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PREMA Semiconductor GmbH

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH has promoted these products/services:

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - Analog ASICs Copy-Protected by Process

ASICs embed and protect the know-how of the system design. PREMA offers monolithic integration for analog and mixed-signal systems. The unique features of PREMA's processes, not available in other lines, makes it nearly impossible to copy your circuit: copy protection by process. (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - 0.9V- Boost Driver for White LEDs PR4401/4402

PR4401 andPR4402 are LED boost converters in a tinySOT23 package that drive white LEDs from a single battery cell. Output currents of 20mA (PR 4401) and40mA (PR 4402) can be achieved. The only other component needed is an inductor. A cleverly devised control circuit produces a constant output current. Maximum performance at minimum space and cost is the goal of this smart IC.

The... (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - 40V Buck converter for Power LED's - PR4101

PR4101 is a buckdriver for up to 40V input voltage. Its versatility and its dimming input make it ideal for halogen lamp replacement and general lighting. PR4101 is offered in SO-08 and SO-14 package, as well as a smaller variant in a tiny SOT23-5L package. Versatility and high power are key features of these LED drivers, which can also be used as proven standard cells in an ASIC project. (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - Ambient Light Sensor

PR5001 is a dual-element Si photodiode molded into a very small plastic leadless optical package. The photo diodes offer a good symmetry,low dark current and high sensitivity. The spectral sensitivity starts at 400nm and ranges to the near infrared at 1050nm.

An ambient light sensor for automotive applications has been realised in the same package. A monolithically integrated ampl... (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - PR2202 80V-High Voltage Operational Amplifier

The high voltage operational amplifier PR2202 works for supply voltages of up to 80V single supply or up to ±40V and a maximum output current of ±6mA. The temperature increase of the component remains small in spite of the high voltages due to the low quiescent current of only 500µA. (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - 80V-High Voltage Op Amp PR2201

The new PREMA high voltage operational amplifier PR2201 for supply voltages of up to 80V single supply or up to ±40V with a maximum output current of ±6mA is now available. (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - 1V Boost Driver for Power LEDs

The new PR4404 is a LED driver providing more than 150mA out of one battery cell and up to 300mA from two batteries for one to three power LEDs. (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - Si Dual Photo Diode

A dual photo diode for the near infrared range with minimum footprint. An active area of two times 0.75mmx1.2mm is packaged in a small clear DFN package with a size of only 1.8mmx2.9mm. (read more)