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R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Easier High Performance Industrial Printing

Introducing the New Brady BBP30 Label Printer. This printer is an all in one easy-to-use solution that combines a compact size with fast print speeds... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Are you Tired of Waiting for Your Sealant to Cure?

Loctite Superflex SpeedSeal is a 1-component, fast-dry RTV silicone sealant that is designed to withstand water contact 12 times faster than traditional sealants, in just 2 hours after application... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - And The Award Goes To...

Customers have spoken, The results are in
Announcing The R.S. Hughes Best of Awards Category N95 Respirators... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Tired of Hand Mixing... Try this

The 3M Mix-on-Demand Sealant System, eliminates hand mixing and creates a high-quality mix with less entrapped air, allowing the user to get the job done faster, reduce product waste and save money. Mix only what you need, when you need it.

Have Questions? Want To Know More? Call 877-774-8443 or (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Experienced the Lock power of Loctite Threadlocker

Loctite, the creators Loctite threadlocker, pioneered the Threadlocking revolution and created a product that locks threads with speed and strength that is unmatched by its competition... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Spray Like a Professional Today

Spraying like a professional just got easier with the complete 3M Accuspray Spray Gun System. This easy to use kit is designed to help lower cost, provide faster cleanup and use less solvent. This kit includes... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Heat, Shrink & Protect with 3M Heat Shrink Tubing

Introducing 3M Heat Shrink Tubing, these heat shrink tubing products are made from flame retardant material and are designed to create an environmental seal that is chemical, abrasion and UV resistant... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Redesigned with You in Mind

The latest pneumatic 3M Disc Sanders and Die Grinders have been completely re-engineered to work even better with specifically with 3M’s top abrasives. These upgraded power tools offer: (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - New cost savings earplug dispensing system

Introducing a new cost effective earplug dispensing system by 3M.

The 3M One Touch Pro Earplugs dispenser offers convenient access to workers on the move. A simple twist accurately and consistently dispenses one earplug at a time... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Maintain Superior Visibility During Day and Night

3M Diamond Grade Conspicuity Tapes and Reflectors are made from highly reflective prismatic sheeting and come backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive for easy apply and an instant bond. These highly reflective tapes are used to increase visibility during the day and night... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Tough on the Outside, Smart on the Inside

R.S. Hughes is proud to present 3 of Brady’s top selling portable label printers, the BMP21, BMP41 and BMP71. These portable label printers allow you to create custom safety messages, component id and wire labels whenever and wherever you need them... (read more)


If you have ever thought of adding a case sealer to your shipping department, here is a great opportunity. We at R.S. Hughes are throwing in a case of 3M Scotch 371 tape, you get 6 FREE rolls in this case... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Momentive - Your Adhesive Specialist

Introducing Momentive’s elite Adhesive line. Manufacturers of sophisticated electronics rely on Momentive to fill critical processing needs and supply vital properties to components from the circuit board to the display... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Performance Sealing Tape at a Value Price

3M offers a Secure Performance Tape Sealing Solution at a Value Price. This low cost tape solution offers a number of popular usages, resist edge tears and tape splits during each stage of the shipping process... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - New Adhesive with 5X’s Longer Open Times

3M is proud to introduce 2 new Scotch-Weld Adhesives with 5X’s longer open times. These adhesives are designed with the user in mind and offer a working life of 20-22 Minutes, low sag and slump properties, an 18 month shelf life and the bonding ability to replace mechanical fasteners... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - New Revolution in Label Printing

Brady Continues Revolutionize the Label Printing industry with two New label printers. The BBP35 and BBP37 Label printers offer the ability to walk up and print with no calibration and multiple print color designs. The BBP37 also comes with a built in cutter, allowing the user to cut out custom designed labels... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - New Aluminum Finishing - Better, Faster, Easier

Introducing 3M’s New Aluminum Finishing abrasive line. These new disc offer better edge protection, a more consistent finish and a quick change design. This gives the operator more control and greater product performance. (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - 3M’s New Bonding and Sealing tapes

Introducing, 3M’s New Bonding and Sealing tapes. Now the same great bonding and sealing tapes created by 3M are now available in a 5 yard size. This newly offered sizing allows for easy application and provides a lasting bond in various bonding and sealing applications... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - We Salute You This Labor Day

We salute and honor all workers everywhere this labor day. May you have a safe and Happy Labor Day, from all of us at R.S. Hughes. (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Every Organization needs to have one of these…

Lockout tagout is a critical component of employee safety and workplace productivity. To achieve compliance and safeguard workers around the machinery and equipment they operate, service and maintain, your lockout program needs some essential elements... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Don't let this offer Slip Away

Here is a deal of a lifetime, for a limited time Buy 4 Rolls of 3M Welding and Spark Defection Paper and get a FREE Dispenser. This paper is designed with quality, convenience... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Have you tried Loctite's QuickStixs yet?

These Sticks are convenient, portable, and less messy, making them perfect for tough applications, especially overhead. Their patented semi-solid formula also means they won’t spill or leak... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Keep your eye and ear protection together

3M has done it… They have invented a way to keep your eye and hearing protection together. No more do you have to worry about loosing your earplugs or having them get dirty. The 3M corded control system or CCS is the answer to keep your eye and ear protection together... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Rediscover original premium spray adhesives

Have you tried the original premium spray adhesives?

