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Multi-Contact USA

Multi-Contact USA has promoted these products:

Multi-Contact USA - Round Connector 21BV for mobile power supply

The single pole, insulated Ø 21mm round connector complements the well established 10BV and 16BV systems, adding a particularly powerful solution with current carrying capacity up to 800A to Multi-Contact’s Powerline product range. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - CombiTac modular connector for high voltages

Multi-Contact has introduced a new high voltage component for the modular connector system CombiTac. The rated voltage from pole to pole is 5kV and from pole to the neutral conductor 2,9kV. Typical applications include testing stations requiring high voltages and a high number of mating cycles. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - PV-JB/MF Open Format Junction Box for PV Modules

How the new PV-JB/MF Open Format Junction Box for PV Modules Came to Light

Multi-Contact AG, a global electrical connector manufacturer using advanced contact technology, has been active in the solar industry for decades. The company is a pioneer in photovoltaics, having developed the MC3 connector system (the world’s first plug-and-play) as well as the ubiquitous MC4... (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Primary circuit connector RobiFix cURus recognized

Multi-Contact’s primary circuit connector RobiFix is becoming a new standard in the automotive industry. Since early 2013 the connector is a UL recognized component to both Canadian and US standards (cURus). (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Battery Cable Connector

Maintenance-free solution for quick, safe and easy intercon- nection of Li-Ion battery packs.

Battery systems make ever more exacting demands with regard to safety, reliability and capabilities of plug connectors.

Multi-Contact is constantly developing its know-how to provide plug connector solutions that meet the specific needs every kind of electrical application. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Modular Power Connector for harsh environments

The high-performance MPC (Modular Power Connector) by Multi-Contact has been developed for the transmission of power in the electric propulsion system of rolling stock. It is used for example to make electrical contact with the transformer, the traction motor or inverters and batteries, and to provide a power connection between the cars. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - MC4-EVO 3 Connector for Renewable Energy

Compatible with our original MC4 connectors, our new MC4-EVO 3 series products are available with cable cross sections of 2.5, 4 and 6mm². An integrated sealing system guarantees high degrees of protection. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - PV-JB/MF Multi-Function Junction Box

Our new open format junction box with integrated MC4 connector has
countless configuration possibilities to suit a wide range of applications (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Round Connector 21BV by Multi-Contact

The single pole, insulated Ø 21mm round connector complements the well established 10BV and 16BV systems, adding to the program a particularly powerful solution with current carrying capacity up to 800A. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Westlake received IEC certification for 1500 VDC

Junction box Westlake received IEC certification for 1500 VDC as well as ammonia and salt mist spray resistance

With double-certification 1500 VDC TÜV and 1000 VDC UL, Multi-Contact’s PV junction box Westlake (PV-JB/WL-H) is suited for global use on high performace PV modules. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Multilam LA-CUDD Electrical Contact

The new, compact high-performance Multilam LA-CUDD from Multi-Contact has outstanding current load capacity and resistance to short-circuits. Optimum contact and sliding force design, the special contact geometry and the spring mechanism ensure long-lasting, reliable contacts.

The outstanding electrical and mechanical properties of the new LA-CUDD Multilam contacts are... (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - High-Performance Connectors

Our power connectors find use in a wide range of applications such as power generation and distribution, rack and panel applications, machine control systems, mobile transformers and many more. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Electrical Multi Coupling Systems

Modular solutions to centralise and connect different energies instantly, in a very safe and reliable way.

Multi Coupling Systems are adapted to an array of applications in the standard industry, plus other very demanding environments such us Automotive, Railway, Machinery, Nuclear and many more. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Westlake-V junction box passes UL tests

In addition to the TÜV certification for a rated voltage up to 1000V, Multi-Contact’s junction box Westlake with vertical connection geometry (PV-JB/WL-V) has now also successfully passed the UL tests for up to 1000V.

The installation of the Westlake is easy and safe, thanks to silicone assembly with prefixing tapes. They prevent the junction box from moving out of plac... (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Photovoltaic Junction Box Passes Salt Mist Test

Multi-Contact's Westlake junction box (PV-JB/WL-H) has successfully passed the salt mist spray test according to DIN EN 60068-2-52:1996. The Westlake has been certified by both TÜV and UL.

The flat build of the j-box (120×116×23mm) enables the installation directly underneath the module frame, saving valuable time in the installation process. (read more)



The Westlake junction box from Multi-Contact USA, a leading manufacturer of precision electrical and electronic connectors, has been UL recognized for a rated voltage of 1000V. This new quality and safety milestone means that the box is no longer limited to the conventional 600V... (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Photovoltaic Connector MC4-EVO 3

MC4-EVO 3 connector UL 1000V approved

Multi-Contact’s photovoltaic connector MC4-EVO 3 recently received the new UL 1000V approval. Following the example of its predecessors MC3 and MC4, the latest connector of the MC series also sets new standards. It is the first connector worldwide with the double-certification for 1500V DC TÜV and 1000V DC UL. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - High current module for MC CombiTac connector

Multi-Contact has developed a new Ø 12mm connector for high current applications for the modular connector system CombiTac. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Connector Systems for Renewable Energies

Multi-Contact offers high-quality connectors, cables and junction boxes for the photovoltaic industry.

With its superior connector systems and over 10 years of experience in the field, Multi-Contact is leading on the photovoltaic sector.

