Powell Electronics, Inc. - LEMO - USB Connector for Harsh Environment

USB Connector for Harsh Environment

LEMO has added a Rugged Waterproof USB Type A Connector (IP68 when mated) to its family of lightweight ratchet-coupling compact connectors. This particular connector has been designed for outdoor use including oil/petroleum, automotive, mining, military, marine or any type of application that requires rugged and reliable connections. The... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Fortis Zd High-Speed Backplane Connector

Fortis Zd Next-Gen Backplane Connector

Tyco Electronics, introduces the future of backplane connectors with the advanced FORTIS ZD high-speed backplane connector, designed for military and commercial aerospace applications.

As demands on systems for real-time intelligence intensifies, the importance of high performance interconnection becomes critical. Tyco Electroni... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - TE Connectivity Quadrax D-Sub Connector

Quadrax D-Sub Connector

Product Features:

Rugged metal shell construction

Calbe-to-cable and cable-to-board configurations

4 Quadrax connections in a size 3 shell - .5" x 2.0" window

Proven Quadrax design - easy to assemble

Gigabit ethernet speeds with superior shielding performance


... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - TE Connectivity - CII Relays

CII Relays

CII high performance signal level and mid-range Relays are designed to perform in a wide range of extreme environments in aerospace, military electronics and commercial applications.

The line includes:

Electromechanical models ranging from microwave-switching TO-5 types to multipole, 25 amp models.

Solid state Relays including v... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Raychem Spin Lock Variable Angle Backshell

The Raychem spin lock variable angle backshell enables straight, 45° and 90° cable terminations with the same part. The connector backshell swiveling body rotates around the axis of the cable bundle and locks in position, minimizing stress on the wire bundle and providing more robust strain relief than other termination systems.

Key Features:

Var... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - TE Connectivity - CeeLok FAS-T Connectors

CeeLok FAS-T Connector

TE's CeeLok FAS-T connector is the most rugged, small form factor, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, field terminable I/O connector in the Aerospace, Defense and Marine marketplace. It has been designed to perform in some of the most extreme environments in the industry, while providing substantial size and weight savings via its small shell size 8 form factor.... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - ITW Switches Series 22 Snap Action Switches


This rugged double-pole double-break Butterfly® mechanism switch can be configured for Form XX, Form YY or Form ZZ switching. This unique design is ideal for your toughest applications where reliability is a must.

Key Features:

Gold or silver contacts

Variety... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Honeywell HumidIcon Digital Humidity Sensors

Humidicon™ Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors

Honeywell HumidIcon™ Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors, HIH-6130/6131 Series, are digital output-type relative humidity (RH) and temperature sensors combined in the same package. (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Honeywell Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensors

Honeywell Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensors

The new RTY Series Hall-effect Rotary Position Sensors provide angle monitoring in harsh transportation and industrial applications at a competitive cost. These new devices provide a cost effective rotary position sensor solution with a variety of options (e.g., sensing range, pinout, voltage) that allow customers to cho... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Honeywell Limitless Wireless Operator Interface

Limitless™ Wireless Operator Interface - WOI Series

The Limitless™ product line extends to include wireless operator interface. With both momentary and maintained contacts, the wireless operator interface (WOI) can be used to provide indication via a pushbutton or another user-chosen operator type (i.e. 22 mm rotary switch, 22 mm key switch, etc.). The WOI Series adds... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Honeywell - NBP Series Pressure Sensors

Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors NBP Series - Uncompensated/Unamplified

These unamplified and uncompensated sensors offer infinite resolution of the pressure signal. They will operate as specified from -40 °C to 125 °C [-40 °F to 257 °F].

The NBP Series is ideal for those customers who want to do their own compensation, calibration, and amplificatio... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Honeywell - HPS Series Pressure Switch

High Pressure Premium - HPS Series

The Honeywell Pressure Switches, High Pressure Premium, HPS Series is a portfolio of durable, reliable electromechanical gauge pressure on/off switches that are available with either single pole single throw (SPST) normally open or normally closed circuitry, or single pole double throw (SPDT) circuitry. The HPS Series' IP67 environmental se... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Glenair Mil-QPL and Commercial Hermetic Connectors

Mil-Aero Cylindrical Hermetic Connectors

Various styles of standard and high-density cylindrical connectors are manufactured using glass seal hermetic technology. These hermetic connectors are ideally suited for high-pressure/low leakage applications in air, sea and space environments. Glenair is on the Qualified Product List (QPL) for all families of MILDTL- 38... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Glenair Series 500 Micro-D Backshells

Micro-D Backshells and Accessories

Glenair's comprehensive Micro-D backshell and accessory offerings include mounting hardware, EMI banding shells, switching shells, potting shells, protective covers and connector savers.

