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PHOTONIS Technologies SAS

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS has promoted these products/services:

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - NOCTURN Digital Extreme Low-Light CMOS Camera

Surveillance Imaging for 24/7 Lighting Conditions

Versatile, yet Simple. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - NOCTURN Gigabit Ethernet Low Light Camera

PHOTONIS Digital Imaging introduces a new Gigabit Ethernet camera optimized for low-light conditions. The new camera model provides GigE Vision® functionality into its NOCTURN line of products, offering new standard connectivity options for video management and dissemination in military ground vehicles and other localized surveillance networks. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Mars Mission: High-Performance Micro Channel Plate

A single sensor the only one in the world specially designed in France for a mission to Mars. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Digital Imaging

PHOTONIS Digital Imaging leads the industry through its innovation in low-light imaging products.Optimized for day-through-night lighting conditions, these digital imaging products support surveillance and security applications, industry and research projects, and mobile use. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - DART® Ion Mobility Spectrometer

The new DART® Ion Mobility Spectrometer is a completely integrated benchtop instrument equipped with Resistive Glass technology and improved performance. It provides DART-IMS analysis of solid, liquid or gas analytes quickly and easily for use in homeland security, pharmaceutical or laboratory applications. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - XR5™ Image Intensifier at LAAD Expo 2013

PHOTONIS will be present at the 9th edition of LAAD Defence & Security International Exhibition from 9 to 12 April in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- Hall 3, booth S59. During this event PHOTONIS presents and demonstrates in its unique demonstration room Night Vision innovations to Armed Forces, Police and Special Forces, Security Services, Defence Industry, consultants and governme... (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Digital Extreme Low-Light CMOS Camera

The NOCTURN camera is especially designed for high performance under both daylight and low-light level conditions. NOCTURN perfectly fits applications where high-resolution detection and ultra-high sensitivity are required under 24/7 conditions. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Ion Mobility Spectrometer Analyzer

The new PHOTONIS Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) Analyzer is an complete integrated assembly for simplified IMS analysis that features high resolving power (64-150) in a compact design. The unit combines PHOTONIS' patented Resistive Glass products with a new robust ion gate technology to create an IMS analyzer which improves resolution and simplifies serviceability. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Low-Light Digital CMOS Sensor

PHOTONIS USA introduces the Lynx CMOS sensor, a new low-light digital image sensor designed for high performance under both daylight and low-light level conditions, making it ideal for applications where high-resolution detection across varying light conditions is critical. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - High Mass BiPolar ToF Detector for MALDI

The new PHOTONIS High Mass BiPolar Time of Flight detector improves the detection efficiency of very high mass ions with significantly less complexity when compared to other high-mass detection solutions. It is ideal for Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time of Flight (MALDI-TOF) applications. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - PLANACON Photon Detector

The PLANACON Photon Detector is a unique square shaped detector which allows for many detectors to be tiled in order to form a larger image. The PLANACON design provides a high degree of immunity from magnetic fields. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - FieldMaster™ Resistive Glass Ion Guides

FieldMaster™ Resistive Glass Ion Guides and Drift Tubes have demonstrated an improvement in ion transmission when compared to conventional tubes. They can be easily removed or cleaned without degradation in performance. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Night Vision Tube XR-5 with Autogating, 16mm, ONYX

The XR5™ Image Intensifier reveals more details and offers eXtended Range capabilities that enables the user to detect more details during operation.

The XR5™ features an integrated Auto-Gated power supply, facilitating operation under dynamic lighting conditions. Upgrade your capabilities by replacing the optics. Other versions include 16mmm and ONYX. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - XD-4™

The introduction of the XD-4™ technology set the new standard for low-light-level imaging. XD-4™ Image Intensifiers perform extremely well in all environmental conditions. Its broad spectral sensitivity range results in a perfect picture. Your night vision optics can be upgraded simply by replacing your current optic with Image Intensifier Tubes from PHOTONIS. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Hybrid Photo Diodes and Photon Detectors

The PHOTONIS Hybrid Photo Diode provides an alternate technique for photon detection. The HPD amplifies an electron in a vacuum tube and bombards it onto a silicon diode. For each impact, a gain of between 2000 and 3000 is achieved. A diode array converts the signal to pixels. Other photon detectors are also available from PHOTONIS. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - MCP-PMT Planacon Photon Detectors

The PLANACON photon detector is a unique square shaped detector which can be tiled to provide a larger detection area. It is nearly immune to magnetic interference (~2 Tesla) and provides one of the largest single collection areas on the market.

PHOTONIS also manufactures traditionally round MCP-PMT photon detectors with similar magnetic resistance properties with jitter ~ 130pS F... (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Imaging Photon Counters

The unique combination of fast timing and spatial resolution makes the PHOTONIS Imaging Photon Counter unmatched in photon imaging. The 50ps timing resolution is superior to resistive anode IPCs and many orders of magnitude faster than EMCCDs or Image Intensified Cameras. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Optical Communications Receiver

The PHOTONIS Optical Communications Receiver optimizes sensitivity in optical communication applications, by offering a 12mm active collection area that is suitable for detecting fast optical signals in the green to ultraviolet spectral range. Our Optical Receiver supports high data rates (up to 2GHz) which provide output levels suitable for communications.

Prism Award Winn... (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Streak Tubes and Streak Cameras

PHOTONIS streak tubes support applications such as molecular and plasma physics, ballistics, laser interferometry, temporal measurement, fluorescence spectroscopy, biology and femtochemistry.

A streak tube is an inverter image intensifier tube capable of resolving high-speed events over a wide-range of input wavelengths. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - World's Fastest Time-of-Flight Detectors

PHOTONIS offers the widest and most technologically advanced variety of Time-of-Flight Detectors available. These patented Time-of-Flight Detectors offer previously unobtainable levels of temporal resolution, dynamic range, and high mass detection sensitivity for Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Advanced Performance and MCP Detectors

PHOTONIS offers standard and custom APD designs to detect and amplify charged particles and electromagnetic radiation. Applications include mass spectrometry, high-energy physics, space exploration, SIMS, SEM, FIB, leak detectors, VUV spectrometers, and RGA.

For those preferring to build their own instrument, standalone MCPs are also offered in a variety of standard and custom con... (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Microchannel Plates

PHOTONIS is the industry leader in technology advancements for Microchannel Plates (MCPs). We offer a broad range of sizes, shapes and options to support a number of imaging applications. Our capabilities range from the smallest pore size to the largest made MCP. We now offer an exclusive low-noise glass option on any standard MCP for use in space applications and other negligible events. (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Channeltrons - Channel Electron Multipliers

PHOTONIS is the world's largest supplier of standard, retrofit and custom detectors for mass spectrometry. Our advanced detector designs consistently provide the highest sensitivity through superior signal collection and noise reduction. PHOTONIS electron multipliers also offer the highest dynamic range to assure an absolutely linear response beyond the limits of most analytical instrume... (read more)

PHOTONIS Technologies SAS - Electron Generator Arrays

PHOTONIS' patented ELECTROGEN™ Electron Generator Arrays (EGAs) consist of millions of precision glass tubes fused together to produce a uniform and mechanically rigid structure. They are processed such that, when a voltage is applied across the thickness, each pore produces a beam of electrons. (read more)