC-DC Converters

Cincon CHE75W are single output 75W Isolated DC-DC Converters with a 4:1 Input range. The series features a six-sided metal shielded case in a half-brick size. Features include a high efficiency of 92.5% and regulated outputs. Other features include continuous short circuit protection, input under-voltage protection, and over temperature/voltage/current protection.


... (read more)
Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Mill-Max 0507 PCB Pin Receptacle

Mill-Max 0507 PCB Pin Receptacle features an early engagement contact point. The series accepts lead diameters from .018" - .023" (0,46mm). The low profile solder mount 0507 PCB Pin Receptacle from Mill-Max sits just .020" (0,51mm) above the board. A four finger contact is press-fit into each brass alloy receptacle shell, forming a gas tight connection. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Vishay / Dale IHCL4040DZ Series Inductors

Vishay / Dale IHCL4040DZ Series Inductors are viable at high temperature(up to 155 °C), and feature a shielded construction, frequency range up to 5.0 MHz, and the lowest DCR/μH in this package size. The IHCL4040DZ Series handles high transient current spikes without saturation. It has ultra low buzz noise, due to composite construction, is 100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant.... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Vishay RCL e3 0406 Thick Film Resistors

Vishay Draloric RCL e3 0406 Thick Film Chip Resistors have long side terminations and enhanced power rating. The RCL e3 0406 resistors from Vishay offer enhanced thermo cycling performance. The pure tin solder contacts on Ni barrier layer provides compatibility with lead (Pb)-free and lead containing soldering processes. These resistors are AEC-Q200 qualified and have operating temperatu... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - IDT VersaClock 5 Programmable Clock Generator

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the VersaClock 5 Programmable Clock Generator from Integrated Device Technology(IDT). The VersaClock 5 generates up to four independent output frequencies from a single reference clock and is programmable by an industry standard I2C interface.

The new IDT VersaClock 5 Programmable Clock Generator available from Mouser Electronics is the fif... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Analog Devices AD9652 16-bit ADC Evaluation Board

Mouser First to Stock Analog Devices AD9652 16-bit ADC Evaluation Board with 310MSPS (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Seiko MS920T Lithium Battery

Seiko MS920T Lithium Battery is a coin-type lithium rechargeable battery for high temperature operation. Thanks to a unique sealing technology designed to meet the requirements of outdoor and inside vehicle applications, MS920T can operate up to 85ºC. This is higher than conventional rechargeable batteries which have a maximum operating temperature of 60ºC. The MS920T is well-s... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Littelfuse SPXV 1500V Solar Fuses

Littelfuse SPXV 1500VDC Solar Fuses are designed to protect the next generation of solar installations. The design meets the stringent requirements of 30kA interrupt ratings, 1500VDC protection, and global standards critical to solar equipment manufacturers. The SPXV series features string protection fuses from 6 to 20 amps in a 10 x 85mm design and slightly wider 25 and 30 amp fuses, de... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Murata LQM Series Fixed Inductors

Murata LQM Series Fixed Inductors offer a wide range of current ratings, inductance values, and sizes - all with a magnetically shielded structure and low DC Resistance. LQM inductors feature a multi-layer type ferrite core and provide a current rating up to 1800mA. LQM devices are ideal for use in voltage conversion, choke, resonance circuit, and low-frequency filter circuit applications. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Kingbright HELI LEDs

Kingbright HELI LEDs have a luminous output up to ~12,000mcd and up to 30% cost saving in comparison to packages with similar performance, this series is designed for high-volume and cost-sensitive applications. Using the latest AlGalnP and InGaN material, Kingbright HELI LEDs provide high-efficacy and excellent light extraction. The HELI series is ideal for outdoor applications and in a... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - GE Critical Power Dual MicroDLynx™ Power Modules

GE Critical Power Digital Dual Output MicroDLynx™ power modules are non-isolated DC-DC converters that can deliver up to 2 × 12A of output current. These GE Critical Power modules operate over a wide range of input voltage (VIN = 4.5Vdc-14.4Vdc) and provide precisely regulated output voltages from 0.51Vdc to 5.5Vdc, programmable via an external resistor and PMBus c... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - VIP-ER Terminal Block Interface Modules

Phoenix Contact VIP-ER Interface Modules have been developed to expand the breadth of products within the VARIOFACE Professional line, while also addressing customer demand for an interface module with high-speed termination capabilities. VARIOFACE Professional revolutionized interface modules with its unique design that results in a slim, compact, and rugged package. VIP-ER will expand... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Freescale Kinetis W MCUs

Freescale's Kinetis W Microcontrollers integrate class-leading sub-1 GHz and 2.4 GHz RF transceivers with ARM® Cortex® cores, providing robust feature sets for reliable, secure and low-power embedded wireless solutions. The Kinetis W series is optimized for wireless, providing the right mix of performance, integration, connectivity and security. The enablement packages include Fr... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Vishay Dale PATT0805 Automotive Thin Film Resistor

Vishay Dale PATT0805 High Temperature Thin Film Resistors are AEC-Q200 qualified precision automotive resistors that can operate up to 250ºC (155ºC at full rated power). The PATT0805 Thin Film Resistors from Vishay have resistance range from 2.75Ω to 301kΩ and can be laser trimmed to any value. This series also offers moisture protection, very low noise and voltage... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - JST Automotive Connectors HCM Series

JST Automotive Connectors HCM Series 2.54mm pitch wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connector system has been designed with automotive safety requirements in mind. The HCM Series incorporates a secondary lock feature that not only ensures correct connector assembly, but also facilitates connector strength and durability. The HCM connectors has been designed to be very small and universal an... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Philips Lumileds LUXEON Q White LEDs

Philips Lumileds LUXEON Q White LEDs deliver superior performance in a high-power emitter that serves as a direct drop-in replacement for products that use the standard 3535 surface mount package. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol RADLOK™ High Power Connectors

Amphenol Industrial RADLOK™ High Power Connectors utilize Amphenol’s latest R4 RADSOK® technology and are designed to be compact and robust. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol Industrial Max-M12 Connectors

Amphenol Industrial Max-M12 Connectors are ruggedized high-speed data connectors designed for extremely harsh environments. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Mouser Now Stocking Grayhill

Mouser Electronics, Inc. has entered into a global agreement to distribute Grayhill Inc.'s line of human interface products and solutions. Grayhill's products include Multi Touch Products, Optical & Mechanical Encoders, Rotary, Joysticks, Pushbutton, Keypads, Toggle, Rocker, DIP and Rotary DIP Switches, as well as I/O modules and racks.

