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Quail Electronics - Rotating Plug & Auto-Lock Extension Cord

To save space and achieve a secured connection, our Auto-Lock family continues to grow – now, with the 360° Rotating NEMA 5-15P Plug.

Designed as unique and low profile, the rotating plug can give you the full range of motion as the plug itself rotates 360 degrees. The 360-degree motion of the plug guarantees a seamless transfer of electricity no matter ho... (read more)

Quail Electronics - Rotating Plug & Locking Q-Lock Extension Cord

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your power cords knew exactly how to stay connected and rearrange themselves? Now, Quail Electronics, Inc. offers the best of both worlds with the greatest extension cord. Providing space-saving and secure connectivity, this extension cord features the 360° Rotating Plug and our unique Q-Lock™ locking receptacle.

With its... (read more)

Quail Electronics - Lighted Hospital Grade Auto-Lock Power Cord

Quail Electronics, Inc. is excited to introduce the New Lighted Auto-Lock Hospital Grade power cords. With the medical industry being a vital aspect of humanistic infrastructure, the medical equipment used must meet the highest of standards in powering mission-critical machinery. This power cord features the standard NEMA 5-15P Hospital Grade Green Dot Plug rated at 10A/125... (read more)

Quail Electronics - Locked & Lighted Extension Cord

In the electrical industry, the importance of maintaining constant power is the most vital key to have. The OEM marketplace is well aware of the necessity of continuous power supply. But how do we guarantee this? Fortunately, Quail Electronics, Inc. is proud to offer NEW locking power cords with LED.

The clear standard NEMA 5-15P plug (rated 15A/125V) and the ... (read more)

Quail Electronics - Locking NEMA Receptacle: The Q-Lock®

Many people are always finding it to be an issue if their extension cords are coming unplugged. It always happens at the worst time and it ends with frustration. Quail Electronics now has a solution to this problem. We are now introducing an amazing locking receptacle, the Q-Lock®!

The Q-Lock® locks onto the pins of the plug to stay in place. By pressing in on the w... (read more)

Quail Electronics - Colored IEC Auto-Locks

Quail Electronics, Inc. wants to anounce the newest addition to the Auto-Lock family. We are now offering Red, Blue and Green Auto-Lock jumper cords in both IEC C13 and IEC C19 connectors. The Auto-Lock connectors are the best solution to keep your cords locked into place and now with the added benefit of colors you can easily keep your cords organized.... (read more)

Quail Electronics - Angled IEC Auto-Locks

Do you need a space saving option with those cramped devices but you still want to have the amazing feature of the Auto-Lock®? Well everyone is in luck. The Auto-Lock® is now in angled IEC connector options. With more options being added everyday you are sure to find what you need. Currently the Auto-Lock® is available in Left, Right, Down and Up angles in IEC-60320-C13, IEC-... (read more)

Quail Electronics - IEC-60320-C15 Auto-Lock®

Quail Electronics is proud to announce the newest addition to the IEC Auto-Lock family. We are now offering the IEC-60320-C15 Auto-Lock®! Ideal for high temperature settings and for devices generating high amounts of heat, the C15 Auto-Lock® will be available with various plug types and have UL, C-UL and TUV approvals. Contact Quail Electronics today for more information on the I... (read more)

Quail Electronics - Electric Vehicle Power Cords

With the Electric Vehicle sales on the rise, the growing demand for power stations will increase. We have all seen them in our local mall or downtown area. Soon stations will be everywhere.
Now, Quail Electronics has the EV plugs to meet the demand. The SAE J1772 is the standard plug for most EV cars. With the power cord coming in several different lengths you can build the charging... (read more)

Quail Electronics - Auto-Lock™ #1 Solution to Lock Your Cords in Place

Quail Electronics introduces Auto-Lock™ - the #1 solution to lock your cords in place. Have you ever disconnected a power cord by accident ? Do you wish there was a simple solution to locking a cable into place without having to deal with specific inlets or tons of hardware? Look no further, the Auto-Lock™ is solving all those problems. (read more)

Quail Electronics - Surge Protected Portable USB Power Stations

Stop wasting time and space carrying multiple charging adapters and looking for a place to plug them in! Quail's unique USB Travel Power Station and USB Power Plate do the hard work for you, whether on the road or in the convenience of your home. (read more)

Quail Electronics - Charge, Protect, & Hold Devices w/USB Power Buddy

Are you tired of leaving your expensive electronics on the floor to charge? The USB Power Buddy offers a practical alternative that protects and holds your smart devices while they charge. First, the Power Buddy has 2 flip down trays that are perfect for SmartPhones of all kinds, and has 2 USB Ports rated at 2.1 Amps. (read more)

Quail Electronics - Rotating Power Strip #1 Solution for Saving Space

The Rotating Power Strip by Quail Electronics is the number one solution for saving space, especially when dealing with bulky adapters and chargers! 6 swivelling outlets have a 180 degree range of motion to allow you all the room you need for your electronics! There are 2 lateral fixed outlets, and all together the 8 sockets are rated for 1800 Watts of workload! (read more)

Quail Electronics - Surge Protect Your Electronics w/Rotating Wall Tap

The Rotating Wall Tap is the useful outlet multiplying device that surge protects your electronics! The simple, useful design lets you plug in up to three chargers or adapters because of two 90 degree Rotating Outlets that swivel backward and forward! The Rotating Wall Tap is protected with X3MOV Industry Leading Technology! (read more)

Quail Electronics - More Power & Choices w/Heavy Duty Colored Cables

After the success of the Universal Colored Jumper Cords (C14 to C13 configuration), Quail Electronics, Inc.® developed 3 new series of power cords for high end server systems. You can now color code your system while using a heavier gauge and higher amperage cable. (read more)

Quail Electronics - Colored Jumper Cords

Quail Electronics, Inc.®. offer a variation on our extensive line of jumper cords, featuring 3 new vibrant colors to assist in identification of power sources. (read more)

Quail Electronics - Retaining Clamp For IEC60320 Connectors

Power Supply cord cable retaining clamps. IEC configurations, easy installation. Cordset retaining clamps. (read more)

Quail Electronics - Multi Outlet Power Supply Cords

Multiple NEMA 5-15R Outlet cord set. These cords allow you to extend the power from one cord to 3 or 4 receptacles. We offer these molds on 18/3 AWG thru 12/3 AWG. (read more)

Quail Electronics - NEMA Hospital Grade Plugs

Quail Electronics, Inc. is releasing NEMA Hospital Grade Plugs. Quail Electronics is currently stocking these cordsets in its northern california warehouse. Contact us for more information. These cords are now available for purchase. Please reference Series numbers 0383, 0294, 0293 and 0310. Any length can be provided, most commonly stocked is 10ft. (read more)

Quail Electronics - Angled Plugs & Receptacles

Quail Electronics, Inc. is releasing. New Angled Plugs and Receptacles. Quail Electronics is currently stocking most of these in its northern california warehouse. Contact us for more information. (read more)

Quail Electronics - Hospital Grade Power Strips

Quail Electronics, Inc. is releasing new Hospital Grade Power Strips. Quail Electronics is currently stocking these in its Northern California warehouse. Contact us for more information. (read more)

Quail Electronics - 360 Degree Rotating 5-15P

360 degree rotating power supply cord. Any angle, rotate 360 degrees. Extension cord, cordset, power cord. (read more)

Quail Electronics - Assembled Plugs & Receptacles

Quail Electronics, Inc. is releasing new Assembled locking Plugs and Receptacles. Quail Electronics is currently stocking these in its Northern California warehouse. Contact us for more information. (read more)