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OceanServer Technology, Inc.

OceanServer Technology, Inc. has promoted these products:

OceanServer Technology, Inc. - EK-03 OEM Li-Ion BATTERY SYSTEM KIT

The EK-03 Regulated Evaluation Kit includes everything needed to add a DC power supply with battery power and integrated charger to your system; Single Lithium Ion charger with integrated ATX output, cables, mechanical standoffs, integrated battery charging, AC adapter for charge power, two software applications to observe the performance of the system and each battery pack. (read more)

OceanServer Technology, Inc. - BBDC-02R Combined OEM Charger & ATX Supply

Make Any Device Battery-Powered! The BBDC-02R is a Lithium-Ion battery management module that offers both smart battery charging/management and ATX power supply function. Supports up to 190 Watt-hours of battery power for your system. The ATX power supply electronics are ultra efficient and supply 12V @ 7Amps; 5V and 3.3V @ 10 Amps; -12V @ 0.3A with efficiencies up to 98%.... (read more)

OceanServer Technology, Inc. - BB-04SR IBPS Base Battery Management Module

Make any device battery-powered! First drop-in OEM battery system for adding multiple Li-Ion rechargeable battery packs. BB-04SR IBPS (Intelligent Battery and Power System) unit manages and performs all critical smart battery pack functions: charge, discharge, software monitoring and safety. (read more)

OceanServer Technology, Inc. - BC-1022 Smart Battery Charger

The BC-1022 battery controller is a tiny backplane design for adding safe and reliable Li-Ion battery power to a new or existing platform. The controller's small footprint and extensive battery monitoring capability gives system designers the perfect solution for adding 1 or 2 smart battery packs to any device. (read more)

OceanServer Technology, Inc. - Iver2 AUV Marine Robot

The Iver2 AUV is an affordable, commercial vehicle used by customers around the globe for sensor-development, general survey work, sub-surface security and research. OceanServer offers standard vehicle models with user-selected sensor payloads that address imaging survey needs. These include the new L3 Klein 3500 side scan, multi-beam sonar, acoustic current profiling and video imaging. (read more)