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Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. has promoted these products:

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - New Vacuum Products Web Site

Our new web site has been completely redesigned to make it easy for researchers and equipment manufacturers to find and purchase over 6,000 high-vacuum components. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Vacuum Sealing and Throttling Butterfly Valve

Nor-Cal’s new valve can be used as a foreline isolation valve and also provides the necessary downstream pressure control using superior Intellisys motor control technology. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Vacuum manufacturer

Nor-Cal Products has earned a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of welded stainless steel vacuum chambers for high and ultra-high vacuum applications. The quality, appearance and performance of our chambers are unequaled. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Nor-Cal’s 3-position Throttling Pendulum Valves

Simple TTL inputs are used to trigger the valve open, closed or to the third position, similar to traditional valves, however Intellisys® closed-loop motor control provides superior set point accuracy and repeatability to adjustable air cylinders. Additionally, an RS-232 communications link is available for remote control and set-up. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. -  Vacuum Valves...New N-Series

Nor-Cal Products - N-Series vacuum isolation valves provide equipment manufacturers the most compact footprint available with a three million cycle MTBF. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Vacuum Gate Valves...shipped today

Nor-Cal Products - Why wait months for a vacuum gate valve when Nor-Cal can ship today? We stock the most frequently used sizes and flange configurations of linear gate valves with pneumatic and manual actuators. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - New Vacuum Products Catalog

Our newest catalog, contains 240 pages of high-vacuum components for the equipment manufacturer or researcher. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Vacuum Pressure Control in class

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Responding to emerging industry requirements, Nor-Cal now has a fully RoHS compliant and DeviceNet certified adaptive pressure controller. It is similar in function and appearance to the earlier line of IQ-controllers, but features a highly advanced pressure control algorithm for improved control during difficult conditions. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Ball Valves

Our new vacuum ball valves are a low cost, manually or pneumatically operated, straight through isolation device. Their simple, robust design provides high reliability in "dirty" applications. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Custom Heaters, Heater Jackets & components

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. carries a full line of flexible heater jackets for heating exhaust lines, forelines, and gas lines. Custom heaters for valves and other components are available upon request. We maintain a large inventory of heaters for 1 1/2", 2" and 4" tubing, elbows and flanges. (read more)