In 1996 MC introduced the world's first PV connector system MC3. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - RobiFix-LOCK

Very fast and user-friendly, the new locking system for RobiFix can either be overhung or flat surface mounted.

Multi-Contact has developed a new standard for robot dress packs for spot welding. The RobiFix primary circuit connector provides power supply in the dress pack with single-core cables, and is particularly compact, installation-friendly and cost-effective. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Powerline Connectors for High Power Electrical

These plug connectors are used as equipment connectors and couplers in industrial installations, switchgear, test stands and standby power units. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - MC4: The Global Photovoltaic Connector Standard

With renewable energies on the rise and a booming photovoltaic market, you can't go wrong with the MC4 global photovoltaic connector standard. It's 2011, and we at Multi-Contact are fully committed with the solar market and its continuing growth and demand! (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Shielded round connectors

Shielded round connectors 16BV-GS und 21BV-GS for high-power applications

As a customer-specific solution, Multi-Contact has developed fully shielded connectors for power supply with frequency converters, e.g. for operating three-phase motors. The (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - MPC plug connector

MPC meets future European fire safety standard

The modular MPC plug connector from Multi-Contact meets the requirements of the future European fire safety standard CEN/TS 45545-2:2012 for hazard level R23 HL2 when used outdoors. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - CombiTac modular connector for data transfer

The modular connector system CombiTac by Multi-Contact has been enriched by a new optical fibre connector for data transfer. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Copper Wire for Solar Power Generators


Water Missions International Brings Safe Drinking Water to Stricken Areas with the Help of Multi-Contact and Other Corporate Donors. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Solar Connectors; Multi-Contact's Green Technology

Green Technology for a Green Community

Multi-Contact's recently installed solar roof at their North American headquarters located in the Town of Windsor, produces enough power to feed back to the grid. Using their own industry leadingsolar connectors ensures for a safe and reliable connection.

Want to know how much CO2 we have offset? We invite you to find out by visiting o... (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - New PV product line called Multi-Link

Multi-Contact and Shoals join forces in a ground-breaking project.

Shoals Technologies Group and Multi-Contact AG have collaborated to bring the best offer of both companies to PV customers globally by introducing the Multi-Link product line to the market.

Multi-Contact and Shoals today announced their collaboration on a new PV product line called Multi... (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Un-Insulated High Current Connectors

Equipped with our tried and tested Multilam contact bands they offer lowest contact resistance. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - New CombiTac Modules

Multi-Contact enlarged their range of modules for their modular connector system CombiTac. The new connectors for high voltage, high currents, and glass optical fibres respectively, were first presented at the Hannover Messe 2010 and are available from stock. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Electrical Connectors

Multi-Contact's electrical connectors range from milliamps to kiloamps, from miniature PCB connectors to large power connectors. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - CombiTac - The Modular Connector System

The CombiTac modular connector system is Multi-Contact's solution to create unique application-specific interconnections. The CombiTac system offers a large selection of contact carriers that can be freely combined in a robust frame to permit countless connector arrangements in a very small space. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Test and Measurement Accessories

Multi-Contact's Test & Measurement product family includes a complete line of insulated test accessories, high frequency safety test accessories, and a wide range of extremely flexible, fine stranded wire and cable. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Precision Multilam Banana Plugs

Multi-Contact Multilam plugs are machined from brass, and come either in gold or nickel plating. They are equipped with the Multilam contact interface to achieve outstanding electrical characteristsics. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Medical Industry Connectors

In medical technology the high dependability of all components is a particularly crucial factor – in intensive care units, for instance, where human life often depends directly on the correct operation of the connected medical equipment. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Wire and Cable

Years of experience in the production of multi-stranded wires with PVC, silicone, TPE, Teflon and other insulating materials form the basis of their quality and manufacturing standard in this field. Their multi-stranded wires are based on super-fine, bright-soft electrolytic copper strands. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - High Frequency (HF) Test & Measurement Accessories

Multi-Contact's HFline product family includes BNC connectors, leads with RG58 or RG59 cable, fully insulated BNC panel-mount sockets, test probes and adapters for the transition between BNC systems and 2 or 4mm safety test accessories. All our BNC connectors are compatible with conventional BNC connectors... (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Connectors And Junction Boxes For Solar Power

Multi-Contact's photovoltaic connectors and junction boxes are designed to permit time-saving, dependable series cabling of solar panels that are free-standing or integrated into buildings. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Fork Plugs For Bus Bar Connections

Multi-Contact manufactures an extensive line of single and double fork connectors for direct connection to copper or aluminum bus bars. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Connectors With New AxiClamp Cable Termination

The new AxiClamp termination is Multi-Contact's patented lead connecting system for electrical and mechanical connection of copper leads with cross sections from 6mm² to 300mm². (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Electrical Connectors For Railways

Multi-Contact designs and manufactures a wide range of railway connectors and railway connectivity solutions for harsh environments and high power requirements found in railway applications. (read more)

Multi-Contact USA - Multilam Contact Band Technology

Among the countless types of electrical connectors from signal currents up to extremely high currents, Multi-Contact's Multilams have stood out for many years on the strength of excellent performance. The MC Multilam system, the cornerstone of MC contact technology, has virtually unlimited applications due to its design flexibility and advanced features. (read more)