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PREMA Semiconductor GmbH

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PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - PR5201 Encoder

Standand Versions:

PR5201-TM low-cost solution for -40 to +85°C (NEW!)
PR5201-OC for -40 to +125°C (NEW!) (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - Sensor Solutions for Optical Encoders

PREMA PR5101 and PR5201 Photosensor ICs for Optical Quadrature Encoders can be used in a wide range of encoders. They excel with quick assembly, high resolutions without interpolation, an innovative method to produce a sharp Z (index) pulse, and high performance of photocurrent amplifiers allowing a low LED current. (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - PR2202 80V-High Voltage Operational Amplifier

The high voltage operational amplifier PR2202 works for supply voltages of up to 80V single supply or up to ±40V and a maximum output current of ±6mA. The temperature increase of the component remains small in spite of the high voltages due to the low quiescent current of only 500µA. (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - PR5001 Dual Photodiode w/Max Spectral Sensitivity

PREMA Semiconductor's Dual Photodiode PR5001 is a dual-element Si photodiode moulded into a small plastic leadless optical package. The photodiodes offer a very good symmetry, low dark current and high sensitivity. (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - Si Dual Photo Diode

A dual photo diode for the near infrared range with minimum footprint. An active area of two times 0.75mmx1.2mm is packaged in a small clear DFN package with a size of only 1.8mmx2.9mm. (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - 40V Buck converter for Power LED's - PR4101

PR4101 is a buckdriver for up to 40V input voltage. Its versatility and its dimming input make it ideal for halogen lamp replacement and general lighting. PR4101 is offered in SO-08 and SO-14 package, as well as a smaller variant in a tiny SOT23-5L package. Versatility and high power are key features of these LED drivers, which can also be used as proven standard cells in an ASIC project. (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - 0.9V- Boost Driver for White LEDs PR4401/4402

PR4401 andPR4402 are LED boost converters in a tinySOT23 package that drive white LEDs from a single battery cell. Output currents of 20mA (PR 4401) and40mA (PR 4402) can be achieved. The only other component needed is an inductor. A cleverly devised control circuit produces a constant output current. Maximum performance at minimum space and cost is the goal of this smart IC.

The... (read more)

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH - PR4403 LED Driver for Solar Lamps

PR4403 drives and controls white LEDs out of one single battery charged by solar cells. (read more)