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Qioptiq has promoted these products/services:

Qioptiq - New Pockels Cells for fastest switching >1.3 MHz

The new LINOS Double BBO High-Repetition Pockels Cells (DBBPC HR) from Qioptiq enable the fastest possible switching rates available today with >1.3 MHz performance. DBBPC HR is designed for fast Q-switching as required in regenerative amplifiers or for pulse pickers. BBO crystal is ideal for high average laser powers. Superior thermal relaxation eliminates any requirement for... (read more)

Qioptiq - New Spatial Filter Q-Set saves setup time

New Spatial Filter Q-Set is a pre-configured assembly which provides streamlined integration into your optical breadboard setup to provide homogenized intensity distributiion and reduced aberation of laser beams. Laser is focused by an achromatic lens and transmitted through a pinhole which partially removes inhomogenities. At the same time, this Q-Set can also be used to generate... (read more)

Qioptiq - NEW Wavelengths for compact Laser Series

The high-performance iFLEX-iRIS™ Solid-State Laser Series from Qioptiq has been expanded to include traditional DPSS lines at 532, 561 and 594nm, in addition to the already impressive wavelength service range covering 375-852nm. (read more)

Qioptiq - Q-Set Variable Attenuator / Beamsplitter

The Q-Set fulfills two functions, one as variable attenuator where a rotation of the wave plate allows a continuous adjustment of the laser power in a system. Furthermore, it may be used as a variable beam splitter that splits the power between the two orthogonal optical paths. (read more)

Qioptiq - NEW Compact Two-Stage Tunable Faraday Isolators

New LINOS Two-Stage, Tunable, TVC- and TIC-Series Faraday Isolators deliver superior laser system protection from reflected light and offer a compact size for streamlined integration. Feature TGG Crystal and rare earth magnets in dual-coupled isolator stages to offer exceptionally high isolation ≥ 60 dB and transmission ≥ 80%. Standard from 650-1060 nm with custom wavelengths a... (read more)

Qioptiq - Integrate Micro-Imaging quickly and easily

The NEW Optem FUSION Lens System offers streamlined ingtegration & imaging flexibility for OEMs seeking precision micro imaging. A modular design affords easy modification of performance, form and function, to allow custom tailored lens configurations for 7:1 or 12:1 optical zoom, as well as many economical fixed-magnifications. (read more)

Qioptiq - Ultra High-Res, Widefield Inspection Microscope

Mag.x System 125 is the first microscope system specifically designed for use with large sensors with a chip diagonal of up to 56 mm. The system is fully modular and can be adapted to many applications that require high resolution over large fields-of-view.

  • Configure 2X to 11.25X
  • High-performance 2X, 5X and NEW 8X objectives
  • Köhler coaxial illum...
(read more)
Qioptiq - LINOS MeVIS-C High-Resolution, Megapixel Lenses

Available from Qioptiq, the LINOS MeVis-C Machine Vision Lens Series offers superior image quality for Multi-Megapixel C-mount cameras. MeVis-C Lenses are specifically developed for use with the highest resolution sensors available on the market today and deliver exceptionally high resolution across the entire sensor to ensure optimized camera performance. (read more)