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ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC has promoted these products:

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Qi-Certified Medium Power Transmitter Ref Design

Cutting-edge reference design will allow ROHM to expand into the wireless charging segment

ROHM has received certification from WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) for its reference design using the BD57020MWV wireless power transmitter IC. This is the first device in the world certified to be compliant with the new Qi medium power specification. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Breakthrough 6-Axis Accel-Gyro Combo Sensors

Kionix, Inc., a ROHM Group Company and leader in the design and manufacture of MEMS solutions, has announced the mass production of its KXG03 6-axis Accelerometer-Gyroscope combo and the unveiling of two new flagship 6-axis Accelerometer-Gyroscope combos: the KXG07 and the KXG08. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Ultra-High-Efficiency 76V DC/DC Buck Converter

ROHM’s BD9G341AEFJ variable output 3A DC/DC buck converter with integrated power MOSFET utilizes high-voltage 0.6um BiCDMOS processes to achieve an industry-leading breakdown voltage of 80V and a continuous operating input range of 12V to 76V, while market-proven advanced analog design technology results in the highest conversion efficiency in its class. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - SiC MOSFET with the first trench structure

ROHM has announced the development and mass production of a SiC MOSFET that adopts the world’s first trench structure. Compared to existing planar-type SiC MOSFETs, ON resistance is reduced by 50% in the same chip size, making it possible to significantly decrease power loss in a variety of equipment. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - New Gate Drivers for High-speed Switching

ROHM Semiconductor introduces new gate drivers featuring a super compact package with built-in isolation by combining the company's original Bi-CDMOS technology with innovative proprietary ‘On-chip transformer' technology. The devices come in two different line-ups for easy and complex designs. Each family provides high-efficiency, low power operating and high speed switching capac... (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Power Modules for High-performance Switching

ROHM Semiconductor introduces new IPM (Intelligent Power Module) family, optimized for high speed and power-efficient operation in motor driving and inverter applications. The 600V modules integrate a range of components such as gate drivers, bootstrap diodes, IGBTs or ROHM's proprietary Low Ron Super Junction Power MOSFETs as well as a fly wheel diode (FWD) within a single compact package. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - ROHM's USB Type-C Power Delivery Controller ICs

ROHM has announced the development of a new class of power controller ICs compatible with the latest USB Power Delivery (Rev2.0) and Type-C (Rev1.1) specifications. The BM92TxxMWV series supports not only conventional USB power supply modes up to 7.5W (5V@1.5A), but also newly expanded power levels up to 100W (20V@ 5A) for USB Type-C connected devices. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - High Efficiency Power Management IC

ROHM has recently announced the development of a high efficiency power management IC optimized for Freescale Semiconductor's i.MX 6SoloLite applications processor (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - BD2613GW-to support the next generation

ROHM to start shipment of a Dedicated System Power Management IC for the 14nm Intel® Atom™ processor for tablets (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Silicon Carbide Power MOSFETs

ROHM’s silicon carbide power MOSFETs feature on resistance as low as 80 mΩ at 1200V and switching losses that are about 90% less than that of silicon IGBT. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - ROHM Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes

ROHM's SCS2xx series of high-performance silicon carbide Schottky diodes are a new class of silicon carbide diodes offering industry-leading low forward voltage fast recovery time leading to improved power conversion efficiency. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - DC/DC Converters

Optimized for multi-function, high performance battery-driven portable devices of all types, ROHM’s DC/DC converters and controllers (BD8301MUV/BD8303MUV) feature a wide input voltage range and automatic step-up/-down operation for reduced power consumption. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Li-Ion Battery Monitoring IC

LAPIS Semiconductor, a ROHM Group Company has introduced ML5233, which features an industry-low 0.1μA (typ.) current consumption during power down, minimizing the effects on battery capacity - even during long-term storage - with virtually no loss of charged battery power. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - 600V IGBT for low speed switching

BM63363S-VA/-VC is an Intelligent Power Module composed of gate drivers, bootstrap diodes, IGBTs, fly wheel diodes. Low saturation voltage IGBTs optimized for low speed switching drive (to 6kHz) such as a compressor is adopted. Please examine high speed switching series for high speed switching drive (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Industry's Thinnest Class of Accelerometers

Leading MEMS manufacturer Kionix Inc., part of the ROHM group, recently announced the industry's first ultra-thin full-functional tri-axis accelerometers, the KX112 (2x2x0.6mm) andKXCJB (3x3x0.45mm). It supports the drive for thinner smartphones, tablets, PCs and hard disk drives as well as compact wearables such as activity monitors and smartwatches. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - 300mA CMOS LDO Regulators

ROHMs 300mA CMOS low dropout voltage regulators (BUxxUA3 series) are highly accurate, have excellent power supply noise rejection, very low dropout voltage and consume just microamperes of current in standby and operational modes. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Compact Bluetooth Compatible Module

ROHM Group Company LAPIS Semiconductor has recently developed a Bluetooth Smart compatible 2.4GHz wireless module ideal for health & fitness devices. The MK71050-03 integrates an EEPROM for program storage, crystal oscillator for the system clock, and a pattern antenna into a single compact module, eliminating the need for circuit adjustments for wireless communication. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - DC/DC Converter IC for Industrial Equipment

ROHM’s BD9E300EFJ-LB is a synchronous rectification step-down DC/DC converter equipped with 40 V withstand voltage input having built-in power MOSFET for switching. Efficiency improvement of power MOSFET is attempted by adoption of Nch-MOSFET at both upper and lower sides. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Stepper Motor Drivers for Optimum Performance

