Power Technology, Inc. - HeCd Laser alternative at 442nm

This unit draws on the experience KLASTECH, a Power Technology company, have of designing compact, highly stable DPSS lasers and utilizes the KLASTECH proprietary designs to deliver up 100mW of power. Naturally the laser is low noise, conductively cooled and inherently produces single frequency performance (<1MHz line width). (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - IQ High Power Laser Module at 405nm 250mW for OEMs

Power Technology is now offering a new IQ (Instrument Quality) Violet laser diode module with 250mW of output power at 405nm. This first of its kind laser is a significant improvement in single mode output power. The new Higher-Power Violet laser diode module is designed to further meet our customer's high-end OEM Analytical and General Scientific laser application needs. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - More Powerful PM Series 635nm Laser Modules

More powerful PM industrial-grade laser modules designed for standard or rugged OEM environments demanding durability and high output power. The versatile PM features a wavelength of 635nm, output power from 0.1 to 100mW and diode compatibility designed to further meet a variety of customer's OEM laser application needs including surveying, leveling, alignment, positioning and bar code r... (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - Green PNF Laser Module for Machine Vision

Power Technology, Inc. (PTI), a premier laser manufacturer and leader in the Photonics Industry for over 40 years, now offers a new Green wavelength version of the successful PNF Series laser module for Machine Vision applications. This new offering further increases the available choices of structured light lasers designed for high-speed industrial applications. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - New Blue Laser Wavelengths and Power Levels

Power Technology, Inc. (PTI), offers new blue laser diode wavelengths and power levels including: 375nm 200mW, 395nm 120mW, 415nm 120mW, 420nm 120mW and 460nm 100mW. These new blue lasers deliver superior optical quality and ultra-stable wavelengths and output powers.The new laser diodes can be installed in a wide assortment of PTI modules for high-end OEM applicat... (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - 515nm 40mW IQ Green Laser Diode Module

The Instrument Quality
(IQ) Series for green wavelengths
uses a Green Diode Laser instead
of a traditional Diode Pumped Solid
State(DPSS) configuration. This
makes the laser have low
noise characteristics compared to
DPSS lasers. The laser module addresses
the needs of high-end OEM applications
requiring sup... (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - PNF Laser Module for 3D MACHINE VISION

Power Technology offers structured light lasers specifically designed for Machine Vision applications including 3D Profiling & Imaging, High Speed Road & Rail Inspection, Dimensional Scanning, Web Instruction, Fluorescence and Illumination. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - Green Laser Diodes for Military & Gun Sights

Power Technology, Inc. offers Green Laser Diode modules for weapons sight applications. The 517nm 5mW Green Laser Diode modules offer unmatched brightness compared to other diode laser products. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - 635 to 1064nm 150mW to 8W Machine Vision Laser

The MK Series laser module is designed specifically for Machine Vision applications.The MK is capable of output powers from 150mW to 8W with a wavelength range between 635nm and 1064nm. The MK Series laser module features an extremely rugged industrial design and precision cooling methods to keep the laser diode at a constant temperature. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - High Power Violet Laser Module 405nm 600mW

Power Technology, Inc. offers their highest power violet laser modules to date. The microprocessor controlled Instrument Quality (IQµ) module emits 600mW of violet output at 405 ± 5nm. This unique development in laser diode technology represents a significant increase in power over the company's popular 200mW & 400mW versions. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - 760nm & 763nm Fiber Coupled DFB Laser Module

Power Technology introduces a Fiber Coupled DFB IQ (Instrument Quality) laser diode module. At 760nm or 763nm, the IQµ4x(76x-5) emits 5mW of output power with a spectral width of only 2MHz. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - IR Viewers - Spectral Responses from 270 to 2000nm

The IRV1 and IRV2 are competitively-priced viewers suitable for a variety of applications requiring the observation of light emitted by infrared sources. Such applications include telecommunications, photo processing, thermal imaging, laser beam alignment, fluorescence, optical fiber alignment, semiconductor inspection, and forensics. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - Single mode, DFB, DBR, and broad area laser diodes

Power Technology, Inc. offers a variety of specialized tapered amplified diodes with wavelengths from 730 to 1120nm and output powers from 10mW to 7W. The company's new single mode, DFB, DBR, and broad area laser diodes are designed to meet the unique demands of an individual user's application. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - Circular 405nm 85mW violet laser diode module

Power Technology, Inc.'s IQ laser diode module yields 50mW of circularized violet output at 405 ± 10nm. The Instrument Quality unit incorporates highly advanced beam shaping to achieve unmatched beam quality and circularity. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - 473nm 16mW blue IQ laser diode module

Power Technology's 16mW IQ presents an efficient, lower noise alternative to 473nm Nd:YAG lasers, the blue Instrument Quality module features a precision current source and a PID temperature control loop. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - 405nm 100mW violet IQ laser diode module

Power Technology, Inc. offers a 405nm laser well suited for OEM applications. The temperature controlled Instrument Quality (IQ) module emits 100mW of violet output at 405 ± 10nm. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - Fiber-coupled IQ4 Laser Diode Module

For high-end OEM applications requiring ultra-stable wavelengths and output powers, Power Technology, Inc.'s fiber-coupled IQ4 laser diode module is the perfect solution. The IQ4 will accommodate most fiber coupled 14-pin butterfly, DIP, and DIL packages. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - ILC & IPC Series Pulsed Lasers

Power Technology, Inc.'s ILC and IPC pulsers offer peak pulse currents from 1 to 105A and pulse widths from 7 to 500ns. Available wavelengths include 850, 905, 1064, and 1550nm. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - Dual Beam Combiner - 2 lasers with co-linear beam

The dual beam combiner from Power Technology Inc. merges the output of two IQ (instrument quality) laser heads into a unique, co-linear beam. Beam combining is achieved by employing a polarizing beamsplitter in a reversed configuration. Two beams enter the beamsplitter and emerge as a single beam. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - IQ Series Laser Modules

Power Technology, Inc.'s IQ laser diode modules feature a precision current source and a PID temperature controller. They are available with CW, analog modulated, or TTL modulated output. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - SPM Separated Geometry Lasers

Instead of being encased in a single unit, the diode and lens of our SPM separated geometry lasers are housed together in their own head assembly, separate from the driver. This configuration provides flexible mounting in tight spaces and allows for a wide variety of laser head and driver combinations. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - L23 HeNe Laser Power Supplies

Power Technology, Inc.'s L23 units are industry standard DC input power supplies for HeNe lasers up to 15mW. Each L23 provides greater than 75% efficiency. Because of this exceptional efficiency level, additional heat sinking typically is not required. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - Ultra-compact PM & RS Laser Diode Modules

Power Technology, Inc.'s PM and RS laser diode modules are versatile, ultra-compact, and very reasonably priced. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - ML Series Pulsed Lasers

The ML family of pulsed laser modules offers peak output powers of up to 100W at 905nm. These units include the laser diode, focusing lens, and pulse drive electronics and require only a regulated DC input voltage and a TTL timing trigger to operate. ML series pulsers are ideal for applications requiring high peak pulse powers, such as rangefinding and lidar. (read more)

Power Technology, Inc. - IQµ - Microprocessor Controlled Module

The Power Technology IQµ (Instrument Quality) microprocessor controlled module offers precise control over crucial operating parameters by two methods: an on-board, menu driven, local control or a Windows compatible control and monitoring software via USB (Universal Serial Bus) or an RS-232 interface. The module is... (read more)