Powerstar Inc. - PS6000rm1u 1000W Shipboard Full Featured UPS

Powerstar since 1993 introduces 1.75" tallx26"deep PS6000rm1u 1.5KVA 1000W pure sine shipboard UPS with all the features /options you expect in a high quality device. 540Joule surge absorption. Internal fan cooling. Front panel displays I,V,W,VA, runtime, Alarm status. Plug in option cards: SNMP, Dry Contact closures. 120V or 230V. 30 minutes@ 325W. Energy Star® rated (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Cruise Ship Oil Rig Shipboard 3kva PS6003rm2uSMT

Shipboard Ready 120V or 230V 3kva 2700W output true sine UPS. For Spars & Cruise ships. Be safe from shock hazard, don't use land-based UPS onboard! Powerstar uses latest gen APC SMT electronics. >97% efficient. 2 Line TEXT readout panel shows V, I, % Batt Charge, Alarms in English. Immediate shutdown contact-EPO. Use our 10 year hi-temp batteries to lower your site visits. (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Shipboard UPS 1.55KVA MIL-S-901D-A PS6000isoA

Powerstar .A Navy standard from CAGE 0ZAP8, 1050 watts, 3u rack mount shipboard approved Barge Tested! -Delta power.Isolated. Passed MIL-S-901D grade A, , PS6000isoA=20 inch depth or 15 in. depth without iso, customizable (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Shallow space for an 18 inches ups! 3kva 2700 w

Powerstar has a solution-the 2+2. Shipboard marine power shallow depth The 3KVA 2 piece Smart UPS unit with its 18" shallow rack depth should solve your problem. (120 or 230v) 2700 watts output and the battery pack can be remoted wherever you have space left-even the next rack over.Now MIL901D-A Each piece of the 2+2 is 2ru tall. (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Shipboard UPS with the Worlds Lowest Cost......

Powerstar PS 502-550/650/750 Shipboard UPS with the worlds lowest cost delta power UPS battery backup. PS 502-550 $349. PS502-650, $379, PS502-750 $399 a Shipboard ready, UPS-delta power (protects hot and neutral) shipboard and affordable. Premium hi-temp battery with 8-10 year life.USB cable included for connecting your PC included. metal case option for rugged shipboard environment (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - PS3300LCS MILStd 1399,901,167 3KVA UPS,2700 w

Powerstar Inc. Shipboard UPS since 1993 the best. PS3300LCS-fully ruggedized 3KVA UPS with integrated Isolation transformer. the LCS-a Low Cost Solution. 3KVA Stainless Steel Smart UPS unit 3U X 23.46" D. Now rated at 2700W @.9PF output & has Input PFC. Tested toMil-S-901D-A, Mil-Std-167-1, Mil 1399-300A , dual pole 200g circuit breaker (read more)

Powerstar Inc. -  Shipboard mil 2000va,1800W True Online 2u

Powerstar since 1993. New 304 grade Stainless Steel version of the PS3200rm2u with a recessed area in back for 6 Power output connectors or mil connectors. Navy, Shipboard use. MIL-STD-1399 compliant. mil 461 version (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Shipboard 2.2KVA tower 901D grade A UPS Mil spec

Replacement for PS2201SS. New Gen Electronics & Cabinet.2.2KVA/1980W output tower shaped stainless steel case UPS- Hull mount and straps available. Fit, form Function compatible. New SS front panel maintains fit in existing mounting foundations.

  • NSN listed
  • Mil-Std-901D-A ,Mil-Std-167, Mil-1399
  • Military connectors available.
  • Premium 10 ye...
(read more)
Powerstar Inc. - RUGGED Shipboard UPS for Military PS 1503 1.5kva

The PS1503SS This RUGGED ,louvered stainless steel series of UPS products, is the leader with power capacity of 1550VA /1000W passed MIL-STD-901d Grade A, barge tested and approved, non-magnetic case, .02%low permeability, five models are shipping now SHIPBOARD OR SHORE, NAVSSI, FODMS, MCM,etc. with optional foundation (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - New Shipboard 3KVA -3u runtimes in a 2u package

Powerstar Inc since 1993: PS6003rm2uXL Shipboard UPS replacing the PS6003rm3uXL. Up to 98% efficient under full load.Similar runtimes to the previous 3u model. Be Safe, use a shipboard UPS at Sea. New LCD Display panel with Text readout of Status /Alarms. Tower or Rack mounting. 3 remotely controlled Switched Outlet Groups can be used to reboot "hung" equipment.Power... (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Shipboard PS6000rm2uSMT 1.5KVA with LCD

Specially wired for Shipboard use. Spars & Cruise ships. Be Safe- use a shipboard UPS at sea. Rack Mount 3.5" tall SMT version of the Line interactive UPS. 1000W true sine output. 97% efficient. Blue LCD text readout shows scrolling status and alarms. 18" deep (457mm) Add a Network card and use APC Powerchute software (supplied) to remotely monitor the UPS system. Upgrade to 1... (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - New eXtreme battery 2 yr. shelf /12 yr. service

eXtreme life battery packs available for Powerstar UPS. -40°to 80°C. Rugged shock resistant VRLA sealed cell has 2 year shelf life without needing refreshing charge. X series offers >12 year life @25°C. 2.5x a standard UPS battery. Can be retrofitted to PS1503, PS1504, PS2201, & PS6003rm5u. Available for new UPS too- e.g. PS150... (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Shipboard UPS Powerstar vs. APC

