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Preferred Plastics, Inc.

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Preferred Plastics, Inc. - Why PVC For Your Next Extrusion?

From an extrusion standpoint, PVC’s processing nature allows for tighter tolerances, more intricate part cross-sections, increased stability when running hollow profiles, and in many cases increased production rates. (read more)

Preferred Plastics, Inc. - Plastic Extrusions in Automotive Applications

Preferred Plastics is an international supplier of custom extrusions and at the forefront of cutting edge plastic technology in material, design and application. Our product capabilities are unlimited in scope and purpose, serving our business partners in nearly every major industry across the globe. (read more)

Preferred Plastics, Inc. - Thermoplastic Extrusions in Construction

Preferred Plastics is an international supplier of custom thermoplastic extrusions for the construction industry. With 40 years of experience our business partners find our diverse knowledge to be an important contribution to their project's success. (read more)

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