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Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - New Vacuum Products Web Site

Our new web site has been completely redesigned to make it easy for researchers and equipment manufacturers to find and purchase over 6,000 high-vacuum components. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Vacuum Sealing and Throttling Butterfly Valve

Nor-Cal’s new valve can be used as a foreline isolation valve and also provides the necessary downstream pressure control using superior Intellisys motor control technology. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Vacuum manufacturer

Nor-Cal Products has earned a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of welded stainless steel vacuum chambers for high and ultra-high vacuum applications. The quality, appearance and performance of our chambers are unequaled. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Nor-Cal’s 3-position Throttling Pendulum Valves

Simple TTL inputs are used to trigger the valve open, closed or to the third position, similar to traditional valves, however Intellisys® closed-loop motor control provides superior set point accuracy and repeatability to adjustable air cylinders. Additionally, an RS-232 communications link is available for remote control and set-up. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. -  Vacuum Valves...New N-Series

Nor-Cal Products - N-Series vacuum isolation valves provide equipment manufacturers the most compact footprint available with a three million cycle MTBF. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Vacuum Gate Valves...shipped today

Nor-Cal Products - Why wait months for a vacuum gate valve when Nor-Cal can ship today? We stock the most frequently used sizes and flange configurations of linear gate valves with pneumatic and manual actuators. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - New Vacuum Products Catalog

Our newest catalog, contains 240 pages of high-vacuum components for the equipment manufacturer or researcher. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Vacuum Pressure Control in class

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Responding to emerging industry requirements, Nor-Cal now has a fully RoHS compliant and DeviceNet certified adaptive pressure controller. It is similar in function and appearance to the earlier line of IQ-controllers, but features a highly advanced pressure control algorithm for improved control during difficult conditions. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Ball Valves

Our new vacuum ball valves are a low cost, manually or pneumatically operated, straight through isolation device. Their simple, robust design provides high reliability in "dirty" applications. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Custom Heaters, Heater Jackets & components

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. carries a full line of flexible heater jackets for heating exhaust lines, forelines, and gas lines. Custom heaters for valves and other components are available upon request. We maintain a large inventory of heaters for 1 1/2", 2" and 4" tubing, elbows and flanges. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. -  Glass Viewport Vacuum Chambers...Load Lock

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. load lock chambers are provided with a six inch CF flange for mounting to the gate valve, a six inch Add-A-Door with 7056 glass viewport, a 2.75 inch CF flange for attachment of the linear feedthrough, and two 2.75 inch CF flanges for pumping. Standard finish is electropolished. Custom sizes can be supplied upon request. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. -  Vacuum System Traps...Single & Multi-Stage

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. Increase your system's throughput and extend preventative maintenance intervals by 2X or more with LPCVD/TEOS multistage foreline traps. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Viewports

Nor-Cal Products offers a complete line of viewports for vacuum chambers with NW, ISO and CF flanges. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Feedthroughs...electrical, liquid, vacuum, UHV

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. extensive line of electrical feedthroughs are manufactured from ultra-high vacuum grade materials such as high alumina ceramic insulators, OFHC® copper and nickel conductors, and 304 stainless steel flanges. Nor-Cal's product line of liquid and liquid nitrogen feedthroughs includes the most commonly required for general, high and ult... (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Poppet Valves

Since 1962 Nor-Cal has been improving our designs and expanding our product line in order to offer the vacuum industry stainless steel valves for almost every application. Our valves provide outstanding performance in the most demanding applications such as semiconductor and compound semiconductor processing. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Manual Butterfly Valves

Our manual butterfly valves provide a low-cost alternative to bellows sealed gate valves. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Isolation Pendulum Valves

Nor-Cal Products' pneumatically actuated isolation pendulum valves contain the same patented Penduroll™ mechanism that is found in the Intellisys™ throttling pendulum valves. These valves offer the user a compact and low cost alternative to competitive designs. In addition, the smooth actuation results in low particle generation and rapid open-to-close speeds. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Particulate Traps

These traps remove particles that might enter the mechanical pump and contaminate the oil. A polyester felt filter traps particles over 10 microns in size at 98% efficiency. Filters can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Suitable for process temperatures from ambient to 149ºC. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Water Cooled Traps

Water cooled traps protect mechanical pumps and other downstream components from condensable process gasses and their by-products. They can extend or eliminate preventative maintenance intervals and pump overhauls. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Weld Fittings

Nor-Cal Products has manufactured stainless steel weld fittings for nearly forty years. We worked with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the 60's to develop their specification for vacuum piping, which has become the standard in the industry. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Sample Transfer System

Nor-Cal's sample transfer system allows sample plate transfer from a rotary/linear feedthrough to the sample dock mounted inside the chamber. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Adaptive Pressure Controller

The Intellisys Adaptive Pressure Controller (APC) provides advanced control system performance by combining closed loop motor control with adaptive pressure control. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Vacuum Gaugues...superior accuracy

Nor-Cal Products - Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges complement the Intellisys throttle valves and adaptive pressure controllers with vacuum pressure measurements of superior accuracy and repeatability. Cost effective unheated miniature gauges using analog circuitry meet many monitoring and control applications in the 10 to 1000 Torr range. (read more)

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Ultrahigh Vacuum Chamber-GEC Reference Cell

Nor-Cal Products,Inc - the cell is a conventional ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) chamber with a pair of 10 cm diameter, parallel plate electrodes. (read more)