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ODU-USA has promoted these products:

ODU-USA - Advanced Miniature Push-Pull Locking Connector

ODU-USA Announces the Availability of its Advanced Miniature Push-Pull Locking Connector Solutions for Medical Applications (read more)

ODU-USA - ODU-MAC® now offers even higher performance!

ODU now offers the entire compressed air and fluid range of ODU-MAC with higher flow rates and/or high operating pressure. The electrical connector technology specialists’ in-house development and production increase the flow rate for the compressed air valves by approximately 20 percent, while the operating pressure for the fluid modules is boosted by ten bar (145 PSI). (read more)



ODU-USA - 100,000+ mating cycles possible
  • 100,000+ mating cycles possible
  • Simple locking with a lever or spindle lock
  • Rugged DIN housings available for use in harsh environments or for manual docking
  • Expandable aluminum frame for docking systems
  • Many modules to choose from
  • Space-saving design due to high contact density
(read more)
ODU-USA - ODU MEDI-SNAP® Advanced Connector Solution

The German-engineered ODU MEDI-SNAP® is a plastic and metal circular connector with miniature push-pull locking connector solutions for re-usable and disposable medical applications. (read more)

ODU-USA - Medical Connector Solutions -standard & custom

ODU USA provides reliable connector solutions for many of the most critical medical applications. From MRI and EKG to defibrillators and heart-lung machines, ODU is present where medical device manufacturers know that lives depend on reliable connections. (read more)

ODU-USA - ODU-MAC in DIN Housings

This ODU-MAC version is ideal for cable-to-panel or cable-to-cable applications. The frames, modules and contacts can be mounted into lever locking or spindle locking housings. (read more)


ODU MEDI-SNAP medical device connectors are available with 7 color keying options for maximum visibility with minimal mating errors. (read more)

ODU-USA - ODU DOCK Industrial Connectors

Industrial automation requires a rugged connector capable of performing thousands of mating cycles over its lifetime. The ODU DOCK system can handle up to 100,000 matings with minimal maintenance. When maintenance is required, the connector inserts can be removed and replaced. (read more)

ODU-USA - ODU AMC® - Advanced Military Connector

Advanced Military Connector with Push-Pull locking or Break-Away function (read more)

ODU-USA - AMC - Advanced Military Connector

ODU's NEW AMC connector system is the

ideal solution for Future Soldier systems

that require significant weight reduction for:

Field Radios, Portable Computers, Night

Vision and Digital Scopes. (read more)

ODU-USA - ODU-MAC - in Cross Frame

The NEW MAC Cross Frame makes it possible to install modules side-by-side. This system can be easily modified to accommodate innumerable module configurations. (read more)

ODU-USA - Cable Assembly Integrated Solutions

ODU’s exceptional engineering standards ensure the highest level of cable design and performance. Its manufacturing strategy and capability leverages the vertical integration of precision connectors, component parts and engineered cable assemblies to offer high quality customer integrated solutions. (read more)

ODU-USA - ODU - Modular for High Voltage, High Current

Ideal for connecting signal and high density power connections, the NEW ODU MAC P-Frame includes stronger mounting rails and larger guide pins in a single or dual rail system that floats +/- 2.5mm for perfect alignment time after time. 12mm contacts allow up to 175A nominal current at up to 250V with a degree of pollution rating of 2. (read more)

ODU-USA - MRI Connectors

MRI Coil System Interface - Non-magnetic

MRI connectors have very demanding requirements. These systems must be capable of transmitting RF signals alongside power with undetectable levels of interference. Additionally, because of the MRI environment, these custom connectors must be impact resistant and highly reliable. Down-time is not an option in any hospital environment. (read more)

ODU-USA - Self-Securing Circular Connections

Push-Pull Circular Connectors – Self-Securing Circular Connections for a Wide Range of Military and Medical Applications (read more)


Medical Push-Pull circular connector with a plastic housing (read more)

ODU-USA - Industrial Connectors

ODU's heavy duty line of connectors are designed for use in severe industrial environments such as heavy-duty crane and lifting equipment at sea ports, container handling equipment, heavy duty transport systems, mobile cooling equipment, machine tools, railroads, and steel mills. (read more)

ODU-USA - 100,000 Cycle Flat Socket For Spade Pins

ODU Flatsocket connectors are ideal for testing spade connectors used in automotive applications. With over 100,000 cycles possible, flatsockets with Springwire technology can be mounted in custom modules to connect and test everything from sunroofs to power seats. (read more)

ODU-USA - Pins With Springwires for High Mating Cycles

The ODU SDS Series pins are ideal for test applications where a probe pin is required to mate and de-mate 100,000 times or more during its lifetime. (read more)

ODU-USA - ULTRA Compact, Locking Connector
  • Miniature, metal shell, cylindrical connectors with push-pull locking technology
  • Available in 8 sizes with 1 to 40 contacts in standard or mixed pin configurations
  • Solder, crimp and PCB terminations available
  • IP 50 and IP 68 environmental protection
  • RoHS compliant
  • MIL spec & VDE rated
(read more)
ODU-USA - ODU Connectors Metalized for Medical

ODU MEDI-SNAP Metalized Plastic- Miniature medical connectors with push-pull locking in metal and plastic shells. Intermates with Lemo's Redel connectors. (read more)

ODU-USA - Modular Connector for 100,000+ mating cycles

Modular S, L and M frames combine signal, power, coax and pneumatic connections into one customizable panel mount frame. Signal connectors have been tested up to 1 million cycles. (read more)

ODU-USA - ODU Mini-Snap Connectors for Medical

Miniature, Metal Shell Cylindrical Connectors with Push-Pull-Locking (read more)

ODU-USA - ODU ROB - Robotic Connector System

Industrial robotic systems require robust and reliable connectors to maintain high productivity levels. With over 5,000 mating cycles possible, the ODU ROB robotic connector system meets the stringent demands of the automotive and industrial automation world. (read more)