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Presto Lifts, Inc. has promoted these products:

Presto Lifts, Inc. - High-Performance, Fully-Powered Stacker By PRESTO

SLEEK, STYLISH, ERGONOMIC WORK POSITIONERS - Long known as the leader in manual stackers, Presto Lifts Inc. introduces the availability of a new line of fully powered stackers. (read more)

Presto Lifts, Inc. - Presto Lifts - Always in Stock

The Presto AIS (Always In Stock) Program continues to be a key factor in our ability to take business away from competitors. New inventory systems and manufacturing processes ensure that our most popular products are Always In Stock and will ship in one week or less when you specify AIS on your purchase order. This will give you a real advantage over competitors who are quo... (read more)

Presto Lifts, Inc. - Hydraulic/Electromechanic Post Lift Tables

Whether you choose manual foot pump or electric lift, these tables are excellent transporters and work positioners. Smooth lifting and lowering is achieved by a central lifting cylinder. Manual units have a foot operated hydraulic pump with tip toe release. Battery powered units use an electromechanical screw drive powered by a 12 volt, 35 amp, gel cell, maintenance free battery. (read more)

Presto Lifts, Inc. - Hand Pallet Trucks

For a durable, economical hand pallet truck, nobody beats Presto. Our HPT Trucks are loaded with features that most more expensive models can't claim. (read more)


Presto Lifts announces the immediate availability of new DXL Series Compact Scissor Lifts. These high-performance, industrial-duty lifts feature a smaller footprint than standard lifts while offering a full 2,000 lbs. of lifting capacity. They are ideal for a wide variety of work positioning, assembly, repair and inspection applications in factories, warehouses, retail stores, and more. (read more)

Presto Lifts, Inc. - Powered Stacker Ideal for Tight Spaces

The versatile, fully powered PowerStak Counterbalance Stacker from Presto Lifts Inc. works with any style pallet or skid and is ideal for servicing racks, loading/unloading trucks, feeding machinery, and other applications where straddle legs could get in the way.

With a load capacity of 1100 pounds, a load center of 15", and a lift height of 62", the unit... (read more)

Presto Lifts, Inc. - Power Stak - Fully-Powered Stacker

The Presto PowerStak™ is a high-performance, fully-powered stacker providing instant flexibility and versatility. It's sleek, stylish design, low overall weight, and quiet operation allow the PowerStak to fit nicely into a wide variety of work environments... (read more)

Presto Lifts, Inc. - Lift Stik - The Most Versatile Lifter Transporter

The Lift Stik from Presto Lifts may be the most versatile lifter transporter ever built. Its innovative compact design distributes the load evenly over four oversized casters that roll easily over thresholds and uneven floors. The unit is compact, maneuverable and stylish enough for use in even the most upscale establishments. (read more)


For high-cycle applications Presto Lifts announces the "Super Cycle" option for many of their most popular lift tables. Normal lifts are typically designed for approximately 50,000 cycles between maintenance. The Super Cycle option extends this to 200,000 cycles. (read more)

Presto Lifts, Inc. - Skid Lifter is a Transporter/Work Positioner

Presto Lifts, Inc. announces the availability of a new skid lifter. Designed to pick up a load on a skid or open-bottom pallet, the Presto Skid Lifter can transport the load to a workplace and then raise it to a convenient working height. It is ideal for feeding presses, binders, cutters, conveyors and a wide variety of production machines. (read more)

Presto Lifts, Inc. - P3 - Pneumatic Pallet Positioner

The P3 Pneumatic Leveler from Presto Lifts Inc. allows operators to build or break down pallet loads with a minimum of bending, reaching, stretching, or walking around. The unit automatically adjusts the height of pallets as boxes are added or removed. Height adjustment is achieved by a heavy-duty reinforced rubber airbag combined with a permanent spring. (read more)

Presto Lifts, Inc. - P3 Airbag Level Loader

With the P3 Automatic Pneumatic Level Loader, building and breaking down pallet loads has never been easier. The unit raises and lowers automatically as boxes are added or removed from pallets. (read more)

Presto Lifts, Inc. - Scissor Lift Tables

Presto Lifts Inc. offers a complete line of scissor lift tables for a wide variety of uses. Standard Duty lifts are available with capacities from 2000-6000 lbs. with platform sizes up to 48"x88" and satisfy most application requirements. Special requirements can be accommodated by special use units. (read more)