ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - Ultra-Compact High-Brightness Pink LEDs

The PICOLED TM and EXCELEDTM series of compact surface mount LEDs utilizes novel device and phosphor technologies along with superior wavelength accuracy (±2%), making it possible to provide a broader range of colors – including pastels and custom colors not previously available – expanding design applicability. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - Low-Power Microcontrollers with RC ADC Converters

Unique sensor interface simplifies component count, cost and power while enabling accurate measurement of temperature, humidity or carbon monoxide in small battery-operated devices. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - Multi-Touch Controller for Resistive Touchscreens

ROHM Semiconductor's BU21023/BU21024 series of resistive touchscreen controllers are less expensive than conventional capacitive touchscreen control; internal CPU supports dual-touch gesture sensing without external resistors; and built-in compensation circuits facilitate volume manufacturing. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - ROHM Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes

ROHM's SCS1xxAGC series of high-performance silicon carbide Schottky diodes are a new class of silicon carbide diodes offering industry-leading low forward voltage fast recovery time leading to improved power conversion efficiency. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - ROHM Infrared LEDs for Proximity Sensing

Surface mount, high-output Infrared LEDs feature industry's lowest profile; 850/870 nm peak output improves sensitivity; 66% lower power use important in portable devices (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - 3ch CMOS LDO Regulators

ROHM's BU665xNUX series of 3ch CMOS LDO regulators provide 200mA output in a combination of voltages. Other features include excellent noise and load response characteristics with a circuit current of only 120µA in a compact surface mount package. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - High Power LED Driver for Lighting

ROHM's isolated LED driver (BP5845W) features constant current output (set via external resistors), an integrated transformer, and is capable of driving 6-9 1W LEDs from 100VAC input. In addition, flicker-free dimming (0-100%) is possible using PWM control. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - Pyroelectric Infrared Motion Sensor Amp

ROHM's BD9251FV pyroelectric infrared sensor amp integrates a number of essential components into a single chip reducing mounting area, simplifying costs and facilitating design. Features include a regulator, high precision opamp and comparator - all in a compact SSOP-B14 package. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - Thermostat Output Temperature Sensor IC

ROHM offers a broad lineup of ultra-compact, low current consumption thermostat output temperature sensors optimized for temperature monitoring and overheating protection in compact devices of all types. BDJxxxxHFV series integrates a temperature detection element, constant current circuit, and high precision reference power source in a single chip. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - 3-Pin Step-Down DC/DC Converter Module

BP5275 DC/DC converter module integrates all required components into a single, compact package, including the control circuit, switching element, coil, and even input/output capacitors. This eliminates the need for circuit design, reducing development time considerably. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - High Brightness Chip LEDs with Reflector

ROHM's SML-Z14x4 series of high brightness LEDs utilize an AlGaInP structure for superior brightness (at 50mA). Operation is guaranteed up to 100°C, making them suitable for automotive applications. Additional features include high wavelength accuracy (±2nm) and a range of selectable colors. Available in a compact, high-power PLCC2 package. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - Constant Current LED Driver for Illumination

Developed using energy saving technologies adopted from AC/DC converter designs, the BP5843A constant current LED driver seamlessly integrates all control circuits, switching elements, transformers, and constant current circuits required for LED drive into a compact, isolated SIP form factor. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - Thermostat Output Temperature Sensors

BDExxx0G series are output ICs with temperature switching function that eliminates the need for the complicated circuitry required in conventional thermistor-type temperature detection circuits by integrating a high precision reference voltage source, comparator, constant current circuit, and temperature detection element in a single chip. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - 4-Direction Tilt Sensor

RPI-1031 is an optical sensor that detects movement in 90° intervals using a custom infrared LED, 2 phototransistors and light blocking mechanism. A novel architecture is utilized for silent operation eliminating the need for soundproofing while increasing design flexibility. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - Ground Isolation Amplifier

ROHM's ground isolation amp (BA3121F) is compatible with compact external capacitors and efficiently eliminates problems caused by wiring resistance along with noise generated by peripheral circuits. Additional features include low distortion and high common mode rejection. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - LED Driver Targets Automotive Headlamp Cluster

LED driver suitable for high-beam, low-beam and daytime running light circuits; controls dimming without PWM input; provides range of protection functions; unique buck/boost topology more efficient and requires fewer external components. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - High Performance Microstep Motor Drivers

Full-step to eighth-step and sixteenth-step devices operate from a single supply; ultra-thin, compact package bottom side heat sink; unique Ghost Supply Prevention feature eliminates motor malfunctions; built-in voltage, current and thermal protection. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - ECOMOS Efficiently Handles Reduced Supply Voltages

The new ECOMOS series of n-channel and p-channel MOSFETs are designed to meet the prescribed operation at lower gate drive voltages. ROHM's advanced proprietary processing has produced devices that exhibit RDS(ON) values as much as 90% lower than comparable devices when operated at ultra-low 1.5V or 1.2V gate drive (VGS) voltages. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - CMOS LDO Regulators with Automatic Power-Saving

Side-by-side LDO regulator stages are engaged depending on load requirements-- 20 µA, max power consumption in high-speed mode, 2 µA, max in power-save mode; features include operation from input as low as 1.7 V; integrated output discharge function; inrush current, over-temperature and over-current protection. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - Ambient Light Sensor ICs for LCD Backlighting

Series includes high-efficiency analog and digital devices offering industry-leading stability over a wide range of light sources; precise light-sensing accuracy, proprietary gain and shutdown functionality, and wide illuminance measurement range (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - Switching Regulators Optimize Power Efficiency

The BD91x Series of step-down switching regulators combine ROHM's propriety SLLM™ (Simple Light Load Mode) technology with current-mode PWM control to provide exceptional load regulation and high efficiency at both low- and high-current load conditions. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - ROHM's PWM Output H-Bridge Driver ICs

Built-in PWM generator converts analog inputs; logic-level inputs accept external PWM signals;

BiCMOS topology reduces external component count; offers upgrade path for linear output designs (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC - Industry's smallest Hall IC packages by ROHM

ROHM formally introduces its complete line of Hall Effect ICs for portable electronics applications. An important feature of the product family is its availability in the industry's smallest chip-scale BGA package, measuring just 1.1 mm square with a package height of just 0.5 mm. A slightly larger surface-mount package, measuring 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.6 mm, is also available. (read more)