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Qioptiq has promoted these products/services:

Qioptiq - Q-Set Variable Attenuator / Beamsplitter

The Q-Set fulfills two functions, one as variable attenuator where a rotation of the wave plate allows a continuous adjustment of the laser power in a system. Furthermore, it may be used as a variable beam splitter that splits the power between the two orthogonal optical paths. (read more)

Qioptiq - DocQdent Mobile Dental Camera

The New DocQdent Dental Camera offers today's practice mobility, versatility and independence

Simply connect the DocQdent™ Mobile Intra-Oral Camera to your Windows computer and capture comprehensive intra-oral images completely independent of dental chair or suite equipment. (read more)

Qioptiq - Ultra High-Res, Widefield Inspection Microscope

Mag.x System 125 is the first microscope system specifically designed for use with large sensors with a chip diagonal of up to 56 mm. The system is fully modular and can be adapted to many applications that require high resolution over large fields-of-view.

  • Configure 2X to 11.25X
  • High-performance 2X, 5X and NEW 8X objectives
  • Köhler coaxial illum...
(read more)
Qioptiq - Miniature Diode Lasers with Fiber Delivery

Designed to meet the challenges of high-resolution OEM imaging systems, the new iFLEX-iRIS miniature diode lasers deliver exceptional stability and low noise over an extended service life. Can be used in free space or with the patented kineFLEX single-mode, polarization-maintaining fiber delivery system. (read more)

Qioptiq - Integrate Micro-Imaging quickly and easily

The NEW Optem FUSION Lens System offers streamlined ingtegration & imaging flexibility for OEMs seeking precision micro imaging. A modular design affords easy modification of performance, form and function, to allow custom tailored lens configurations for 7:1 or 12:1 optical zoom, as well as many economical fixed-magnifications. (read more)