Grayhill Inc.'s product line, now availa... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - STMicroelectronics ASx1P2T Analog Switches

STMicroelectronics ASx1P2T are high speed CMOS low voltage single/dual analog SPDT (single-pole doublethrow) switches or 2:1 multiplexer/demultiplexer switches manufactured using silicon gate C²MOS technology. With fast switching speed, break-before-make delay time and ultra low power consumption the ASx1P2T are ideal for portable applications. All inputs and outputs are equipped wi... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Analog Devices ADM8321 Supervisory Circuit

Analog Devices ADM8321 Supervisory Circuit monitors power supply voltage levels and code execution integrity in microprocessor-based systems. As well as providing power-on reset signals, an on-chip watchdog timer can reset the microprocessor if it fails to strobe within a preset timeout period. A reset signal can also be asserted by an external push-button switch through a manual reset i... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - HARTING har-flexicon® Terminal Blocks

HARTING har-flexicon® is tailored to market demands for screw-less rapid termination technology and economical processing for electronic assemblies. The trend towards more and more compact devices is encountered in all markets and applications. This trend is leading to increasing miniaturization of PCB connectors and greater contact density, while still retaining the familiar... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Enpirion EN2342QI 4A PowerSoC DC-DC Converter

Enpirion EN2342QI 4A PowerSoC DC-DC Converter integrates MOSFET switches, small-signal control circuits, compensation and an integrated inductor in an advanced 8x11x3mm QFN module. It offers high efficiency, excellent line and load regulation over temperature and up to the full 4A load range. The EN2342QI operates over a wide input voltage range and is specifically designed to meet the p... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Micro Commercial Components Schottky Rectifiers

Micro Commercial Components SKxx Schottky Rectifiers are available with average forward current ratings from 3A to 5A with peak reverse voltage from 20V to 100V. Each of these schottky rectifiers offer high current capability with low forward voltage, extremely low thermal resistance and are ideal for surface mount applications. The epoxy meets UL 94 V-0 flammability rating, have... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Cree Xlamp XB-H LEDs

Cree XLamp XB-H LEDs deliver a breakthrough combination of lumen output and efficacy in a small package. Delivering more than 500 lumens at 1.5A, 25°C in a 2.45 mm² package, the Cree XB-H LED offers triple the lumen density of competing high power LEDs to significantly increase the performance of today’s lighting designs.

The XB-H LED joins a new generation of direc... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Panduit Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply

Panduit Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is powered by 24VDC (nominal) input and provides 24VDC (nominal) output at 35W (max.) for a duration of 5 minutes (min.). Ultracapacitors are employed for energy storage instead of rechargeable batteries, for maintenance-free operation. Remote device management is provided via Ethernet interface and multiple source, platform independe... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - ams AS5161 Rotary Position Sensor

ams AS5161 Rotary Position Sensor is a contactless Hall-based magnetic position sensor for very accurate angular measurement over a full turn of 360°. A sub range can be programmed to achieve the best output characteristic for the application. A simple diametrical 2-pole magnet rotating on the center of the IC is required: the magnet may be placed above or below the IC. The AS5161 is... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - TDK EDLC Capacitor 350mF 5.5V

TDK's new EDLC capacitor. 350 millifarad at 5.5 volts max. Usable in applications that need a high capacitance in a thin package. The part is 0.8mm in thickness, less than the thickness of a penny. Recommended uses are smartphones, energy harvesting, camera applications, and tablet computers. The electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) employs a double layer of charged particles formed on... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Murata SPM25 Isolated DC-DC Converters

Murata SPM25 series isolated DC-DC converters represent the next generation in Industrial Potted Module Technology. Featuring a full 25-Watt output in one square inch of board area, the SPM25 series isolated DC-DC converter family offers efficient regulated DC power for printed circuit board mounting. The 1" x 1" x 0.41" (25.4 x 25.4 x 10.41 mm) converter accepts a 2:1 input volta... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Grayhill 77 Single Deck Rotary Switches

Grayhill Series 77 Single Deck Rotary Switch is small in size with a diameter of 0.5", 200mA and 0.18" behind the panel, minimizing the amount of space required. The Series 77 Single Deck Rotary Switch from Grayhill is available with continuous rotation or a fixed stop and offers high stop strength. This component is constructed with one or two poles and has an operating temperatu... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Cree LMH2 LED Modules

Cree's LMH2 LED module is the only LED module delivering up to 108 lumens-per-watt light-source efficacy combined with 90+ CRI in all available color temperatures. The LMH2 LED module is available in a range of lumen, color temperature and two dimming options to enable lighting manufacturers to address a wide range of lighting applications with just one light source, providing investment... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - STMicroelectronics LPS25H MEMS Pressure Sensor

STMicroelectronics LPS25H MEMS Pressure Sensor is an ultra compact absolute piezoresistive pressure sensor. It includes a monolithic sensing element and an IC interface able to take the information from the sensing element and to provide a digital signal to the external world. The sensing element consists of a suspended membrane realized inside a single mono-silicon substrate. It is capa... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Mikroelektronika MINI-M0 for STM32

Mikroelektronika MINI-M0 for STM32 is a small ARM® Cortex™-M4 development board containing STM32F051R8 microcontroller. It perfectly fits into standard DIP40 socket. Board is equipped with 16MHz SMD crystal oscillator, and 32.768KHz crystal which can be used for internal RTCC module. It has a reset button and three signal LEDs. Board comes preprogrammed with fast USB-UART bootl... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Littelfuse PICO® 305 Series Fuses