Glenair Series 500 Backshells provide total enclosure of mated plug and receptacle connectors for optimum electromagnetic interference (EMI Shieldin... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Glenair StarShield Backshell

The Glenair Series 470-013 StarShield "Zero Length" Individual Shield Termination Backshell offers optimal grounding of EMI/EMP braided shielding. The unique StarShield configuration completely eliminates "standing antenna" problems common with pigtail shield termination systems.

The backshell utilizes familiar solder sleeve technology for fast and reliable termination of shieldin... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Glenair Micro-D Connector

Benefits of the High Reliability Glenair Micro-D Connector

Proven reliability under tough operating conditions

For applications where interconnect failure is simply not an option, the Glenair high-reliability Micro-D offers a wealth of performance benefits which far outweigh any potential cost savings realized by specifying a lesser caliber connector. If downt... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Glenair Series 80 Mighty Mouse Connectors

Series 80 Mighty Mouse Connectors & Cables

The Series 80 Connector was originally developed as a smaller and lighter alternative to D38999 connectors for aerospace applications such as Attack Helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Today, the Series 80 "Mighty Mouse" serves in thousands of safety-critical defense, medical, industrial and geo-physical applications. (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - AirBorn Rectangular RC Stackable Connectors

RC Stackable connectors break the normal convention of plug and receptacle mated sets. Instead, a single RC connector acts as both a plug and receptacle connector with a round pin "plug" contact at one end, a female socket "receptacle" contact at the other end and a solderless, compliant printed wiring boards (PWB) termination in the middle.

In addition, insulated wire connectors... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - AirBorn Micro-D High Speed Connectors

Micro-D High-Speed Connectors

AirBorn introduces a Micro-D, multi-gigabit high speed connector, designed to meet the performance requirements of MIL-DTL-83513, where applicable. This connector system is designed to handle high speed, LVDS serial bus signals like IEEE 1394, Ethernet, serial rapid IO, etc., for rugged, high reliability applications. The versatile product rang... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - AirBorn verSI Connectors

AirBorn verSI Product Line

The AirBorn verSI (verSI = Versatile connectors with high speed Signal Integrity) open pin field product line is designed to meet the requirements for high speed / signal integrity applications while still delivering the reliability customers have come to expect from AirBorn. The AirBorn verSI product family delivers flexibility in design by offe... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - AirBorn W-Series Connectors 72 Hour Delivery!

Powell carries all the AirBorn W-Series connectors.
Now Available with 3 Day Express Delivery!

W-Series Connectors
MIL-55302 Performance Qualified

W-Series is the benchmark against which so many others are measured. The W-Series products are internationally accepted and approved to MIL-DTL-55302 standard. The size of this product ranges from... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - 3M Wiremount Socket

These sockets are most useful where high contact retention and quick and easy connections/disconnections are required. Single or dual row versions are available in a variety of contact plating options and many are side-to-side stackable. The mini socket doubles signal density with .50 inch closed space contact. Wiremount sockets are available in mini, 2 mm and standard sizes. (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - 3M Twin Axial Ribbon Cable, SL8800 Series

Your system should be built around performance, not around your cables.

The 3M Internal Twin Axial Ribbon Cable SL8800 Series is a new ultra low-profile, high-speed, high signal density cable. The products in the SL8800 Series are only the first of a new family of high-performance cables from 3M. (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - 3M - Thermal Roll Printer TRP-303

The 3M Thermal Roll Printer TRP-303 is specifically designed to print on continuous reels of heat shrink wire markers. The durable double-walled clam shell is coupled with a compact size to ensure the printer can be utilized in congested, industrial workspaces. The Thermal Roll Printer TRP-303 can be purchased with a full cutter or a partial cutter (which can maintain the order of sequen... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - 3M Mini Serial Attached SCSI Cable Assemblies

3M Adds Mini Serial Attached SCSI (miniSAS) Cable Assemblies to its Leading-Edge Twin Axial Cable Platform

The flat, foldable and pliable design of the 8F36 Series high performance cable assemblies utilizes 3M's ultra-low-profile, high speed, high signal density Twin Axial Ribbon Cable SL8800 Series, making this new assembly from 3M less than half the thickness of conventi... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - 3M Mini-Clamp Connectors

3M Mini-Clamp Connectors are designed to provide connection reliability and cost performance in I/O applications commonly found in a wide range of sensor control systems, including Factory Automation and Industrial Controls.

