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PHOENIX CONTACT USA has promoted these products:

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Variant 14 data connectors for harsh environments

The new push-pull Advance data connectors from Phoenix Contact bring future-proof, high-speed cabling directly to the field. The push-pull connection technology complies with ODVA’s Variant 14.

Designed for data rates of up to 10 Gbps, the connectors have IP65/67 protection against dirt, dust, and humidity. With their 360-degree shielding, they are also immune to electromagn... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Phoenix Contact Designline wins iF design award

Phoenix Contact Designline wins iF design award

International organization recognizes U.S.-developed industrial PC for outstanding design

Phoenix Contact’s Designline industrial PC recently won an iF DESIGN AWARD 2015 in the “Industry/Skilled trades” category. The International Forum presented the award at a gala in Hamburg, Germany, on Febru... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - mGuard User Conference 2015

mGuard User Conference 2015

Phoenix Contact and Innominate to share cyber security advice at free conference

in Houston, June 2-4

Industrial engineers can learn essential information about today’s ever-changing cyber threats at the mGuard User Conference 2015, June 2-4 in Houston. The free conference, sponsored by Innominate and Phoenix Co... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New PLC Logic Smart Relay System

Phoenix Contact’s new PLC Logic system combines basic programmable logic capability with the company’s PLC relays, creating a “smart” relay system. The PLC Logic system houses the logic in a small module that plugs directly into a block of eight PLC Relays. By eliminating the need for a standalone controller, PLC Logic saves space and simplifies maintenance.

T (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Easier connection-compact hybrid motor starters

Phoenix Contact has added its push-in connection technology (PT) to the CONTACTRON ELR-H3 and ELR-H5 hybrid motor starter family. The proven push-in technology reduces insertion forces up to 50 percent, compared with traditional screw termination and requires no tools for installation. It has five times the IEC requirement for pull-out force, ensuring a secure connection even in high-vib... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Miniature M12 connector rated to 16 A

Phoenix Contact has expanded its M12 connector range for power transmission in industrial environments with S-coded flush-type connectors and cordsets rated to 16 A and 630 V. (Ratings are per IEC; UL 2237 is pending.) Standard S-coded connectors, rated to 12 A, are also available.

They have two positions and protective earth ground (2+PE). The panel-mount connectors are pre-assem... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - High-current terminals with push-in connection

Phoenix Contact introduces a new line of push-in technology terminal blocks for high-power applications. The PTPOWER 95 provides easier spring connection for wires up to 4/0 AWG than screw connectors traditionally used in these applications.

The PTPOWER 95 uses Phoenix Contact’s Power Turn technology, a short lever movement to open and close the termination area. When the us... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Molded Deutsch and Superseal cordsets

Phoenix Contact now offers Deutsch and Superseal connectors as pre-molded cordsets. These connectors are 100-percent factory-tested and ready for use in mobile hydraulic applications. While the Deutsch and Superseal connectors are well established as quality discrete-wired solutions, crimp technology and on-site installation often add to hidden labor costs.

The Deutsch connector i... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - NEW single-pole PTSM terminal block

New additions to Phoenix Contact’s PTSM family give LED designers more options. The new single-pole PTSM terminal block and the vertical header are ideal for space-critical applications, and a new through-board header expands connection options.

Like the original PTSM terminal blocks, the single-pole PTSM features push-in termination technology for quick wire connection. The... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Phoenix Contact’s New MINI Pro Signal Conditioners

Phoenix Contact’s new MINI Pro signal conditioners save space and make installation and configuration quick and easy for isolation, conversion, filtering or amplification of analog signals.

The compact signal conditioners measure just 6.2 mm wide, so they require up to 65 percent less space than traditional signal conditioner designs. Using less space in the control cabinet... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - PSR-MXF multifunctional safety relay

The PSR-MXF multifunctional safety relay is the newest addition to the Phoenix Contact PSR safety relay line. This relay can help small and medium machine builders reduce cost and save space. The PSR-MXF accepts up to three dual-channel safety sensors: two local, independent sensor circuits, as well as an overriding safety circuit useful for simultaneous shutdown. With this safety circui... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New M23 hybrid connectors

The new M23 hybrid circular connector from Phoenix Contact is an all-in-one connector that securely transmits signals, data and power. The compact M23 connector can handle currents up to 30 A and voltages up to 850 V DC or 630 V AC.