Littelfuse PICO® 305 Series offers a range of encapsulated fuses approved under the UL913 standard for Intrinsically Safe Electrical Equipment to operate in hazardous locations. The 305 Series Fuse is ideal for use in the oil, gas, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, food/beverage processing industries; it was designed to limit the energy and heat generated during its operation. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Philips Lumileds LUXEON 3535 HV LEDs

Philips Lumileds LUXEON 3535 HV is a SMD solution that comes in both 24V and 48V configurations. As part of the 3535 platform, it enables interchangeability with other 3535 products, and is offered 1/9th micro color binning structure. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Phoenix Contact RS20 Series Rotary Switches

Phoenix Contact RS20 Series Rotary Switches are made from high-quality materials, in a compact design and have a long mechanical and electrical service life. They are internationally approved and can be used up to 20 A and 690 V. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - World-Class Customer Service Excellence

Mouser Electronics, Inc., a leading engineering resource and global authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, has received the prestigious 2013 NorthFace ScoreBoard Award (NFSB) from Omega Management Group Corp. in recognition of Mouser’s excellence in global customer service and support during 2013. This is the second consecutive year for Mouser to recei... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Mean Well NEL-300 Switching Power Supply

Mean Well NEL-300 Series Switching Power Supply is an ultra low-profile economic sign panel 300W power supply that adopts the 1U low profile design that allows the height and weight of the sign module to be lowered in order to reduce cost and for more convenient installation.With an output voltage of 2.8V, 4.2V, and 5V, the NEL-300 series sign panel driver ICs of both the old and new gen... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - ISSI Asynchronous SRAM

ISSI high speed low power asynchronous SRAM is a 8M-bit static RAM organized as 512K words by 16 bits. It is fabricated using ISSI's high-performance CMOS technology. This highly reliable process coupled with innovative circuit design techniques, yields high-performance and low power consumption devices. When CE is HIGH (deselected), the device assumes a standby mode at which the power d... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Molex Imperium™ HVHC Connector System

Molex Imperium™ High Voltage/High Current (HVHC) Connector System safely operates in extreme shock and vibration conditions found in the hybrid-electric and electrification commercial vehicle markets. Imperium HVHC Connector system is IP69 rated and delivers superior shielding and current density. It is available in 8.00 and 11.00mm diameter and is capable of handling an industry-l... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Mouser's Updated Audio Applications Site

Mouser Electronics, Inc. has announced a significant update to their Audio Applications Site. This updated applications site provides both new and experienced developers with a resource to learn more about audio circuits and systems, including components such as amplifiers, data converters, and codecs. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Murata CME .75W DC/DC Converters

Murata CME Series are isolated single output.75W DC/DC Converters. These devices offer a cost effective lower power alternative to a 1W DC/DC converter. Features include galvanic isolation and an operating temperature ranging from -40ºC to 85ºC with full .75W output. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Avago Technologies ACPL-33xJ Optocouplers

Avago Technologies ACPL-33xJ are fully featured 2.5A/4.0A smart gate drive optocoupler devices capable of driving high power MOSFET or IGBT directly. These devices feature rail-to-rail output with high current, integrated LED driver, active Miller clamp, high desaturation (DESAT) blanking current source, and Under Voltage Lock-Out (ULVO) feedback control circuit, providing complete cost-... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Plessy dotLED PLW138003 White LEDs

Plessey dotLED PLW138003 White LED delivers an ultra-thin 1005 footprint, GaN-on-Si die, SMT LED. PLW138003 is designed for symbol backlight and mobile device indicators. It features a wide 130° emission angle, and a luminous intensity of 100 to 190mcd. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Osram Ostar Headlamp Pro

Osram Ostar Headlamp Pro is the first LED specifically developed for use in AFS (Advanced Forward Lighting Systems). Its five chips can be controlled individually, forming the basis for intelligent light solutions, and switched on and off according to the driving situations and positions of other road users.

The control utilizes sensors and electronic components for high beam ligh... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Molex Micro-Coaxial Connectors

Molex Micro-Coaxial Connectors are ultra-small, low profile (0.81mm, 1.13mm, 1.32mm, 1.37mm diameter) RF Cable Assemblies designed to meet slim equipment requirements. Molex offers these cable assemblies in 3", 6", 9", 12" cable lengths with frequencies of up to 6GHz and an impedance of 50 Ohms. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Philips Lumileds LUXEON TX High Power LEDs

Philips Lumileds LUXEON TX high power LEDs deliver high efficacy with high flux density to enable directional and high-lumen applications. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - New TI Tiva C Series Connected LaunchPad

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now supplying the new Texas Instruments Tiva™ C Series Connected LaunchPad and Evaluation Kit. This new evaluation kit supports the Texas Instruments Tiva C Series of microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex‑M4Fwith floating point unit. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - FCI Mini-SAS HD Connectors

FCI Mini-SAS HD connector is the next generation SAS based storage I/O System that allows for the signal transmission of both SAS 2.1 ( 6 Gb/s per channel) and the proposed SAS 3.0 (12Gb/s per channel) industry standard protocols. The Mini-SAS HD standards increase linear board density while doubling the maximum per port aggregate bandwidth. All board connector systems are fully complian... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Power-One PFE3000 AC-DC Front-End Power Supply

Power-One PFE3000 is a fully DSP controlled, highly efficient AC-DC Front-end Power Supply. This device converts AC power or high voltage DC bus voltages into 12VDC output. PFE3000 powers intermediate bus architectures (IBA) in high performance and reliability servers, routers, and network switches. The front-end is fan cooled making it suitable for server integration with a matching air... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Intel Quark SoC X1000 Processors Now In Stock

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the new Intel® Quark X1000 System‑on‑a‑Chip (SoC), the latest Intel 32-bit processor built for the next generation of connected devices. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Alliance Memory DDR2 Synchronous DRAM

Alliance Memory DDR2 Synchronous DRAM is designed to comply with DDR2 DRAM key features such as posted CAS# with additive latency, Write latency = Read latency -1 and On Die Termination(ODT). All of the control and address inputs are synchronized with a pair of externally supplied differential clocks. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - STMicroelectronics MATRIX-M24SR Antenna