ROHM high-reliability Stepper Motor Drivers (BD638xx/BD642x/BD6290 series)* offer exceptional performance features for printers and copiers, scanners, security cameras, robotics, sewing machines, factory automation and other precision motor control applications. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - High Accuracy eCompass Solutions by Kionix

Amid increased market expectations for eCompasses, ROHM Group Company Kionix, a leading supplier of MEMS sensors based in Ithaca, New York, has developed the KMX61, an ultra-compact, ultra-low-power 6-axis combo sensor that combines a 3-axis magnetometer and 3-axis accelerometer in a single package. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - EDLC Cell Balancing IC

ROHM’s cell balancing IC contributes to increased miniaturization, greater stability, and longer life for EDLCs (Electric Double Layer Capacitors), which are driving the adoption of energy regeneration applications in industrial equipment, automotive idling stop systems, and voltage sag (instantaneous voltage drop) countermeasures. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - FPGA Compatible Switching Regulator

ROHM Semiconductor recently announced that its power supply module has been selected for use with Xilinx's 7 Series FPGAs and in its Zynq ®-7000 All Programmable SoC evaluation kit.

This power supply module, designed completely in-house, employs 2 types of ROHM switching regulator controller ICs: BD95601MUV (x1) and BD95602MUV (x6). (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - High Power Ultra-Low-Ohmic Shunt Resistors

ROHM’s high power ultra-low-ohmic shunt resistors are used to detect overcurrent conditions or remaining battery level. Although current sense resistors have been widely adopted in the automotive and industrial sectors, the recent trend towards greater sophistication and computerization has increased current requirements. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - New, ultra-high voltage pulse generators

ROHM has recently announced the adoption of its SCT2080KE Silicon Carbide MOSFET in new, ultra-high voltage pulse generators (SiC-Pulser Series) launched by Fukushima SiC Applied Engineering Inc (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Ambient Light Sensor ICs for LCD Display

ROHM ambient light sensor (ALS) ICs (BH16xx analog/BH17xx digital) are designed to control the brightness of LED-backlit LCD displays based on ambient light for optimum visibility and energy efficiency. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Current Mode Switching Regulators

The BD91x series of step-down switching regulators combine ROHM’s proprietary SLLM™ (Simple Light Load Mode) technology with current-mode PWM control to provide exceptional regulation and high efficiency during both low and high-current load conditions. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - LAPIS Semiconductor Low Power Microcontrollers

Unique sensor interface simplifies component count, cost and power while enabling accurate measurement of temperature, humidity or carbon monoxide in small battery-operated devices. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - 3ch CMOS LDO Regulators

ROHM's BU665xNUX series of 3ch CMOS LDO regulators provide 200mA output in a combination of voltages. Other features include excellent noise and load response characteristics with a circuit current of only 120µA in a compact surface mount package. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - High Power LED Driver for Lighting

ROHM's isolated LED driver (BP5845W) features constant current output (set via external resistors), an integrated transformer, and is capable of driving 6-9 1W LEDs from 100VAC input. In addition, flicker-free dimming (0-100%) is possible using PWM control. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Pyroelectric Infrared Motion Sensor Amp

ROHM's BD9251FV pyroelectric infrared sensor amp integrates a number of essential components into a single chip reducing mounting area, simplifying costs and facilitating design. Features include a regulator, high precision opamp and comparator - all in a compact SSOP-B14 package. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - 3-Pin Step-Down DC/DC Converter Module

BP5275 DC/DC converter module integrates all required components into a single, compact package, including the control circuit, switching element, coil, and even input/output capacitors. This eliminates the need for circuit design, reducing development time considerably. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - High Brightness Chip LEDs with Reflector

ROHM's SML-Z14x4 series of high brightness LEDs utilize an AlGaInP structure for superior brightness (at 50mA). Operation is guaranteed up to 100°C, making them suitable for automotive applications. Additional features include high wavelength accuracy (±2nm) and a range of selectable colors. Available in a compact, high-power PLCC2 package. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Constant Current LED Driver for Illumination

Developed using energy saving technologies adopted from AC/DC converter designs, the BP5843A constant current LED driver seamlessly integrates all control circuits, switching elements, transformers, and constant current circuits required for LED drive into a compact, isolated SIP form factor. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Ground Isolation Amplifier

ROHM's ground isolation amp (BA3121F) is compatible with compact external capacitors and efficiently eliminates problems caused by wiring resistance along with noise generated by peripheral circuits. Additional features include low distortion and high common mode rejection. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - High Brightness Chip LEDs

The SMLK18WBJ series white LEDs feature the highest brightness in their class (50-150mA). (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Five-input Dual Circuit Video Switchers

The BA7626F/FS is a 5-input video signal switcher with a 6dB broadband amp developed for use in AV amp switching. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Ultra-compact PicoLEDâ„¢-eco

ROHM has developed the PicoLED™-eco (SML-P11) series of ultra-compact LEDs. Patented technology results in twice the brightness as conventional products in the low current region of 1mA. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Thin, High Brightness RGB LEDs: SMLW56 and SMLV56

ROHM offers a new RGB LED (SMLV56RGB1W) featuring high brightness. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - ROHM Infrared LEDs for Proximity Sensing

Surface mount, high-output Infrared LEDs feature industry's lowest profile; 850/870 nm peak output improves sensitivity; 66% lower power use important in portable devices (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - Hall Effect ICs

ROHM’s Hall Effect ICs (BU52xxx series) for portable applications are available in the industry’s smallest chip-scale BGA package. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC - CMOS LDO Regulators with Automatic Power-Saving

ROHM’s CMOS LDO regulators (BHxxPB1 Series) feature a proprietary automatic power-saving (APS) function that dynamically switches performance characteristics based on operating conditions. (read more)