The connector features a centrally located protective earth (PE) ground, along with four power contacts and four signal contacts. The data pins have a... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Phoenix Contact New mGuard Secure Cloud (mSC)

Phoenix Contact introduces the mGuard Secure Cloud (mSC), a free web-based service that allows FL mGuard users to securely communicate with and support industrial equipment over the Internet. The mSC uses FL mGuard hardware to give OEMs, machine builders and system integrators a secure, easy and cost-effective way to access machines and systems anywhere in the world over the Internet.

... (read more)
PHOENIX CONTACT USA - RIFLINE Complete-modular ice cube-style relay

Economical relay system increases flexibility

Redesigned ice cube-style relays feature fast termination, extensive accessory

Phoenix Contact introduces RIFLINE Complete, a modular ice cube-style relay system with a broad range of accessories. RIFLINE Complete is available as either completely assembled modules, which can save assembly time and labor costs, or... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New Radioline® wireless platform

The new Radioline® wireless platform from Phoenix Contact offers wire replacement for simple I/O and serial communication. With software-free radio setup, Radioline offers a cost-effective wireless solution where it is too costly or not possible to run a wire.

Radioline features simple I/O to I/O communication without the need for programming software. More advanced... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - NEW EMD-BL compact monitoring relays

Phoenix Contact now offers compact monitoring relays for single-function monitoring, making simple monitoring applications more affordable. The new EMD-BL (basic line) monitoring relays are available with optional push-in technology for easier installation.

The EMD-BL is available for single-phase current monitoring, single-phase voltage monitoring, three-phase voltage monitoring... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Fast delivery of I/O and data cordsets

Phoenix Contact introduces a new line of I/O and data cordsets designed specifically for the North American market. Thanks to a new production line and service model at its U.S. facility, the company manufactures cordsets for the North American market within five business days on more than 500 pigtail and extension cable configurations.

Most are designed and manufactured at Phoeni... (read more)


Phoenix Contact’s extensive line of PCB trays now includes two new aluminum versions, giving design engineers more options to meet specific application needs. The UM-ALU and the HC-ALU are both made of aluminum extrusion, ideal for operation in high temperatures and noisy environments.

The UM-ALU features multiple PCB mounting slots in both the upper and lower sections to ac... (read more)


The new STEP UPS from Phoenix Contact is a compact uninterruptible power supply with an integrated battery. The STEP UPS provides standby power for short-term power losses in low-current applications.

The STEP UPS has a 3 A output current, and corresponds with Phoenix Contact’s STEP power supply with 4.2 A nominal current. At 108-mm wide, the STEP UPS requires minimal space... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Faster assembly with PV connector system

Phoenix Contact has introduced Sunclix: a DC plug and receptacle connector system for photovoltaic (PV) applications. The connectors can be assembled in the field or factory, greatly reducing the cost of installation.

The one-piece DC connectors use spring technology for quick and easy assembly and termination, without the use of crimp tools. The connectors can only be disconnecte... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Phoenix Contact introduces 40A QUINT buffer module

Phoenix Contact’s new 40 A QUINT buffer module provides standby power for short-term losses of power without the need for maintenance. The new buffer module is based on high-quality capacitor technology that provides a long service life and a wide operational temperature range of -20 C to 80 C.

The 40 A QUINT buffer module complements the existing 20 A module. It is equipped... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Right Angle Wirefox wire strippers

Phoenix Contact’s extensive line of hand tools now includes the Right Angle Wirefox wire strippers, designed for more ergonomic cable stripping. The right angle makes it easier to reach wires and cables in difficult locations.

Right Angle Wirefox strippers are durable, tested for 150,000 strip cycles, and the replaceable stripping blades are estimated to last 25,000 cycles.... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Heavy-duty rectangular plug connector system

The new Heavycon EVO from Phoenix Contact is a plastic connector system designed for applications with high impact and vibrations. The EVO’s bayonet cable gland system can reduce inventory costs up to 70 percent.

Cable glands are available in M20, M25, M32 and M40 sizes and can be combined with any B6, B10, B16 and B24 housing. The black polyamide housing is UV, salt spray a... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New Additions to MINI Analog Family

Phoenix Contact introduces Universal Software-Programmable Temperature Transducers MIDDLETOWN, Pa. – The MINI Analog family from Phoenix Contact now includes two universal software-programmable temperature transducers. These transducers convert and condition signals from most of the common resistance temperature detectors (RTD), as well as thermocouple temperature sensors. The new... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - The PTIO 1.5/S series Terminal Block

New additions to push-in terminal block line

PT product range now includes include sensor/actuator power distribution blocks (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New heavy-duty housings For Plug Connectors

Phoenix Contact’s redesigned HEAVYCON plug connector housings improve grip and handling during connection. The new heavy-duty housings come in B6, B10, B16 and B24 sizes and will replace the original aluminum die-cast HEAVYCON sleeve housings. Versions feature a single- or double-locking metal latch.