STMicroelectronics MATRIX-M24SR board features various antenna designs for M24SRXX-Y Dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC family combined on a single ready-to-use divisible PCB. Each individual antenna features an M24SR64-Y Dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC connected to an RF antenna on one side, and to an I²C bus on the other side. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Nichicon VA Functional Polymer Capacitors

Nichicon VA Series Functional Polymer Capacitors (FPCAPs) are conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors that have a resin-molded chip construction and improved frequency & temperature characteristics by using a functional polymer cathode. The VA series FPCAPs from Nichicon are part of a multi-series product family that offers low ESR at high frequency and high ripple... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Osram Mini Topled LEDs

Osram Mini Topled LEDs have been tailored to the demands of public and private passenger transport for high brightness and high quality. These LEDs combine pleasant white light with a much longer lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. Osram Mini Topled LEDs are among the most economical on the market, consuming only 0.1 W. From an operating current of 20 mA the Mini Topled achieves a typical lu... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - RECOM Lighting RACD100 100W LED Driver

RECOM Lighting RACD100 100W LED Driver series is designed for high voltage LED loads of up to 142V. The -A model can be dimmed with PWM or 1-10V inputs. Due to wide input voltage range these LED drivers are suitable for worldwide use. They are IP67 rated and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The warranty is 5 years.


  • 100W Sing...
(read more)
Mouser Electronics, Inc. - NXP LPC11E37H/LPC11U37H MCUs from Mouser

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the new NXP SemiconductorLPC11E37H and LPC11U37H 32-bit microcontrollers, running at 50MHz and based on the ARM Cortex-M0 core. These microcontrollers feature a new, innovative I/O Hander module which can emulate different peripherals such as a DMA, full-duplex UART, I²C, and I²S.

The new NXP 32-bit LPC11E37H and LPC11U37H microco... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Bosch Sensortec BMG160 Digital 3-Axis Sensor

Bosch Sensortec BMG160 is an ultra-small, digital 3-axis angular rate sensor with a measurement range up to 2000°/s and 16-bit digital resolution for consumer electronics applications. BMG160 allows low-noise measurement of angular rates in three perpendicular axes and is designed for use in cellular phones, handhelds, computer peripherals, man-machine interfaces, virtual reality fea... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - C&K PS Pushbutton Switches

C&K PS Series is a pushbutton switch with a full 4.5mm of travel. The series has latching contacts and is designed to work with standard male commercial pin and socket connectors. This pushbutton switch changes electrical state on the down stroke of the plunger and delivers "on-off" or "on-on" functionality. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Freescale Kinetis 72MHz K-Series 32-Bit MCUs

Mouser Electronics, Inc., a top design engineering resource and global distributor for semiconductors and electronic components, today announced it is stocking Freescale Semiconductor's 32-bit Kinetis 72MHz K-Series microcontrollers.

Freescale Kinetis K10/20/30/40/5x 72MHz microcontrollers (MCUs) available from Mouser electronics are low-power 32-bit microcontrollers featuring hig... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Freescale 33816 Gate Drivers

Freescale 33816 is a 12 channel gate driver IC for automotive engine control applications. The IC consist of five external MOSFET high side pre-drivers and seven external MOSFET low side pre-drivers. The 33816 provides a flexible solution for MOSFET’s gate drive with a versatile control and optimized latency time. Gate drive, diagnosis, and protection are managed through four indep... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - NXP PCx8537 LCD Drivers

NXP's PCx8537 LCD Drivers are a fully featured Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) driver, specifically designed for high-contrast Vertical Alignment (VA) LCD with multiplex rates up to 1:8. They generate the drive signals for any static or multiplexed LCD containing up to eight backplanes, 46 segments, and up to 352 elements. The PCx8537 features an internal charge pump with internal capacitor... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Omron A8GS Rocker Switch

Omron A8GS Rocker Switch is the industry's smallest rocker switch with a reset button. A8GS supports the design of zero-standby power products which meet or exceed the European Union ErP Eco-Design directive. The standard remote-reset model offers reset voltages of 3.3V and 5V. Also available is the A8GS-T model which features a delayed OFF function to allow safe system shutdown. Both mo... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Azoteq IQS525 Trackpad/Touchscreen Controller

Azoteq IQS525 projected capacitive touch and proximity trackpad/touchscreen controller features high sensitivity, excellent signal to noise ratio, and automatic tuning of electrodes. Low power proximity detection allows for extremely low power operation. IQS525 delivers 25 channels with a minimum report rate of 220Hz and a resolution of 1280 x 768. It is ideal for compact capacitive keyb... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Teledyne LeCroy Advisor T3 SuperSpeed USB Analyzer

Teledyne LeCroy Advisor T3 SuperSpeed USB Analyzer includes all the essential features for debugging SuperSpeed USB devices, including event triggering. The CATC Trace viewer can be expanded to show packet level events or collapsed to show complete transfers. The T3 Standard Edition provides capable triggering for simultaneous USB 2.0 and 3.0.. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - ADLINK USB-7230/7250 Isolated USB I/O Modules

ADLINK USB-7230/7250 Isolated USB I/O Modules feature high voltage on/off control and monitoring, and isolation voltage supported up to 2500VRMS. The USB-7230 provides 32-CH isolated digital I/O and 2-CH frequency/event counters. The USB-7250 provides 8-CH relay output (4 form C and 4 form A), 8-CH isolated DI, and 2-CH frequency/event counters. The USB-powered USB-7230/7250 features rem... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Micrel MIC9416x High-Side Load Switches

Micrel MIC9416x high-side load switches are designed to operate from 1.7V to 5.5V input voltage. The load switch pass element is an internal 14.5mO RDSON N-Channel MOSFET which enables the device to support up to 3A of continuous current. Additionally, the load switch supports 1.5V logic level control and shutdown features in a tiny 1.5mm × 1mm 6-ball WLCSP package. The MIC9416x pr... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Phoenix Contact MINI MCR Analog Family

