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Orttech, Inc. - Utilize the Torque - Plates-Clutches-Brakes

Orttech's Ortlinghaus plates, clutches, brakes, and systems have earned their industry leading reputation in a wide range of tough industrial applications! (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Clutch Systems for Marine Technology

Orttech Inc.'s Ortlinghaus innovative marine products provide excellent performance and reliability in this demanding environment. Operating in the field of marine technology for more than 75 years, we offer a full range of products from plates, clutches, and clutch systems for ship drive systems to brakes for deck machinery. (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - High Torque Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

Thanks to the many design variations, Orttech Ortlinghaus electromagnetic clutches and brakes can be used in many different applications. The electromagnet, with its built in coil, is an actuation unit that is totally free of wear. The operating voltage, normally 24V DC, can usually be made available and introduced into the clutch or brake without any problem. (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Fail-Safe Brakes, Pneumatically Released

These spring-applied fail-safe brakes have the same form of construction as the hydraulically released brakes of series 0-022, the difference being that they are released with compressed air which is fed into the stationary cylinder. Precise operation and tough construction of the steel/organic lining friction combination characterise these brakes. (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Slipping clutch

Ortlinghaus multi-plate slipping clutches (torque limiting) are permanently engaged by means of spring pressure. They are factory set to transmit a predetermined level of torque. If this amount of torque is exceeded, as in the case of an overload, the friction clutches are designed to slip for a limited period of time. These slipping clutches are used to safeguard shafts in all types of... (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Fail-Safe Brakes, Hydraulically Released

Thanks to the large force available for actuation and the use of the steel/sinter combination, which has very low wear characteristics, hydraulically actuated Ortlinghaus Sinus® multi-plate clutches, brakes and clutch/brake combined units are suitable for a range of applications in mechanical engineering, motor vehicles and transmission systems. (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Hydraulic Clutch, Model 0021

Modern, multi-plate clutch designed and developed from proven technology. This new clutch design has been developed with the following characteristics: high torque, high heat capacity and low weight due to a smaller outside diameter. Additionally there is the possibility to use a large shaft diameter. This combination of characteristics is not available anywhere else in the market today. (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Hydraulic Clutch, Model 0-021

Series 0-021-007

This version can be put to use universally as a compact machine transmission clutch.

Operation pressure: 18 to 20 bar

Pressure and cooling oil intake: Via rotary inlet through the shaft.

Examples of application: In transmissions for machines and vehicles, stationary and mobile cranes, other lifting devices. (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Brake, for Gearless Motors (Direct Drive)

The Ortlinghaus DIMO brake

The Ortlinghaus DIMO brake is a compact safety braking system for all kinds of gearless (directly driven) applications. The brake is actuated electromagnetically. (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Model 0-123 - Hydraulic Combination Clutch/Brake

Key Features include, Hydraulically actuated clutch - spring applied brake in a single hydraulically cooled unit, Oil shear torque generation virtually eliminates mechanical wear, Delivers unequaled single stroke performance, Product application ranges from small machines to large capacity transfer presses, and Clutch torques up to 10.0 million lb-ins. (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Combination Clutch/Brake, Pneumatic

Series 0-406 and 0-420 Pneumatic Clutches and Brakes

These pneumatically actuated clutch/brake combined units have been designed to meet the ever increasing performance and safety requirements in metalforming equipment. The series 0-406 offers the optimum in terms of maximum clutch and brake torques with the smallest of dimensions, i.e. high performance compact design. (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Electric Clutch


·Single & multiplate clutches with both stationary & rotating coils ·Torques to 26,000 lb-ins

·Tooth clutches to 35,000 lb-ins (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Friction/Steel Plates

This product group includes all plate type friction components for clutches and brakes which possess driving teeth or lugs on their outer or inner diameters. Both plate and counterplate must be considered together, in general one plate with friction material works together with a counterplate of steel or cast iron. (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Pneumatic Clutches and Brakes

These pneumatically actuated clutch / brake combined units have been designed to meet the ever increasing performance and safety requirements in presses. (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Safety, slipping and starting clutches

Ortlinghaus multiplate safety friction and torque limiting coupling clutches are permanently engaged, this condition being maintained by spring pressure. They are able to transmit torque up to a particular, pre-set level, after which in the case of an overload in the transmission, the friction clutches are designed, to slip for a limited period of time.

These torque limiting coupl... (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - 3 Series 0-404 Pneumatic Clutches and Brakes

Fully encapsulated, oil cooled clutch/brake combined units in two sizes which are matched in terms of their torques and dimensions to electric motors of sizes 100, 112 and 132. (read more)

Orttech, Inc. - Industry Leading Hydraulic Combination ClutchBrake

Clutch/brake combined units are recognized as being safe and reliable for driving presses, metal-forming and machine tools, shears and similar machines. They conform with the well known safety requirements as laid down in the relevant EC directives. (read more)