The redesigned shape of the housing provides a rounded surface for easier g... (read more)


Phoenix Contact introduces a new low-cost power supply family. The UNO POWER supply units offer basic functionality for 24 and 12 V DC applications, with a meantime between failure of more than 700,000 hours.

The products in the UNO POWER range have a power density 10 to 20 percent higher than similar power supplies on the market. This high efficiency saves energy and ensures cool... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Wide-temperature Range VRLA Batteries

Phoenix Contact has recently added a new battery to the QUINT UPS-IQ line. The valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery can operate under extreme temperature shifts ranging anywhere from -40 to 60 degrees Celsius, as compared to the 0 to 40-degree range of the original VRLA battery. This new feature allows the battery to operate effectively in much harsher climates, without the concerns... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Virtual Technology Center

Phoenix Contact has opened its Virtual Technology Center (VTC) to customers. The VTC offers a hands-on training experience from the convenience of the customer’s location, by providing remote access and the availability and control of physical hardware at the company’s Middletown, Pa., location.

Phoenix Contact offers classes every month for different applications. Ses... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Solar Charging Carport

Phoenix Contact unveils solar carport for electric vehicles

Middletown, Pa. – Phoenix Contact today unveiled its new solar charging port for electric vehicles (EVs) at its headquarters on 586 Fulling Mill Rd., Middletown, Pa. The unveiling took place as part of the company’s Earth Day activities.

Almost entirely student-designed and built, the char... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA -  EMpro Measuring Devices

Phoenix Contact’s new EMpro measuring devices detect, monitor and analyze electrical characteristics, such as voltage, current, power, consumption, harmonics and network asymmetries, of machines and systems.

This data can help engineers make informed decisions about the energy consumption and energy quality of their system. This can lower electrical costs, minimize do... (read more)


Phoenix Contact's new modular safety controller makes it easy to expand I/O in a safety circuit. The PSR-TRISAFE/M (for modular) connects up to 10 safe digital I/O modules, thanks to a T-bus system. (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Varistor-based lightning arresters Levels III & IV

The new VAL-MS-T1/T2 lightning arresters from Phoenix Contact offer a higher level of surge protection in an affordable package. (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - High-speed wireless networking

Phoenix Contact introduces a new industrial WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n radio for high-speed wireless Ethernet communications. The FL WLAN 5101 offers high-speed wireless networking up to 300 Megabits per second (Mbps), meeting the needs of the most bandwidth-demanding applications such as IP-based video surveillance, plant networking and mobile operator access for programming and maintenance. (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Wire ties, accessories complement cabinet & tools

Phoenix Contact now offers wire ties and accessories to complement its Cabinet add-on and TOOL fox cable management product range. Cable ties are available in a wide variety of options, including stainless steel, UV-resistant, heat-resistant and identifiable ties. Bases, rivets and loops round out the offering. (read more)


CRIMPFOX: manual crimping pliers for secure crimping of all types of contacts and connectors (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New Contactron Electronic Motor Manager (EMM)

Phoenix Contact’s new Contactron Electronic Motor Manager (EMM) precisely monitors the effective power consumed by motors. The EMM uses this data to analyze errors and provide early warning to the controller, helping to increase system availability. (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - CES for feed-through cabinet installation

Phoenix Contact’s new Cable Entry System (CES) makes it possible to pass pre-wired cables through an enclosure wall without cutting the terminated connector end. This maintains the integrity, warranty and approvals of the pre-wired cable. CES features a wide selection of cable grommets that fit around nearly any type of cable before mounting to the enclosure wall. (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Intelligent MCR Surge Protection Device

Improve system availability and signal quality!

Phoenix Contact has introduced PT-IQ: an intelligent MCR surge protection device with multi-stage remote monitoring. It provides proactive functional monitoring for signal interface surge protection devices. (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Dual-layer capacitor batteries for intelligent UPS

Phoenix Contact has introduced capacitor-based dual-layer batteries for its QUINT UPS-IQ line. Like the lithium-ion battery introduced earlier this year, the capacitor battery has a longer lifespan and wider temperature range than the UPS’s original valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery. (read more)