Phoenix Contact MINI MCR Analog Isolating Amplifiers isolate, convert, filter, and amplify analog signals. The ultra-compact amplifiers provide space savings with a width of only 6.2mm, allowing the modules to be installed in 120mm deep control enclosures. They feature low power consumption due to their innovative circuit design. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Latest Intel Atom 22nm Multi-Core SoC Processors

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the latest Intel® Atom™ 22nm 64-bit multi-core processors with USB 3.0 and graphics support, targeting high-performance low-power applications ranging from smartphones to intelligent embedded systems. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Atmel XMEGA E-Series MCUs for Space Constraints

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking Atmel’s XMEGA E-Series microcontrollers that target space constraints with compact devices and offer power efficiency and an unmatched combination of memory size, low sleep current and short wake-up time. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Mouser Stocks New Microchip Temp Sensors

Mouser Stocks New Microchip Temp Sensors with Breakthrough I/O Support (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - NXP JN516x Wireless Microcontrollers

NXP's JN516x Wireless Microcontroller series is a range of ultra low power, high performance wireless microcontrollers supporting JenNet-IP, ZigBee PRO or RF4CE networking stacks to facilitate the development of Home Automation, Smart Energy, Light Link and Remote control applications. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Infineon CoolMOS™ C7 Power MOSFETs

Infineon's CoolMOS™ C7 Power MOSFETs are a revolutionary step forward in technology, providing the worlds's lowest RDS(on)/package and, thanks to its low switching losses, efficiency improvements over the full load range. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - AMS AS3661 Smartlight LED Driver

AMS AS3661 Smartlight LED driver delivers a 9-channel LED driver designed to produce lighting effects for mobile devices. A high efficiency charge pump enables LED driving over full LiIon battery voltage range. The device is equipped with an internal program memory, which allows operation without processor control. The AS3661 maintains excellent efficiency over a wide operating range by... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Silicon Labs EFM32™ Wonder Gecko 32-bit MCUs

Silicon Labs EFM32™ Wonder Gecko 32-bit Microcontrollers are MCUs based on the ARM® Cortex®-M4 core, which provides a full DSP instruction set and includes a hardware FPU for faster computation performance. Wonder Gecko MCUs feature up to 256kB of flash memory, 32kB of RAM and CPU speeds up to 48MHz. These MCUs incorporate highly differentiated Gecko technology to minimize... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Knowles EA Series Microphones

Knowles EA Series Microphones were introduced in 1976, and are a time-tested electret condenser microphone. They are widely used in more cost sensitive applications. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Vishay Semiconductors Infrared 90nm Emitting Diode

Vishay Semiconductors VSLB9530S Infrared 90nm Emitting Diode is a high-speed device for gesture remote control applications. VSLB9530S offers high radiant power of 40mW at 100mA and is offered in a clear molded, leaded TELUX package with an oval lens designed to support an angle of half intensity of ±18° in the vertical direction and ±36° in the horizontal direction... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Infineon CoolMOS™ C7 Power MOSFETs

Infineon’s CoolMOS™ C7 Power MOSFETs are a revolutionary step forward in technology, providing the worlds’s lowest RDS(on)/package and, thanks to its low switching losses, efficiency improvements over the full load range. The C7 is optimized for hard switching topologies such as Power Factor Correction (CCM PFC), Two Transistor Forward (TTF) and Solar Boost i... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Intel C60x Series Server Chipsets

Intel's C60x Server Chipset offers a platform controller hub with extensive I/O support. Functions and capabilities include PCI Express 2.0, PCI Express Uplink, PCI Local Bus, ACPI power management, enhanced DMA controller, interrupt controller, and timer functions, integrated Serial Attached SCSI host controllers, integrated Serial ATA host controllers, USB host interface, integrated 10... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - TE Connectivity Deutsch 369 Connectors

TE Connectivity Deutsch 369 Connectors are compact, high reliability connectors suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries. The Deutsch 369 Connectors are based on the Deutsch ARINC 809/EN4165 interface and constructed using lightweight, high performance composite materials that conform to low smoke, toxicity, and flammability requirements of the aerospace industry.

T (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Vishay VJ Series Commercial MLCCs

Vishay/Vitramon VJ Series MLCCs for commercial applications include C0G (NPO), X7R/X5R, and the newest addition to the VJ Series, the X8R MLCCs for high temperature in commercial and automotive applications that maintain capacitance at high temperatures up to 150ºC for frequency stability.

A wide range of capacitance values, case sizes, and voltage ratings are available. The... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - CONEC IP67 D-SUB Hoods

CONEC IP67 D-Sub Hoods are water-resistant, plastic hoods for standard and combination D-Sub connectors featuring an O-ring sealing method. With dimensions 24mm shorter than D-Sub Hoods using a rubber boot sealing method, CONEC IP67 D-Sub Hoods provide users more design flexibility.

The IP67 Plastic D-Sub Hoods are compatible with all CONEC D-SUB types and shell-sizes. These strai... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Micrel MIC3287 PWM White LED Drivers

Micrel's MIC3287 PWM White LED Drivers are a 1.2MHz pulse-width modulated (PWM) step-up switching regulator that is optimized for constant current white LED driving applications. With a maximum output voltage of 24V and a switch current of over 350mA, the MIC3287 drives a string of up to four white LEDs in series, ensuring uniform brightness and eliminating several ballast resistors. The... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Ohmite TDH35 Series 35W Resistors

Ohmite TDH35 Series 35W Thick Film Power Resistor Series is an economical solution to intermediate power application design requirements. The TDH35 Series 35W Thick Film Power Resistors' reliable thick film on alumina substrate construction can be easily heat sinked for higher power performance. These components also have a DPAK style power package for surface mounting applications, in a... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Molex 2.4mm Compression-Mount RF Test Connectors

