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OSI Optoelectronics - Silicon Annular Quadrant Backscatter Detectors

OSI Optoelectronics introduces its new ‘Annular Quadrant Backscatter Detectors ‘ available in TO-5 and TO-8 metal packages. Devices sensitive from 350nm to 1100nm. The 200um Laser drilled hole on the chap and the header make it ideal for coupling with LC ferrule. (read more)

OSI Optoelectronics - 905 nm Pulsed Laser Diode w/ Integrated Micro Lens

New CVN 63-90ECL is hermetically sealed for field-deployed range finder apps

OSI Laser Diode, Inc. (LDI), an OSI Systems Company, introduces the CVN 63-90ECL, a 905 nm pulsed laser diode with an integrated micro lens. The new device offers a far-field beam pattern with equivalent divergence values (8 x 8 degrees FWHM) for both the Fast (perpendicular) and the... (read more)

OSI Optoelectronics - Triple-Wavelength TCW RGB TriBiner Visible Laser

OSI Laser Diode, Inc. (LDI), an OSI Systems Company, announces the innovative TCW TriBiner fiber-coupled laser, the TCW RGBM-105R. The new triple wavelength device is a red, green, and blue (RGB) laser diode module that has been specifically designed to meet strict efficiency footprint requirements of the visible laser display market. The module couples all three wavelengths, 450... (read more)

OSI Optoelectronics - Back-Illuminated Silicon Photodiodes

BI-SMT Photodetector Series. The new single-channel, back-illuminated silicon photodiodes are specifically designed to minimize any “dead” areas on the edges of the devices. Each photodiode is designed on a square surface mount package with dimensions similar to the actual chip. This makes it possible to have multiple detectors arranged in a tiled pattern for easy coup... (read more)

OSI Optoelectronics - Detector-Filter Photodiode Combination Series

The Detector-Filter combination series incorporates a filter with a photodiode to achieve a tailored spectral response. OSI Optoelectronics offers a multitude of standard and custom combinations. Upon request, all detector-filter combinations can be provided with a NIST traceable calibration data specified in terms of Amps/Watt, Amps/lumen, Amps/lux or Amps/ Footcandle. Among many possib... (read more)

OSI Optoelectronics - 30um InGaAs APD Module

The LAPD 1550-30R, from OSI LaserDiode, is a 30um InGaAs mesa structure APD housed in a hermetic 3 pin TO46 Package with lens cap. The low noise, high sensitivity and broad Vbr curve make the LAPD 1550-30R APD ideal for use in range finders and high sensitivity line receivers. The device is RoHS compliant.Click here to Download DatasheetFeatures Include: L... (read more)

OSI Optoelectronics - Two Color Sandwich Arrays

OSI Optoelectronics offers three types of dual sandwich detectors. The Silicon-Silicon sandwich, in which one silicon photodiode is placed on top of the other, with the photons of shorter wavelengths absorbed in the top silicon and the photons of longer wavelengths penetrating deeper, absorbed by the bottom photodiode. (read more)

OSI Optoelectronics - Engineering, Prototyping & Contract Manufacturing

OSI OptoElectronics (, an OSI Systems Company, global suppliers of high performing standard and OEM photodiodes, high power light sources, optoelectronic components, and value-added assemblies, announces expanded contract manufacturing capabilities. (read more)