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OROS - Software for Reciprocating Machine Diagnostics

Dealing with Engines, Reciprocating Compressors and Pumps

Suitable for several industries, Energy&Process, Marine and Ground Transportation, this software module is designed for your demanding applications:design optimization, field acceptance tests, troubleshooting and diagnostics. (read more)

OROS - Turbomachinery Vibration Solution, ORBIGate V6.0

ORBIGate is the dedicated software module for industrial rotating machinery vibration during diagnostics as well as acceptance works. Easy to use, it provides all the tools to bring the highest level of set-up simplicity and efficiency to the user.
Go further into your diagnostics with the Full Spectrum fonction. (read more)

OROS - NVGate 8.30, the Noise and Vibration Platform

This new software version offers the capability to post-process large channel count: up to 128 channels per plug-in with the regular NVGate features. (read more)

OROS - Expander Module for conditioning channels

For signal conditioning, the new 3-Series analyzers feature Xpods, expander modules, instead of slots. The Xpod modules can be added, removed and exchanged between the analyzers in a few seconds. Thanks to the lateral mounting, the classical BNC connectors are still available to use the inputs with classical transducers (ICP/AC/DC/Float) (read more)

OROS - Multiplane Balancing

OROS extends its offer in Balancing proposing the Multiplane Balancing in addition to the Single One
Machines such as steam turbines, large motors and generators usually operate above their first critical speed. At this stage, it is necessary to increase the number of balancing planes above the classical dual plane balancing. A multiplane (>3) balancing operation is required. (read more)

OROS - XPods, Plug and Play Signal Conditioning

The Xpod modules add signal conditioning to the OR36 and OR38 in a smart and field operation driven design. These 8 channel conditioners can be added, removed and exchanged between the analyzers in a few seconds. (read more)

OROS - Direct recording mode for N&V analyzers

The D-rec option turns the new generation of OROS 3-Series analyzers in a stand-alone recorder for noise and vibration measurements. It allows operating the analyzer as a 100% PC-free digital recorder. The analyzer's control panel let you manage measurement and load or modify recording setup on-site. (read more)

OROS - Dynamic Signal Analyzer & DAT - The OR36

is a synthesis of components usually used separately for measurements. It includes an acquisition front-end, with conditioning and sampling, a time domain recorder and resources required to provide real-time processing of all inputs. It interfaces with any PC, giving access to a wide range of functions: report editing, project-based settings, availability of results in an office environment (read more)

OROS - Universal inputs for dynamic signal analyzers

The new 3-Series analyzers integrate universal inputs as a standard. OROS now offers the ultimate solution that combines in a robust design the flexibility usually offered by expensive and heavy laboratory devices. (read more)

OROS - Dynamic Signal Analyzer / DAT Recorder - OR38

is the ultimate analyzer/recorder of the OROS 3-Series range. This system allows large and advanced measurements to be achieved directly in the field, where DAT and Post-analysis are usually the only solution. With up to 32 channels the OR38 processes all data whatever the application (rotating, acoustic etc.) (read more)

OROS - The 3-Series analyzers now support CAN bus probe

The network plug of the analyzer allows to access data from the CAN bus with the OROS high speed CAN probe. This probe guarantees complete impedance adaptation to the CAN bus. The captured data are easily decoded and processed (recorded, displayed and analyzed) with the standard NVGate analyzers' software platform. (read more)

OROS - Noise & Vibration Analyzer - OR35

is a portable real-time multianalyzer which integrates the best of sound and vibration analysis tools in a truly mobile instrument. OR35 gives its best during field operations. It takes numerous measurement situations in stride. The OR35 will be your faithful companion for each measurement task. It is so easy to carry that you will take it everywhere, without hesitation. (read more)

OROS - Noise & Vibration Analyzer - Ultraportable OR34

OR34 is the compact real-time multianalyzer that integrates the best of noise & vibration analysis technology in an ultramobile instrument. OR34 is the synthesis of the ultimate 3-series technology and OROS' wealth of experience in measurement. Offering the essentials in a professional instrument, OR34 will follow you everywhere. Choose OR34 and go straight to the essentials. (read more)

OROS - OROS introduces the new Mobi-PackTM

The first multichannel field analyzer and recorder for vibration diagnostics

Rough, Rugged and Real-Time without compromise (read more)

OROS - OROS Modal 2 V5, Innovative Modal Analysis

With the OROS Modal 2 V5, the structural test solution is now even more refined and mature. Assess the reliability of all the steps of a comprehensive modal analysis with powerful algorithms. OM2 V5 goes further by a new simplified geometry building module and efficient Broadband methods for Experimental and Operational modal analysis completely optimized for high number of channels. (read more)

OROS - FFT Plug-In Analyzer

Most of the vibration phenomena have to be analyzed in the spectral domain in order to get conclusive analyses. The FFT Plug-in provides spectral analysis associated with some time domain parameters. This software option offers a large set of results (up to 42) featured by the multiple available modes. (read more)

OROS - Remote / Stand-Alone Vibration Monitoring

OROS offers a dedicated tool for the temporary vibration monitoring: Systeo. Its user friendly interface allows to install the system on the machinery in a minimum amount of time. Embedded in the OROS SmartRouter™ in the satellite version, the solution has been designed to stand in for the expert on site. SysTeo becomes an autonomous monitoring system remotely from your office. (read more)

OROS - Recorder Plug-in

OROS 3-Series Recorder plug-in is a multichannel and multifrequency digital recorder that process simultaneous records of up to 32 inputs. This analysis module is a standard feature of NVGate® software which provides real-time record and playback for post-analysis. Like all the NVGate® plug-ins, the recorder can run simultaneously with FFT, Order, and Octave plug-in analyzers. (read more)

OROS - Overall Acoustic Level

With an OROS 3-Series you get a multi-channel analyzer, so, why not turn your unit into a true multi-channel sound level meter. The OVA plug-in extends the analyzer capabilities to a comprehensive acoustic measurement system. The OVA complies with the latest standards such as IEC 60-672. It runs 3 RMS and a peak detector on each input. (read more)

OROS - Order Tracking Plug-In Analyzer

Order analysis and tracking make the most sense when the rotor speed is varying. Getting correct results from run-up/down requires specific signal processing techniques. The SOA plug-in takes benefit of the DSP powered OROS 3-Series analyzers to provide the best order analysis. (read more)

OROS - Noise and vibration analyzer's personal disk

OROS 3-series MobiDisk™ is a unique 60 Gb rugged disk drive that can operate docked in the analyzer as well as connected to a PC. Record raw data from the field on the MobiDisk™ docked into your analyzer. (read more)

OROS - Sound Intensity

The Sound Intensity Solution is part of the NVSolutions® proposed by OROS for Acoustic applications. Sound Intensity is a flexible experimental technique that allows to obtain a large number of information on the sound pattern emitted from a source such as Sound Power or Noise Source localization. (read more)

OROS - Sound Power

The Sound Power Solution is part of the family of solutions proposed by OROS for Acoustic applications. This Solution allows to measure Sound Power based on the measurement of sound pressure levels at microphone positions around a source under test. (read more)

OROS - Balancing Solution

The Balancing Solution is part of the family of solutions proposed by OROS for Rotating Applications. With the OROS Balancing Solution, based a on task-oriented user interface, the Balancing process can be made in a simple and precise way on rotating machinery on 1 or 2 planes. (read more)