Molex introduced its 2.4mm Compression-Mount RF Test Connectors as an extension of the Precision Optimized SMA Test Connectors (Series 73251) and the high-speed digital testing industry's only vertical PCB launch configuration connector. The 2.4mm vertical RF Test Connectors optimize design flexibility through a unique compression-mount configuration that allows users to create test poin... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Murata DMT / DMF Series EDLCs

Murata Electrical Double-Layer Capacitors (EDLCs) offer much higher energy storage and power density than any existing conventional capacitor technology. These features make Murata's EDLCs ideal for applications requiring burst or pulse loads like LED flash, audio circuits, and power amplifiers. They are also ideal for smart meters or backup application for SSD. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - STMicroelectronics High Speed Trench Gate IGBTs

STMicroelectronics High Speed Trench Gate IGBTs are developed using an advanced proprietary trench gate and field stop structure. These devices represent an optimum compromise between conduction and switching losses to maximize the efficiency of very high frequency converters. Furthermore, a positive VCE(sat) temperature coefficient and very tight parameter distribution result in safer p... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Lattice iCEstick FPGA Evaluation Kit

Lattice iCEstick allows rapid prototyping of the iCE40 FPGA family with an easy to use USB thumb drive form factor. Lattice iCEstick interfaces directly with a PC to allow direct device programming, and includes a 2x6 position Digilent Pmod™ connector for peripheral connections as well as 16 3.3V digital I/O connections, and an IrDA transceiver. Programming the iCEstick is accompli... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - IDI Dovetail®Modular Connector Series

DI Dovetail® Modular Connector Series is a rugged new interconnect system designed to perform in environments that feature shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. Adding to the benefits of IDI's proven C Series, Dovetail connectors make rapid prototyping possible with their versatile and adaptive nature. This significantly reduces time-to-market cycles. It is possible that a desi... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Murata MEJ1 1W DC/DC Converter

Murata MEJ1 1W DC/DC Converter is a series of isolated single and dual output units. The 7-pin converter in a SIP package is pin compatible with existing Murata series but with improved efficiency and regulation. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Cincon CBM100S 100W AC-DC Power Supply

Cincon CBM100S 100W AC-DC Power Supply is an encapsulated, board mount power supply with PFC. The unit is provided in a full brick, ultra low 17mm profile package. With a universal input range of 90 - 264Vac, CBM100S comes in five models comprised of nominal output voltages of +12V, +24V, +28V, +36V, and +48V. Features include high efficiency of up to 91% typical and no load power consum... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Johanson Technology Band/High/Low Pass Filters

Johanson Technology LTCC Filters use ultra-low loss electrode materials to design and manufacture cost-effective passive ceramic filters for RF applications. These materials found in Johanson's LTCC Filters allow miniaturization of the filters while maintaining industry-leading performance and preservation of battery life for wireless applications. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Littelfuse TVS Diode Arrays SPA™

Designers of today's electronic devices have demanded more functionality with greater flexibility and higher levels of user interaction. These circumstances have helped in driving the development of nanometer chipsets along with a multitude of user interfaces or ports. The confluence of these two has made electronic devices more susceptible to ESD and required the need for a more robust... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Infineon RF Transistors

Infineon's RF Transistors provide the designer the best possible performance, superior flexibility and price/performance ratio. These are widely used for new emerging wireless applications, where the system specification is not yet firmly established. The BFxx Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) include devices suitable for use from AM over VHF/UHF up to 14GHz. These are the latest LNA innovatio... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Micrel MIC4604 Half Bridge MOSFET Drivers

Micrel's MIC4604 Half Bridge MOSFET Drivers are 85V half bridge MOSFET driver that features fast 39ns propagation delay times and 20ns driver rise/fall times for a 1nF capacitive load. The low-side and high-side gate drivers are independently controlled. The MIC4604 has TTL input thresholds. It includes a high-voltage internal diode that helps charge the high-side gate drive bootstrap ca... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - STMicroelectronics STxxLED Power MOSFETs

STMicroelectronics STxxLED Power MOSFETs boast extremely low on-resistance and very good dv/dt capability, rendering them suitable for buck-boost and flyback topologies. They feature 100% avalanche tested, extremely high dv/dt capability, very low intrinsic capacitance, improved diode reverse recovery characteristics and are zener-protected. These features make these devices ideal for LE... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Nichicon LT Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

Nichicon LT Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor is a newly developed electrolyte solution with the capacity to withstand higher voltage and high amplification foil and provide better reliability. The LT Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors from Nichicon have the ability to reach an industry breakthrough range up to 450V and offer longer life and high temperature range up to 125&ord... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Delphi Ducon™ Connectors

Delphi's Ducon™ Connection Systems are based on industry-leading technologies that offer superior mechanical and electrical performances for automotive and commercial vehicle applications. Ducon's robust two-piece terminal design features multiple contact-points at two off-setting levels to ensure the female and male terminals retain constant conductivity during operation. This inc... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Bourns® Surge Protection Devices (SPD)

Bourns® Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) protect sensitive equipment from damage caused by lightning and electrical transient surges. These protective devices integrate discrete circuit protection devices into an assembly or system that provides an enhanced level of functionality and protection. Based on Bourn's expertise in discrete circuit protection, the SPD product line of include... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Panasonic AN3x Series LED Matrix Drivers

Panasonic Electronic Components AN3x Series LED Matrix Drivers are high resolution, 256-step LED matrix drivers with built-in lighting effects. Each of these drivers is a single chip solution which can drive from 3 to 288 single color LEDs or from 1 to 96 RBD LEDs. With automatic LED lighting effect control over an I²C/SPI interface, it's easy to implement special lighting effects w... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - EPCOS E Series Multilayer Varistors

EPCOS products are part of the product portfolio of TDK Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of electronic components, modules, systems and devices. The broad portfolio of passive electronic components includes capacitors, ferrites, inductors, high-frequency components such as surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter products, piezo and protection components, and sensors. These... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - 4D Systems 4DGL-Platform Graphic Display Modules

