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Novaflex Group has promoted these products:

Novaflex Group - Flexibility,temp, chemical & abrasion resistance.

Material handling, clean room environments, fume control, welding, exhaust, agriculture, cable conduit as well as many custom OEM applications. (read more)

Novaflex Group - State of the art couplings and adapters

New NovaFlex Hi-Flow Dry-Release™ Coupling & Adapter product range exceeds the performance of every compatible coupling, also referred to as dry break couplings, available today. (read more)

Novaflex Group - For abrasion, heat & corrosive conditions.

Products are available in a complete range of tube compounds and gauges for added resistance to abrasion, heat and corrosive conditions. (read more)

Novaflex Group - Novaflex® Industrial Hose

Offering a complete line of material handling, air, chemical, petroleum, food grade, material handling and mining hoses, steam and water hoses, expansion joints and connectors; available with custom end configurations from built-in lined flanges to beaded ends. (read more)

Novaflex Group - Optimum chemical resistance to aggressive media.

Novaflex’s flexible and lightweight liquid transfer and bottom loading composite hose offer optimum chemical resistance to aggressive media. (read more)

Novaflex Group - Designed to meet the most demanding applications

Ultra-high temperature fume control up to 1800ºF, chemical fume control, diesel exhaust and abrasive material handling. General, medium and heavy duty service duct, utility food grade duct. (read more)

Novaflex Group - HDC Hi-Flow Dry-Release™ Couplings

NovaFlex ‘HDC’ The Next Generation in Dry-Release Technology (read more)

Novaflex Group - UHMW Chemical Suction & Discharge Hose

Novaflex 4705 UHMW Crush & Kink resistant chemical hose (read more)

Novaflex Group - Heavy Duty Vacuum Hose

Thermoplastic Urethane Heavy Duty Vacuum Hose for storage tank barges, etc (read more)

Novaflex Group - Vehicular Exhaust Extraction

High temperature air supply and removal (read more)

Novaflex Group - Ultra High Abrasion Boom Hose

Ultra high abrasion resistant Boom Hose (read more)

Novaflex Group - Ultra High Temp Fume Exhaust Duct

Ultra High Temperature Service ducting up to 1800°F (read more)

Novaflex Group - Pumpflex Composite Hose

Pumpflex Composite Hose for the pump rental industry (read more)

Novaflex Group - Uni-FLON™ Special Chemical Composite Hose

Uni-FLON™ Special Chemical Service Composite Hose (read more)

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