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Portescap has promoted these products:

Portescap - High Speed Disc Magnet Step Motor

Portescap Disc Magnet mini motors provide exceptional dynamic performance unparalleled by any other small diameter stepper in the market. The unique thin disc magnet enables finer step resolutions in a given envelope, significantly higher acceleration and greater top speed than conventional steppers. (read more)

Portescap - Digital Linear Actuators for Medical Diagnostic

Portescap's extensive line of Digital Linear Actuators are ideal for Medical and Clinical Diagnostics applications based on the fast, powerful and precise positioning they provide. (read more)

Portescap - Brush DC High Performance Micro Motor

Portescap 35GLT RoHS-compliant motors have a 35mm housing and weigh just 360 grams, while delivering a 40% increase in torque-to-volume ratio when compared with standard iron core motors of similar frame size. (read more)

Portescap - Ultra EC Brushless DC Micro Motor

The Ultra EC platform offers 3 families of motors to help you address a wide range of requirements, whether it be traditional BLDC features, very high torque or very high speed. The patented U coil provides outstanding performance, including minimal iron losses, better efficiency and cooler operation. (read more)

Portescap - Portescap MotionCompass™ Motor Selection Tool

Portescap MotionCompass™ provides engineering expertise 24 hours a day

Portescap is pleased to announce a new motor selection tool, MotionCompass™ – a web-based application that facilitates choosing a motor based on your application needs. (read more)

Portescap - Micromotors for Diagnostic Analyzers

Advances in micro-fluidics and increasing demand for improved patient care are driving the design of clinical analyzers and assay preparation equipment to increase throughput while maintaining exceptional reliability. (read more)

Portescap - M Sense B Magnetic Encoder..

M Sense B Magnetic Encoder

Designed for applications requiring high accuracy and feedback positioning.

  • Accuracy up to 1.5 degrees
  • Integrated 422 line driver
  • Resolution up to 1024 lines
  • Axial and radial cable output
(read more)
Portescap - High Torque Disc Magnet Stepper Motor

Portescap introduces our P760 series disc magnet motor , which outperforms standard Brushless DC motors in various applications. The unique thin disc magnet motor has been optimized to deliver high torque and acceleration up to 5,000 rpm. (read more)

Portescap - M Sense B Magnetic Encoder

The M Sense B features high accuracy up to 1.5 degrees for more accurate application control, reducing the risk of mechanical error. The integrated line driver reduces the need for an additional customer-end driver by providing long communication lines handled directly between encoder and the driver. (read more)

Portescap - Athlonix Precious Metal Brush DCP Motors

Looking for a high power density, yet cost-effective Bush DC micro motor ?

Athlonix 22DCP motors can provide excellent speed-to-torque performance without breaking the bank.

  • Energy efficient coreless design
  • Optimized self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit
  • Maximum continuous torque up to 6.5 mNm
(read more)
Portescap - Brushless DC Slotted Micro Motors

Portescap's Brushless DC slotted motors are uniquely designed to meet the requirements of sterile and other demanding environments, from surgical tools to aerospace and defense applications. Portescap BLDC slotted motors provide smooth, highly efficient and quiet operation, with no load speeds ranging from 47,000 rpm to 100,000 rpm. (read more)

Portescap - Athlonix High Power Density Brush DC Motors

Athlonix High Power Density Brush DC Motors
More Endurance. High Power Density. Price-to-performance optimized. (read more)

Portescap - Ultra EC Brushless DC Slotless Motors

Ultra ECBrushless DC Slotless Micro Motors provide Ultra high speed, torque and performance. (read more)