4D Systems 4DGL-Platform Intelligent OLED Graphic Display Modules are compact and cost-effective display modules using the latest state-of-the-art Passive Matrix OLED (PMOLED) technology with an embedded GOLDELOX-GFX2 graphics processor that delivers 'stand-alone' functionality to any project. Powerful graphics, text, image, animation, and countless more features are built inside the GOL... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol-Tuchel C146 Heavy|Mate Connectors

Amphenol Heavy|Mate Connectors provide a robust design necessary for harsh industrial environments. They have a wide range of inserts for signal and power transmission and a large variety in pole sizes from 3 up to 280 poles per connector. The Heavy|Mate Connectors utilize Radsok contact technology which correspond to the market standard and are suitable for high current applications wit... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - STMicroelectronics Step-Down DC-DC Converters

STMicroelectronics ST1CC40 Step-Down DC-DC Converters are a 850kHz fixed switching frequency monolithic step-down DC-DC converter designed to operate as precise constant current source with an adjustable current capability up to 3A DC. The regulated output current is set connecting a sensing resistor to the feedback pin. The embedded synchronous rectification and the 100mV typical R... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Pulse NFC Antennas

Pulse W35xx Ferrite-backed Embedded NFC Antenna has a semi-flexible sintered ferrite backing designed to optimize magnetic fields, thus increasing the corresponding field strength of the antenna. Mounting the antenna is easily accomplished using the thin but aggressive holding adhesive backing.

Pulse W35xx Ferrite-backed Embedded NFC Antenna is a flexible Near Field Communication... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol CoolPower® Connectors

Amphenol Commerical Products (ACP) CoolPower® Connectors are designed for medium and high current applications with demanding space and performance requirements.

The CoolPower family includes both standardized and application-specific designs across multiple product series. Amphenol's CoolPower Connectors are available in a range of contact performance levels, termination styl... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Atmel AVR XMEGA 8/16-bit Microcontrollers

Atmel's AVR XMEGA 8/16-bit Microcontrollers are low-power, high performance, and peripheral-rich CMOS 8/16-bit microcontrollers based on the AVR enhanced RISC architecture. By executing instructions in a single clock cycle, the Atmel AVR XMEGA 8/16-bit Microcontrollers achieve throughputs CPU approaching one million instructions per second (MIPS) per megahertz, allowing the system design... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Panasonic POSCAP Tantalum-Polymer Solid Capacitors

Panasonic POSCAP Tantalum-Polymer Solid Capacitors achieve stable capacitance at high frequency and temperature, in addition to low ESR/ESL. Available in several series that include solid electrolyte chip capacitors (TPE, TQC, TPF, TPSF, TPB, TPC, TPG, and TPU), the POSCAP tantalum-polymer capacitor product line from Panasonic utilizes a sintered tantalum anode and a proprietary high con... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Souriau JDX Hybrid Connectors

Souriau JDX Hybrid Mixed Power and Signal Waterproof Connectors allow designers to integrate 2 or 3 power contacts with 6 to 8 signal contacts in one connector housing. The mixed power and signal design provides a single connector solution for simplified cabling. (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol Audio XLRnet Connectors

Amphenol Audio XLRnet Connectors provide RJ45 Class D or CAT 5e performance in A or B type housings. Designed for pre-assembled RJ45 cables, the XLRnet Connectors feature the "Jaws" Cable Retention System for quick and simple field assembly without the use of special tools. The XLRnet series complies with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC, has a protection class rating of IP40, operates in a tem... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Omron D6F-PH Differential Pressure Sensor

Omron D6F-PH Series Differential Pressure Sensor is a new type of MEMS chip with I²C digital output. Using Omron proprietary MEMS mass flow technology, the sensor features a redesigned internal flow path that produces low flow, high velocity/high impedance for a differential pressure output. Because the sensor is not sensitive to variations in bypass tube length, D6F is ideal for HV... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Maxim Thermocouple to Digital Converters

Maxim Integrated MAX31850 / MAX31851 cold junction compensated 1-wire Thermocouple to Digital Converters are accurate thermocouple-to-digital converter ICs that ease design effort and lower system cost. The 1-wire interface simplifies multi-thermocouple systems with minimal wiring. Each device has a unique 64-bit serial code stored in an on-board ROM. They also feature four pin-programma... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Vishay PRAHT High Temperature Resistor Arrays

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is stocking and shipping the award-winning PRAHT 100, PRAHT 135, and PRAHT 182 Series Resistor Arrays from Vishay Sfernice.

Vishay Sfernice PRAHT 100, PRAHT 135, and PRAHT 182 Series Resistor Arrays are thin film wrap-around chip resistor arrays that offer an extended operating temperature range up to 215ºC and an industry high maximum storage temper... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Analog Devices Low Power Heart-Rate Monitor AFE

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the Analog Deviceslow-power, single-lead, heart-rate monitor analog front end (AFE) (AD8232) for a wide range of vital sign monitoring applications.

The Analog Devices AD8232 low power heart-rate monitor AFE is 50 percent smaller and uses up to 20 percent less power than competing solutions. The resulting power, size and level of integratio... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Texas Instruments Ultra-Low Power MSP430 MCU's

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is offering an expanded range of Texas Instruments’ ultra-low power MSP430™ Value Line Microcontrollers, providing superior 16-bit MCU performance and industry leading ultra-low power consumption for cost-sensitive applications that have traditionally depended on low cost 8-bit microcontrollers. New line addition, the MSP430G2x55 series are ultra-low... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Fairchild Dual Cool™ PowerTrench® MOSFETs

Fairchild Semiconductor Dual Cool™ PowerTrench® MOSFETs provide Dual Cool packaging technology that features bottom- and top-side cooling in a PQFN package. The PQFN footprint is an industry standard and provides performance flexibility for the designer. These Fairchild Dual Cool MOSFETs feature enhanced dual path thermal performance and improved parasitics over wire-bonded pre... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol AFI RF Connector Interface

Amphenol AFI RF Connector Interface solves packaging design issues compensating for mechanical misalignment in stacked PCB's and daughter board/mother board applications. The AFI interface utilizes a proprietary configuration that allows for industry leading “float” to compensate for the axial and radial misalignment due to packaging tolerances. This industry-leading float re... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - ON Semiconductor NGBT15N60 IGBTs

