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Pavco, Inc. - Helping Platers meet environmental requirements

Waste water from metal finishing, plating & coating facilities needs to be carefully managed to meet EPA guidelines. PAVCO understands the challenges and offers a complete line of technologies designed to meet the most stringent waste treatment requirements. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Making Metal Finishing Simpler

Plating, coating and finishing facilities face challenges in meeting numerous requirements of safety, enviromental and material standards every day. PAVCO focuses on supporting metal finishers with compliant chemistry, proven materials, technical resources and a industry leading R & D facility. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - ZCL K3 Ammonia Free Zinc

ZCL K3™ consist of two components, ZCL K3™ Starter and BRT II™. PAVCO® 's ZCL K3™ process will produce a mirror bright ductile zinc deposit which is easily chromated. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Diamante: Low metal zinc-plating process

Diamante is the zinc plating industry's only proven low metal zinc-plating process based on potassium hydroxide. The plating efficiency, leveling characteristics, deposit brilliance, and chromate receptivity are superior to conventional alkaline zinc processes. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - SmartZinc Acid Zinc from Pavco

Pavco introduces SmartZinc™, the most dramatic advancement in chloride zinc plating technology in over two decades............. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - PavCoTing Decorative Chrome Replacement

PavCoTing™ is a replacement for chrome plating baths without any of the inconveniences that are common in chrome baths. When plated over nickel the tin cobalt alloy appears like a decorative chrome finish, offers corrosion resistance comparable to standard decorative chrome............... (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Hex-A-Gone Trivalent Decorative Chrome

Hex-A-Gone™ is a decorative trivalent chrome plating bath that grants a finish that is comparable to a hexavalent chromium plate while offering numerous advantages........ (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - HyProTri Yellow Chromate

HyProTri™ Yellow is a two component, single dip trivalent yellow chromate that when used in conjunction with HyProTri™ provides a deep brass like finish with 60 hours of white salt corrosion protection. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - CleanCoat Antimicrobial Protection

CleanCoatTM antimicrobial technology from Pavco, Inc. inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew on products. Achieved through electrodeposition, CleanCoat becomes an inherent part of the metal coating itself. The secure deposit delivers simplicity and peace of mind to both the manufacturer and user of the finished product............. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Compliant Chemistries for Electroplated Coatings

The PAVCO® Compliant Chemistry division markets and manages one of the industries most comprehensive and prominent lines of technologies meant to meet the ever-increasing list of compliant chemistry directives for electroplated coatings. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Acid Zinc/Nickel Plating Process - NiClipse-C™

NiClipse-C™ is an acid zinc/nickel plating process that offers exceptional corrosion resistance, along with bright deposits, exceptional distribution and covering power. With low stress and high ductility, this process is suitable for either rack or barrel plating and easily accept clear, yellow or black HyPro™ passivates or other conversion coatings. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Hex-A-Gone: The Ultimate Hex Chrome Replacement

Hex-A-Gone is a decorative trivalent chrome plating bath that grants a finish that is comparable to a hexavalent chromium plate while offering numerous advantages. These include being highly forgiving of high metallic impurities, greatly reducing waste treatment requirements and generating large energy savings... (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Alkaline, non-cyanide, zinc brightener system

The Legacy process is a dual additive, alkaline, non-cyanide, zinc brightener system that stands head and shoulders above all others. It is a thoroughly tested, stable, field proven plating system suitable for either rack or barrel operations. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - TrueBlue 48 Chromate Conversion Coating

TrueBlue 48 is a blue bright chromate conversion coating that eliminates hexavalent chromium from the end product.

It was developed to meet the needs of......... (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Alkaline Zinc Nickel System - Ziniloy 3028™

Pavco is pleased to offer the most productive, simple to operate alkaline zinc nickel system on the market. Ziniloy 3028™ is industry proven technology offering numerous advantages, which include:.............. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Pavco to exhibit at SUR / FIN 2014 June 9-11

Pavco, Inc will be exhibiting at SUR/FIN 2014 in Cleveland, OH June 9th through the 11th. Please stop by and see us at booth # 529. We will be promoting our ever-expanding compliant chemistry offerings along with our decorative tri-chrome alternative to meet the impending EU legislation (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - New Technology Pilot Center fully operational

Under design and construction since mid 2012, Pavco is pleased to announce that our Technology Pilot Center is now fully operational in Charlotte, NC to further assist ongoing research, sales and service efforts.

Consisting of over 40 process tanks and designed for maximum pre and post plate flexibility, a diverse offering of finishing processes include zinc, nickel, chrome, antim... (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Ziniloy 3028™ Alkaline Zinc Nickel

Pavco is pleased to offer the most productive, simple to operate alkaline zinc nickel system on the market. Ziniloy 3028™ is industry proven technology offering numerous advantages, which include:......... (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Further Auto OEM Specification Approvals For Pavco

Pavco Inc. of Charlotte, NC is pleased to announce the approval of numerous HyProTM Compliant Chemistry technologies for use on zinc plated, passivated fasteners for the Chrysler Group............. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Advanced Alkaline & Chloride Alloy Alternatives

Alkaline based Ziniloy 3028™ and Ziniloy HD™ along with chloride based NiClipse-C™ offer unprecedented alloy characteristics............. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - NH4 Acid Chloride ZInc

Pavco's® NH4™ is a two component, water-soluble, ammonia zinc plating system suitable for either rack or barrel plating operations. It is a superior acid zinc plating process that produces a lustrous zinc metal deposit on all steel substrates. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Hex-A-Gone 1020™ Trivalent Decorative Chrome

Formulated from the same technology platform as Hex-A-Gone™, Hex-A-Gone 1020™ offers higher bath efficiencies that result in plating rates of 3 microinches per minute or 0.08 microns/minute along with throwing power that delivers thicknesses exceeding 20 microinches. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Non-Cyanide Zinc Technology

Pavco's Merlin™ process is a dual additive, alkaline non-cyanide, zinc brightener system that offers high efficiency and unmatched productivity with a unique plating range and leveling characteristics when compared to competitive systems. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - Ziniloy HD™ Alkaline Zinc Nickel

Pavco’s® Ziniloy HD™ delivers the most ductile zinc nickel deposit available. Meeting the demands of industries that undergo post-plate fabrication, Ziniloy HD™ achieves this without degradation of the deposit. Combined with numerous operating advantages, Ziniloy HD™ is the preferred alloy process for post-plate fabrication. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - HyProBlack™ 3000

Pavco's new HyProBlack™ 3000 extends bath life and delivers unmatched appearance when used over alkaline zinc compared to standard tri-black alternatives. (read more)

Pavco, Inc. - HyProTec 1010 Automotive Chromate

A high performance compliant chemistry trivalent passivate that exceeds current automotive directives...... (read more)