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ProVent LLC

ProVent LLC has promoted these products/services:

ProVent LLC - SIDEKICK BT Wall-Mounted, Dust Collector

The SIDEKICK BT Series easily mounts to walls near work areas to capture and filter process dust and fumes directly at the source. (read more)

ProVent LLC - SideKick PSK Portable Dust Collector

Looking for a portable that really works? The SIDEKICK will be in your shop, on the job for a long, long time! The SIDEKICK™ Portable Cartridge Dust Collector is a self-cleaning, cartridge filtration unit in a portable cabinet and is designed specifically for filtration of shop air contaminated by welding, cutting, and brazing smoke, or grinding and cutting dusts. (read more)

ProVent LLC - FXR Portable Fume Collector

Powerful, small, quiet, and mobile, the FXR Fume Extractor is the perfect choice for welding, brazing, polishing, grinding, plastic production and many other fume extraction applications. Ask about one today! (read more)

ProVent LLC - Wet Type Dust Collectors from ProVent

­ProVent manufactures first rate, heavy duty, industrial process ventilation equipment that includes wet type dust collectors. (read more)

ProVent LLC - Wet Dust Collector - UNI-WASH™

Uni-Wash™ Wet Dust Collectors are an industry leader in self-contained, water recirculating type dust collection units for removal of combustible dusts from process system air. Soluble dusts are also a perfect fit for wet type dust collection. Uni-Wash™ wet collectors have no filters to replace since water is the filtration medium! (read more)

ProVent LLC - FXR Fume Extractor NEW!

The FXR Fume Extractor by ProVent offers great ventilation power and multi-stage filtration for welding, brazing, and other smoke and fume applications. (read more)

ProVent LLC - Cyclone Dust Collector, FOURTEX™ Dual

Fourtex™ Hybrid Dual Cyclone Dust Collection Systems can increase standard cyclone efficiencies by a factor of ten! (read more)


ProVent, LLC is a leading manufacturer of a variety of down draft bench ventilated work stations. Down draft benches are available using Cartridge media or water to perform the air cleaning process and are available in a number of sizes and performances. (read more)

ProVent LLC - Portable Cartridge Dust Collector - SIDEKICK

Looking for a portable that really works? The SIDEKICK will be in your shop, on the job for a long, long time! (read more)

ProVent LLC - Oil Mist Collectors - MACHINEMASTER™

MachineMaster™ Oil Mist Collectors are an industry standard for the safe and effective removal of airborne process oil and coolant mist from industrial machining operations. (read more)

ProVent LLC - Cartridge Dust Collectors - INTERCEPT™ Vertical

Intercept™ V-Series Vertical Cartridge Dust Collectors capture and remove most industrial and foundry dusts from exhaust system air. A unique CAM-LOC cartridge locking mechanism securely seals the cartridge header plate to the tube sheet to prevent dust bypass. A variety of system configurations are available to accommodate space restrictions. (read more)

ProVent LLC - Intercept PC Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collectors

INTERCEPTTM PC Series Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collectors are intended for use in the removal of process dust from a wide variety of industrial applications. Removal efficiencies typically approach 99.9% depending upon application. (read more)

ProVent LLC - Down Draft Bench - 360 Degree Walk-Around

The INTERCEPT WDT-3500™ walk-around down draft bench cartridge dust collectors offer the performance and design features that industry is looking for. (read more)

ProVent LLC - Dust Collector, Work Cell, Booth - ENVIROCELL™ EWC

ENVIROCELL™ EWC Series (Environmental Work Cell) Dust Collectors are an ideal solution for open or closed booth applications where a dust and smoke producing process needs to be isolated from the rest of the production area. (read more)

ProVent LLC - Wet Dust Collector - PROSCRUB™

ProScrub™ wet dust collectors feature heavy duty, 10 gauge, solid welded stainless steel construction, corrosion-proof fan, and unsurpassed multi-stage water curtain scrub. (read more)

ProVent LLC - Cyclone Dust Collector - TORNADO™

ProVent TORNADO™ TXE Series Cyclones use a simple and highly effective method of removing dust from an air stream. Dirty air enters the conical body of the cyclone tangentially at the top and creates a vortex pattern flowing helically downward into the machine and then produces an inner vortex that exits the machine having removed the particulate from the process stream. (read more)