ON Semiconductor's NGBT15N60 Short-Circuit Rated IGBTs feature a robust and cost effective Non-Punch through (NPT) Trench construction, and provides superior performance in demanding switching applications. Offering both low on state voltage and minimal switching loss, the IGBT is well suited for motor drive control and other hard switching applications. Incorporated into the NGBT15N60EG... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Vishay Sprague TL8 MicroTan® Capacitors

Vishay Sprague new TL8 Series MicroTan® Capacitor is the highest capacitance-voltage product in the industry. These solid tantalum chip capacitors from Vishay offer a high CV leadframeless molded low profile, measuring only 0.8mm to 1mm in a variety of case sizes. The lead (Pb)-free L-shaped termination of the TL8 Series MicroTan® Capacitor from Vishay gives it superior board mou... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - EPCOS Super MotorCap™ Film Capacitors

EPCOS new Super MotorCap™ Motor Run Capacitors are part of the AC Film capacitor product line from EPCOS. The Super MotorCap Capacitors are constructed from metallized polypropylene film and have self-healing properties, low dissipation factor, and an overpressure disconnection device. These capacitors, used in sine wave applications, increase energy efficiency by up to 7%, reduce... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Texas Instruments MSP430G2955 Mixed Signal MCU

Texas Instruments MSP430G2955 Mixed Signal Microcontrollers are ultra-low-power MSP430 devices with built-in 16-bit timers, up to 32 I/O touch-sense-enabled pins, a versatile analog comparator, and built-in communication capability using the universal serial communication interface. Typical applications for these TI MCUs include low-cost sensor systems that capture analog signals,... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Serving Up BeagleBone Black for Same-Day Shipping

Mouser Electronics, Inc. has stock and immediate availability of the highly sought-after BeagleBone Black from, a lower-cost, high-expansion focused BeagleBone featuring a Sitara AM335x Cortex A8 ARM processor from Texas Instruments. To place an order for same-day shipping from Mouser’s extensive inventory, visit (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - TDK-Lambda RFE1600 Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda RFE1600 Power Supplies are high efficiency, 1600W 1U AC-DC devices. These power supplies feature input voltage of 85 - 264VAC and output voltages of 12, 24/28, and 48V. Additional features include internal o-ring FETS and current share. Applications for RFE1600 series are industrial, test, communications, defense (COTS), and broadcast.


  • 1U H...
(read more)
Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Supertex Universal High Brightness LED Driver

Supertex HV9910C Universal High Brightness LED Driver is an open loop, current mode, control LED driver IC. The HV9910C can be programmed to operate in either a constant frequency or constant off-time mode. Since the HV9910C operates in open loop current mode control, the controller achieves good output current regulation without the need for any loop compensation. Also, being an open lo... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - NXP BUKx Automotive MOSFETs

NXP BUKx Automotive MOSFETs offer logic level N-channel MOSFETs featuring TrenchMOS technology. This product has been designed and qualified to AEC Q101 standard for use in high performance automotive applications.


  • AEC Q101 compliant
  • Repetitive avalanche rated
  • Suitable for thermally demanding environments due to 175°C rating
(read more)
Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Nichicon UQ Series Audio Capacitors

Nichicon UQ Series audio capacitors are SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors designed for a wide temperature range. The UQ series capacitance tolerance is 20% and has a temperature range of -40 to +150°C.


  • Chip type acoustic series within the wide temperature range.
  • Applicable to automatic mounting machine fed with carrier tape.<.../li>
(read more)
Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Schneider Electric Harmony XB6 Series Switches

Schneider Electric Harmony™ XB6 Series 16mm Switches are specifically designed for applications where the surface area is restricted. The XB6 16mm pushbuttons, selector switches and pilot lights with plastic bezel are available in circular, square or rectangular heads, have a clip-together component system (head, body, contact blocks and LED) and offers a large choice of color comb... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Cree XLamp® MK-R LEDs Now Available at Mouser

Cree XLamp® MK-R LEDs are built on Cree's revolutionary SC³ Technology™ platform, delivering up to 200 lumens-per-watt (at 1W, 25ºC) and enabling lighting manufacturers to create the next generation of high-lumen indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems. MK-R LEDs are available in EasyWhite® color temperatures, providing the LED industry's best color consistency fo... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Kycon KUSB USB 3.0 Connectors

Kycon KUSB USB 3.0 Connectors offer the latest technology for universal serial bus connectors, also known as SuperSpeed USB. Kycon's USB 3.0 supports data transfer rates up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0, yet remain backward compatible with existing USB devices. Available in PCB mount and SMT, the KUSB series is compatible with many computer peripherals and supports hot plugging. The US... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Lumex QuasarBrite™ LX5050 LEDs

Lumex QuasarBrite™ LX5050 LEDs are surface mount LEDs with a standard PLCC-6, 5050 package. They feature a state-of-the-art, high brightness chip technology with 3 dice per LED package. LX5050 LEDs also offer a lead frame with lens casting reliability. These LEDs are available in blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, in wavelengths of 470nm, 525nm, 574nm, 590nm, 625nm, and 636nm. T... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Johanson Dielectrics TANCERAM® Chip Capacitors

Johanson Dielectrics TANCERAM® Chip Capacitors offer several advantages over tantalum capacitors and can replace tantalums in many applications. The TANCERAM® Chip Capacitors from Johanson exhibit extremely low ESR which allows equivalent circuit performance to be achieved using considerably lower capacitance values. In addition, TANCERAM capacitors have low DC leakage which redu... (read more)

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Enpiron EN5329QI DC-DC Converter

Enpiron EN5329QI DC-DC Converter is a highly integrated, low profile, highly efficient, 2A synchronous buck power system on a chip (PowerSoCTM). Enpiron EN5329QI DC-DC Converter features an advance integrated inductor, integrated MOSFETs, a PWM voltage-mode controller, and internal compensation providing the smallest possible solution size. The EN5329QI is a member of the EN53x9QI... (read more)