Phenom-World BV - Phenom-World desktop SEM G2 pro
  • Desktop SEM G2 pro ffrom Phenom-World BV

Phenom G2 pro desktop SEM enables state-of-the-art high-quality imaging with a minimum of user maintenance intervention and is therefore one of the most advanced imaging models in the Phenom pro series. (read more)

Phenom-World BV - Motorized Tilt and Rotation Sample Holder - NEW

New Motorized Tilt and Rotation Sample Holder From Phenom-World BV

Revealing the hidden treasures of all features on your sample is now possible with the Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder from Phenom World (read more)

Phenom-World BV - All-In-One Desktop SEM with Elemental Mapping

Phenom proX all-in-one desktop SEM

  • Spot Analysis & Elemental Mapping
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Fully integrated system
(read more)
Phenom-World BV - Elemental X-ray Mapping enhanced with Line Scan

The Phenom proX desktop SEM delivers more detailed information in an even faster way. The leading supplier of desktop scanning electron microscopes extends its integrated Element Identification software package with a comprehensive Elemental Mapping and Line Scan option. (read more)

Phenom-World BV - Analyze micro fibers with Phenom Fibermetric

In combination with the Phenom™ G2 pro desktop scanning electron microscope, the Fibermetric application allows you to produce accurate size information from micro and nano fiber samples. It is possible to measure and analyze complicated fiber structures, ranging from spunbond and electrospun fibers to the melt blown type fibers. (read more)

Phenom-World BV - Desktop Scanning Microscope Advanced App. System

The Phenom Pro Suite is developed to enable Phenom users to extract maximum information from images made with the Phenom desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM). Itextends the capabilities of the Phenom, a high-resolution imaging tool, providing solutions to specific application needs. (read more)

Phenom-World BV - Desktop/tabletop SEM: Phenom G2 pure

The Phenom G2 pure desktop (tabletop) scanning electron microscope (SEM) is the ideal tool for making the transition from working with a light microscope to operating an electron microscope. The Phenom G2 pure is equipped with the basic fundamentals for meeting imaging needs.

The Phenom G2 pure provides high-quality images while using basic features, and offers the market's fastes... (read more)

Phenom-World BV - Temperature Controlled Sample Holder

Phenom-World has developed, together with its preferred development partner Deben, a Temperature Controlled Sample Holder to study vacuum-sensitive and vulnerable samples. The Temperature Controlled Sample Holder is able to control the temperature by cooling or heating the sample and therefore influence the humidity around it. (read more)