3M Mini-Clamp products use the advantage of 3M's IDC technology which does not require any special tooling or pre-treatment of cables, and can be termi... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - 3M Industrial M12 Wiremount Connectors

Industrial M12 Wiremount Connectors are an expansion of 3M's extensive factory automation connector portfolio and are ideal for many different applications. The M12 Wiremount Connector's robust and reliable design makes them ideal for factory automation and other harsh environments. These connectors are IP68 rated and are designed to provide EMI protection in compliance with... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - 3M High Flex Life Cable

This Series represents a new multi-million flex cycle addition to 3M's industry-leading line of halogen free ribbon cables. The HF319 series combines 3M's proven high flex life conductor with their halogen free polyolefin (PO) dielectric to bring a high flex life cable construction to the halogen free market space for the first time. (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - 3M Active Optical Cable (AOC) Assemblies

QSFP+ and CX4 Applications - Low Power, Low Cost, High-Performance

Using industry leading VCSEL technology and an advanced new light-engine design, the 3M Active Optical Cable (AOC) Assembly provides excellent cost/performance value. (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol "Split-Pair" Quadrax Contacts

New "Split-Pair" Quadrax Contacts and Cable Assemblies
for MIL-DTL-28999, Series III Cylindricals

Amphenol Aerospace offers the high performance interconnect solution for CAT6A type cable.

Product Features:

Overall higher bandwidth than standard CAT5E quadrax

Enhanced crosstalk performance (compared to standard quadrax) d... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol Aerospace MT38999 Connectors

MT38999 Connectors for Use with Fiber Optic Ribbon Cable

Features and Benefits:

High fiber density in a relatively small circular connector package with all the advantages of the MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connector

Up to 24 fiber channels in a size 11 shell

Up to 96 fiber channels in a size 21 shell

Compat... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol Aerospace EMI/EMP Protection

For EMI/EMP Protection Look to the leader

Amphenol® EMI/EMP Protection Connectors have been designed in and manufactured for over 45 years. Our EMI/EMP protection connectors offer the versatility of our standard connectors with EMI/EMP protection to suit the demands of your application.

Advantages of Filter Connectors

Reduction in... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol Industrial - Max-M12

Cylindrical, Metal, Threaded Coupling, Harsh Environment, High Speed Signal Connector

Amphenol Industrial Operations introduces our ruggedized M12 high speed data connector, the Max-M12. High speed data transmission connection systems have traditionally been implemented into commercial applications with little regard to high vibration, high temperature and overall h... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol Aerospace High Vibration Dualok Connector

High Vibration Dualok Connector
38999 Series III Type Connector for High Vibration

The Dualok* represents the latest in high performance connector designs from Amphenol. Featuring a newly developed locking mechanism, the Dualok plug ensures rock-solid coupling and metal-to-metal bottoming in the most severe vibration environments.

Dualok features an... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol Aerospace - Oval Contact System

OCS (Oval Contact System) Connectors

The OCS* (Oval Contact System) is the newest 38999 Interconnect Product offering that provides many advantages for high speed data transmission.


High Density: contains (4) 100 Ohm differential pairs capable of delivering data transfer of speeds of 10Gbps per pair

Size 13 MIL-DTL-38999 connec... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Space-Grade Connectors with Vacuum Degassing

Amphenol D38999 G Class Series III Connectors with Vacuum Degassing

What is Vacuum Degassing?

Degassing (or gas-off) is required of connectors and other components in space applications. As the name implies, the connectors must go through a vacuum outgassing procedure to remove harmful materials, per rigorous NASA or military specifications.

... (read more)

Powell Electronics, Inc. - Amphenol Aerospace - Fiber Optics in MIL-DTL-38999

Fiber Optic Interconnects

Amphenol Aerospace offers a wide range of fiber optic interconnect solutions for use in the harsh environments found in military and aerospace applications. Amphenol Aerospace has established the rugged and reliable MIL-DTL-38999 as a common connector shell platform that houses a wide variety of fiber optic termini including MIL-PRF-29504 commercial equiv... (read more)