Performance power management for applications requiring shipboard power Powerstar 1-800-209-5556

Safely Launch Shipboard Electronics with Smart-UPS. The Naval Safety Center reports most commercial electric equipment is unsuitable for use in the Navy's ungrounded shipboard power system (Ref: COMNAVSAFECEN NORFOLK VA 280836FEB94). (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - PS1504 New Shipboard 1.5KVA tower mil 167,901

PS1504SS-NEW version of our PS1503. Same footprint (short tower) & power out (1000W) & runtime with new features. 2 line front panel display reads out Status/Alarms in Text mode. Also GREEN operating mode bypasses Auto Voltage Regulators when MAINS is within range which raises efficiency to 98%. Fully ruggedized & tested to MIL-STD901D-A (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Global input voltage UPS: GLUPS 110-240V

Powerstar Inc. since 1993. GLUPS can be added to many of our UPS. GLUPS allows 100-240VAC inputs to power your equipment while giving the user the protection of a UPS. GLUPS allows CONUS & OCONUS input voltages with a single output voltage. Used in Bosnia, Korea, Germany, Haiti and other Hot Spots to keep our military up to speed. We have both Manual and Automatic input voltag... (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Shipboard 3KVA 19

Powerstar model PS6003rm5u Rack mount 5u Tall only 19" Deep (shown with optional Battery cabinet) with lots of onboard battery . 2700Watt max output. Used onboard US Navy and USCG ships. 8.75" tall. Wired for Shipboard use- Delta Power. And like all Powerstar UPS, Long Life (8-10 year) High Temp +60°C batteries are available. 2 year warranty. 208V & European 230V mo... (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Low $ eXtreme duty - Outdoor Camera UPS /Runtime

The Powerstar eXtreme duty Outdoor PS502-550XeM NEMA 4 UPS /surge suppressor with Extended Runtimes. Huge High Quality Lead/Tin VRLA 12 year life battery. 550VA 330W 120VAC UPS; tested @150°F for 24 hours. Won't shut down from high temp. extremes. This UPS is specially built for Outdoor enclosure power apps e.g. power pole mounted surveillance cameras, WIFI link... (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Shipboard 2KVA Low Cost PS6002rm2uSMT

Shipboard ready 2.2KVA 1980W Line interactive UPS. Now with Blue Text LCD readout on front panel showing status/Alarms. 2 rack units tall 3.5"x 17"x27"d. True Sine output. >97% efficient. US 120V and international 230V available. Uses latest generation APC electronics. Powerchute software. Upgrade to our 10 year battery. (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - PS503-1000 900W Shipboard UPS Low Cost $olution

Powerstar Inc. made in USA since 1993 releases the short tower shaped PS503-1000 900W Shipboard UPS. $1299. Low Cost YES, but this is not a stripped down unit. It has all the features of its big brothers. True Online Double Conversion. True Sine output. Slot for SNMP Ethernet card. EPO. 6 outlets. A great Power Factor. Built to MIL-Std-1399 120v >.99input PF (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - â„¢Shallow Depth Shipboard 2kva Stainless PS3200SS

New 304 grade Stainless Steel version of the PS3200rm2u with a recessed area in back for 6 Power output connectors or mil connectors. Navy, Shipboard use. MIL-STD-1399 compliant. 19" deep, with optional mil connector upon request (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - PS6000rmi-1-A Rugged International 1.5KVA UPS

Powerstar Inc since 1993. The PS6000 is used in 1000's of locations aboard US Navy ships is now available as a 220-240V model for International use. Fully ruggedized and tested for Mil-S-901d-A MIL-STD-167 shock. 1000W output power. Mil Spec connectors. 304 grade stainless steel chassis. Conformal coated APC electronics. Remote Temperature Humidity sensing avail. Only 38cm deep x 3ru tall. (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Shipboard Ready 1.5KVA True Online UPS

New Model! Powerstar shipboard PS3153rm2u is a low cost 1.5KVa true online UPS that supports a full 1350Watt load. Large increase from previous models. Frequency converting if needed. This unit available in 2RU x 19.7"deep 120V or 230VAC International model. External port for additional battery packs. In use by US Navy. Made in US. Rugged versions available (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - UPS 6KVA, 4200 Watt, 3u 208v 120v outlets

Customizable 6kva 3u/5u 4200 watt 208/120 CD/Powerchute, 50 a dual pole shipboard breaker, mil connectors MS3102 ,Rack Mounting support rails opt. rails, Smart UPS signaling RS-232 cable, User Manual, optional input 5kva isolation transformer,hi-temp long life batteries.mil connector interface to rugged battery (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Shipboard Ready 2KVA UPS Online 1800 Watt Load

Powerstar Inc. Shipboard UPS since 1993

Powerstar PS3200rm2u is a 2kva true online UPS that supports a full 1800Watt load. This is a large increase from previous models. This unit available in both 2RU x 19.7"deep or get a 3RU x24"deep with a built in Isolation transformer PS3203rm3u-Iso. International models @230V also available. PS3200rm2ui (read more)

Powerstar Inc. - Shipboard UPS 3KVA 2U New Generation

Powerstar Inc. Shipboard UPS Since 1993

Powerstar PS3300rm2u is a New Generation 3kva true online UPS that supports a full 2700Watt load. This is a large increase from previous models. This unit available in both 2RU x 23.7"deep or get a 3RU x24"deep with a built in Isolation transformer PS3300rm3u-Iso. 208V & International models @230V also available (read more)