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Qioptiq - High-Resolution Widefield Inspection Microscope

Mag.x System 125is the first microscope system that is specifically designed to be used with large sensors with a chip diagonal of up to 56 mm. The system is fully modular and can be adapted to many applications that require high resolution over large fields-of-view.

  • Configure 2X to 11.25X
  • Köhler coaxial illumination (brightfield)
  • Optional darkf...
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Qioptiq - Miniature Diode Lasers with Fiber Delivery

Designed to meet the challenges of high-resolution OEM imaging systems, the new iFLEX-iRIS miniature diode lasers deliver exceptional stability and low noise over an extended service life. Can be used in free space or with the patented kineFLEX single-mode, polarization-maintaining fiber delivery system. (read more)

Qioptiq - Integrate Micro-Imaging quickly and easily

The NEW Optem FUSION Lens System offers streamlined ingtegration & imaging flexibility for OEMs seeking precision micro imaging. A modular design affords easy modification of performance, form and function, to allow custom tailored lens configurations for 7:1 or 12:1 optical zoom, as well as many economical fixed-magnifications. (read more)

Qioptiq - Multi-wavelength Laser Engine

The iFLEX-Viper combines up to five lasers in one compact instrument and delivers
each wavelength simultaneously or individually via one singlemode,
polarization-maintaining fiber optic. The system is mode-hop free and wavelength stabilized. A space-efficient solution for OEMs requiring multiple independently controlled wavelngths delivered to a single common point. (read more)

Qioptiq - Complete line of MPlan APO Objective

The complete line of NEW Optem MPlan APO Long-Working Distance Objectives are now available for immediate delivery. Complimenting our field-proven line of High-Resolution Objectives, now choose from 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X MPlan APO objectives for exceptional color accuracy and flat field imaging. (read more)

Qioptiq - Single-Objective Zooming Prober Microscope

The new A-Zoomµ Micro Probing Microscope offers an economical solution for wafer probing without sacrificing feature, function or performance. Unique single-objective design with manual 7:1 zoom provides excellent viewing flexibility and ample space for multiple probe tips. Also eliminates cumbersome nose turret manipulation, making it ideal for vacuum chamber applications. Visit ww... (read more)

Qioptiq - QIoptiq LINOS F-Theta Power-Ronar lens

The newly developed LINOS F-Theta-Power-Ronar lens with a focal length of 160mm permits an improved input beam diameter of up to 15mm with a 1/e² Gaussian beam profile, achieving a spot diameter of 12µm. It allows an image field of 98.7 x 98.7mm². (read more)

Qioptiq - A-Zoom2® Auto Microscopes

The A-Zoom2 is a variable power viewing system that represents the next generation of analytical microscopes for use in microelectronics inspection, development, testing, and analysis. (read more)

Qioptiq - MVZL - Macro Video Zoom Lens

Available once again for order, the Optem® MVZL is an economical solution for quick parfocal zoom video inspection. (read more)

Qioptiq - Request your 2012/2013 LINOS Product Catalog

Get your FREE 2012/2013 LINOS Product Catalog from Qioptiq! Over 4800 highest-quality products... MECHANICS, OPTICS & INSTRUMENTS! • Cage & Rail Systems • Mounts • Singlets, Achromats & Plano Optics • Mirrors, Gratings & Coatings • Laser Optics & Beam Expanders • Isolators, Pockels Cells & Modulators • Lasers, Light... (read more)

Qioptiq - LINOS MeVIS-C High-Resolution, Megapixel Lenses

Available from Qioptiq, the LINOS MeVis-C Machine Vision Lens Series offers superior image quality for Multi-Megapixel C-mount cameras. MeVis-C Lenses are specifically developed for use with the highest resolution sensors available on the market today and deliver exceptionally high resolution across the entire sensor to ensure optimized camera performance. (read more)