Protective Structures, Ltd. - FEMA 320/361 SD-LEF5 Steel Shelter Door System

The StormDefend™ SD-LEF5 tornado shelter door system by Protective Structures is tested, listed and labeled to FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500 standards. This sleek and innovative steel safe room door is ideal for any residential, commercial or community shelter and includes continuously laser welded edges, multi-point locking with single interior thumb lever and size availability up to 4... (read more)

Protective Structures, Ltd. - Bullet Resistant Windows by Protective Structures

BulletBlock™ Bullet Resistant Windows by Protective Structures are available for interior and exterior installation in new or existing construction. Select from a variety of framing styles to secure entrances and building envelope or safe rooms. BulletBlock™ windows are custom built to order and meet or exceed the UL-752 standards and specifications for bullet resistance. (read more)

Protective Structures, Ltd. - Guardian Above Ground Safe Room Tornado Shelter

The StormDefend™ Guardian Series safe room by Protective Structures is one of the strongest above ground tornado shelters available for indoor or outdoor installation. The Guardian storm shelter uses a modular design to allow for superior flexibility with design and installation. Select from a variety of sizes for residential or commercial community shelters in tornado prone areas. (read more)

Protective Structures, Ltd. - Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows

SafeChange™ Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows are offered exclusively through Protective Structures and are available in a variety of designs. SafeChange pass thru windows utilize the highest quality bullet proofing components to offer superior protection to employees while transacting cash, documents or larger parcels. Custom units are avilable for both interior and exterior use. (read more)

Protective Structures, Ltd. - Full Vision FEMA 361 Tornado Shelter Doors

The StormDefend™ SD-TH350 door system offers full visibility in tornadic and hurricane impact events. The aluminum full vision door assembly has been tested by a recognized inedependent laboratory for FEMA 361-2008 / ICC-500 2008 compliance. Use in conjunction with a protected wall area or with the SD-TH600 window system to secure a storefront entrance. (read more)

Protective Structures, Ltd. - FEMA 361 Tornado Shelter Windows

The StormDefend SD-TH600 Aluminum FEMA Windows by Protective Structures provide optimal visibility in any commercial tornado shelter or safe room application. Both the SD-TH600 framing and the Tor-Gard glazing are certified FEMA 361-2008 and ICC-500 2008 for tornadic and hurriance impact and winds. (read more)

Protective Structures, Ltd. - BulletBlockā„¢ Bullet Resistant Doors & Windows

BulletBlock™ Bullet Resistant Doors & Windows from Protective Structures, Ltd. are custom-built protective security doors and transparent window systems for both interior and exterior applications. BulletBLock Doors range from solid wood door and metal doors to all clear doors.

These systems are built using the highest quality bullet resistant glass and gla... (read more)

Protective Structures, Ltd. - Modular Community Storm Shelters

StormDefend™ line of modular steel community safe rooms and shelters provide safety from tornadoes, hurricanes and intruders. StormDefend™ Community Safe Rooms / Tornado Shelters comply with (or exceed requirements of) FEMA Publication 361, Design and Construction Guidance for Community Safe Rooms, Second Edition, August 2008 and ICC-500-2008, ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design... (read more)

Protective Structures, Ltd. - Corporate Safe Rooms and Panic Rooms

LifeLocker™ Corporate & Judicial Safe Rooms offer the necessary protection for judges, executives, entrepreneurs, employees and students. Each safe room is custom built according to the client’s specifications and protection requirements using the most dependable components on the market and offering the highest level of security against nearly any threat.

Features... (read more)

Protective Structures, Ltd. - Bullet Resistant Enclosures

Protective Structures, Ltd. specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of custom built Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows & Accessories.

Our transaction window assemblies offer many design options and are comprised of UL listed components and accessories.

Protective Structures, Ltd. recommends using UL-752 levels 1 – 3 bullet resistant acrylic or po... (read more)

Protective Structures, Ltd. - Bullet Resistant Glass-Clad Polycarbonate

Protective Structures, Ltd. is proud to offer Bullet Resistant Glass-Clad Polycarbonate. Bullet resistant glass clad polycarbonate is lighter than laminated glass and offers higher degree of protection with less weight. Bullet resistant glass clad polycarbonate by Protective Structures, Ltd. is a No-Spall product offering optimal protection in both interior and exterior applications.

... (read more)
Protective Structures, Ltd. - Bullet Resistant Laminated Glass

Bullet Resistant Laminated Glass from Protective Structures, Ltd. is used when scratch resistance is a major concern or where the bullet resistant transparency will be facing the exterior of the building.

Bullet resistant laminated glass is combination of various layers of glass and PVB (Poly Vinylbutyral). Typically, a thin layer of glass is used on the interior (non threat side)... (read more)

Protective Structures, Ltd. - Storm Shelters, Doors & Accessories

Storm Shelters, Doors & Accessories from Protective Structures, Ltd. can help protect you and your property from the violent forces of destructive storms like tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms and downbursts. Tornadoes, hurricanes and other violent weather can produce winds upwards of 250mph, generating enough pressure to turn large items like cars and trees into deadly projecti... (read more)

Protective Structures, Ltd. - Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels & Wallboard

SecureAll™ Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels & Wallboard are composite fiberglass / resin panels specifically designed to resist penetrating forces created by ballistic threats. This bullet resistant armor typically comes in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets and closely resembles plywood or wallboard. A typical 4 foot by 8 foot sheet of UL Level 3 armor material weighs approximately 160... (read more)