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Norton Abrasives

Norton Abrasives has promoted these products:

Norton Abrasives - Efficient & Consistent - Norton Vortex Rapid Prep

Norton Vortex Rapid Prep belts are the better choice for surface conditioning applications where productivity and efficiency improvements can be measured. Watch Video! (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Reshape Toolroom Grinding - Norton Vitrium3

Take your toolroom operation to a whole new level. Our exclusive Norton Vitriumᵌ bond is reshaping toolroom wheel applications with our new popular-size stock, and made-to-order offering. Learn More! (read more)

Norton Abrasives - New! Norton Blaze and BlueFire Mini Flap Discs

Mini 2" and 3" TR and TS flap discs are ideal for jobs requiring a small areas of contact, and are packaged for retail/walk-in selling and small jobs. Choose Norton Blaze or BlueFire mini flap discs - Learn More! (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton Paradigm Diamond Grinding Wheels

A Paradigm Shift in Cutting Tool ManufacturingTM - Experience the performance advantages of Norton Paradigm Diamond Grinding Wheels. Learn More! (read more)

Norton Abrasives - New! Norton Gemini RightCut Cut-Off Wheels

Make the Right Choice More Comfortable with Norton Gemini Right Cut Cut-Off Wheels - Watch Video to Learn More! (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton NorZon Plus Grinding Wheels

Choose NorZon Plus for a Cut Above the Rest

The redesigned Norton NorZon Plus depressed center wheel line with new FastCut
gives you a top tier, highest-performing line with a wheel for the toughest application, fastest cut rate or the lowest overall cost.

Visit: and request a sample through your Norton distributor today! (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton Rapid Prep A/O Belts

Provides excellent surface finishing on hard materials like steel, nickel and alloys. A multi-purpose surface finishing product, Rapid Prep products have a high abrasive content for continuous cutting on soft and hard materials. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton Gemini RightCut Wheels for Aluminum

Norton's Gemini line of RightCut wheels for Aluminum cutting and grinding applications. See how Norton Gemini RightCut wheels outperform competitive A/O wheels. Watch the video to learn more. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - New! Norton Clipper High-Speed Gas Saws

Introducing the New Norton Clipper CP500 High Speed Gas Saws with new iLube Technology.

This saw is a cut above ordinary and made to withstand the demands of today's contractor and jobsite. Watch our video to learn more. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - New! Foundry X Cut-Off Wheels

XTend Performance up to 80% and Lower Your Total Cost
Our revolutionary new Norton Foundry X bond has been engineered to increase the cut rate and wheel life in all your foundry cut-off applications, on tough materials. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - New! Norton Red Heat Trimmable Flap Discs

New! Norton Red Heat Flap Discs have upgraded premium ceramic supersized flaps alternating with durable zirconia flaps that increase performance by 20% for excellent efficiencies on mild carbon steel, ferrous metal, and cast iron applications. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - New! Norton BlueFire Right Angle Cut-Off Wheels

Our new zirconia grain chemistry and shape in Norton BlueFire Reinforced Cut-off Wheels efficiently cuts a variety of material from stainless and carbon steels, to alloys and gray iron - with up to 20% increase in life over former zirconia wheels. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Small Diameter Cut-off Wheels - BlueFire

Our new zirconia grain chemistry and shape in Norton BlueFire Reinforced Cut-off Wheels efficiently cuts a variety of material from stainless and carbon steels, to alloys and gray iron - with up to 20% increase in life over former zirconia wheels. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - New! Norton Quantum X Creepfeed Wheels

New! Norton QuantumX Creepfeed Wheels − The Ultimate Creepfeed Wheels

Three advanced technologies create the ultimate creepfeed wheel: patented pore-induced construction, Norton Quantum ceramic abrasive, and the newest, strongest bond in the Norton portfolio. Available in blank stock and made-to-order wheels. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton Vortex® Rapid Blend Discs

Outperform all other surface blending discs with Norton Vortex® Rapid Blend Discs!

Blend in 3D using the top, bottom and side of the entire disc.

3-8X the life of conventional surface blending discs. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton Blaze Rapid Strip Discs

Norton Blaze Rapid Strip Discs are the most versatile, longest-lasting stripping and blending disc on the market. Strip coatings and finish with the same disc. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton BlueFire Portable Snagging Cup Wheels

Norton BlueFire Portable Cup Snagging Wheels provide exceptional performance improvements over conventional zirconia products in foundries, welding shops, fabrication facilities, steel mills, and shipyards:

  • Up to 41% decrease in grind time
  • Up to 129% increase in G-Ratio
  • Maximum wheel life, metal removal rates, and productivity
(read more)
Norton Abrasives - Norton Gear Wheels

Norton gear grinding wheel technology opens a new market for gear grinding wheels capable of high stock removal and grinding gears from a soft to a hard state while reducing finishing costs by 50%. Gear manufacturers can now grind from solid eliminating the need for cutting/milling machines and tooling and equipment required for rough cutting operations. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton Quantum (5NQ)

Best Choice for Versatility, Maximum Performance and Cost Savings.


*Revolutionary, engineered ceramic grain shape and chemistry with proven bond technology - Green (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Merit Metal Zirconia Alumina Flap Discs

Versatile performance at a competitive price!

These flap discs offer great starting specifications and prices for small-to medium-size initial price-conscious shops working with numerous materials. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton

Norton has a diamond blade to fit every project scope. From the exceptional performing DUO family with dual segment technology, to the sound dampeneing technology of Siliencio, to cost effective economy blades, our diamond blades will boost your productivity while keeping your costs down. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton Vortex Wheels

Saint-Gobain Abrasives R&D has developed a technology that combines a new abrasive grain and an innovative manufacturing process that allow the manufacturing of soft but strong permeable structures.

Vortex technology optimizes the abrasive distribution and the wheel's porosity distribution, which allows for significantly improved material removal rates and longer wheel life. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton Multi-Air NorGrip Paper Discs

Less dust; more productivity paper discs for use on vaccuum random orbital and rotary sanders. The industry's highest performing and broadest selection of paper discs. (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton SG BLAZE PLUS R980P & BLAZE R920 Flap Discs

Our re-engineered BLAZE PLUS R980P ceramic flap discs with their improved Y-weight polyester backing and better base adhesion, have exceptional grain retention resulting in 30% longer life our original Norton SG BLAZE discs. Highest Productivity - Lowest Total Grinding Costs. Last 50% to 200% longer than any flap disc on (read more)

Norton Abrasives - Norton Bear-Tex Vortex Unified Wheels

Norton Bear-Tex Vortex unified wheels are made with a revolutionary patented grain technology and a new manufacturing process to produce up to twice the stock removal rates of conventional unified wheels for heavy deburring and finishing. (read more)