3M’s Spray 77 and Hi-Strength 90 are the spray adhesives that started it all. These adhesives launched the idea of putting a glue into a spray can the revolutionized the adhesive market. Today these adhesives are still going strong and provide a low cost, high tack bonding solution for all your needs. (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Game Changer - Cuts Faster, Lasts Longer

Introducing the NEW 3M Cubitron II 775L Film and 732U Paper Sanding Discs. These revolutionizing sanding disc are made with a ceramic aluminum oxide grain that is precision cut to increase throughput with faster sanding and more parts per disc. Each disc is designed to Cut Faster, Last Longer and provide a more consistent finish (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - The Ideal Shop Rag Replacement System

Kimberly Clark Special Offer

For a limited time purchase any 2 rolls of WYPALL X80 Wipers and receive a FREE dispenser. These wipes are available in white, blue and red rolls with 475 sheets each and are designed to be a shop rag replacement system.

These WYPALLS offer fast absorbing Hydroknit technology, are durable can be rinsed and reused, leaves no surface residu... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Limited Time Offer, Increase your production

R.S. Hughes is proud to introduce 3M’s New Right Angle Cut-Off Tool. This new tool offers higher power, less vibration and easier maintenance than other cut-off tools. For a limited time get a FREE case of 3M 66568 cut-off wheels with purchase of the 3M 28826 cut-off tool. Call 1-877-774-8443 or visit to order today. (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Time is running out for these great offers

Limited Time offer
For a limited time Buy any size 3M Reusable respirator in the same series and we will ship you 100 FREE Respirator filters. Breathe easy with this offer exclusively from and don't forget to get your complementary copy of our 2015 Safety Catalog shipped directly to your door today. (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - The Next Generation of Structural Adhesives

Introducing the Next Generation of Structural Adhesives, Scotch-Weld 's DP8405NS and DP8410NS are standard MMA acrylic adhesives which quickly bonds to most plastics while the DP8805NS and DP8810NS are a low odor acrylic adhesive that bonds to composites , plastics, glass and metals. (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - New 2015 Safety Catalog with Limited Time Offer

Our New 2015 Safety Catalog puts head to toe protection at your fingertips with over 6000 products, 372 Pages from 44 manufacturers and features everything from hearing protection to welding supplies.

Order or Download Your Copy of our 2015 Safety Catalog Today at and for a limited time get 100 FREE 3M Filters, a $500 value (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - More Torque, More Power, More Parts Per Hour

3M NEW Right Angle Powertools offer more torque, more power and less weight. Get more out of your power tools with 3M's Right Angle solutioin.

For a limited time get a FREE high performance abrasive trial pack with every 28824 Right Angle Grinder Purchase. Get yours today at and see how much difference the right power tool can make. (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Mask it, Bake it, Remove it 3M Polyimide Tapes

3M NEW Polyimide Masking Tape 8997 and 8998 - Create Clean, Sharp Paint Lines at Temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit

• Peel Without Slivering or Tearing
• Thermal, Abrasive and Chemical Resistant
• Resists Shrinking and Edge Lifting
• Leaves No Adhesive Residue
• Sharp Paint Lines
• Ideal for E-coating, Electroplat... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - NEW Hook and Look - Get the Scoop

Introducing the New 3M High Temperature and High Tack Hook and Loop Tapes. Designed to stick anywhere these tapes help to combat the issue other hook and loop fastening tapes have such as high tempertures and hard to stick surfaces. (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. -  Protection for Every Industry

Kimberly-Clark Profesional Coveralls offer a range of protective options: Breathability, Dry or Liquid Particulate Protection, Checmical or Fire Resistance and Antistatic Protection. From General particle protection to chemical protection and everything in between.

No matter the industry, trust Kimberly-clark coveralls to protect and keep you covered (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - 3M Finesse-it Refining Disc 3000

3M's Revolutionary Refining disc changes the game for industries where final surface buffing occurs.

  • Reduce buffing time
  • Cover large areas
  • Use wet or dry
  • Faster surface refinement
  • Designed for extended working life
  • Conforms to work Surface
(read more)
R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Trust the Original Loctite Threadlocker

Trust the Strength and Reliability of the original threadlocker. The original threadlocker is designed to lock and stay locked.

Meet the Next Generation of Loctite threadlocker. Loctite 243 and 263 is designed to provide:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Oil tolerant curing on as-received fasteners without cleaning
  • Primerless performance on both in...
(read more)
R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Meet the #1 Industrial Glove in America

Meet the MaxiFlex Ultimate the #1 Industrial Glove in America and get the glove the is setting the benchmark for precision handling in any enviornment.

Micro-foam nitrile coating, for a controlled grip
Only the soft knit fingertip to wrist liner touches the skin
360 degree breathability
Thin, highly flexible design
Designed to reduce hand fatigue
Imme... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Automated Case Sealing - Introductory Pricing

Enter the world of Efficient, Cost Effective, Affordable 3M Case Sealing with the 3M matic adjustable a20 case sealer. For a limited time get a case sealer and your first case of tape for only $2749.00, a savings of over $1200.00.

Box more, ship more and shorten fulfillment time with the 3M a20 Matic Case Sealer.

Call 1-877-774-8443 or visit to get yours today. (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Take the Prep Out of Paint Priming

3M PPS Paint Preperation System - Exceptional Value - Speed and Performance

Lower Cost
Faster Cleanup
Smoother Finish
Greater Coverage
Reduce Overspray

Get the finish of a premium paint spray gun at a fraction of the cost. Demand the best and don't settle for less. (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - 3M Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Bonding Systems

No matter what your applications are, there is a 3M hot melt applicator for you. Manual applicators use a trigger mechanism to control timing and dispense rate. The pneumatic applicators also feature a trigger but use air pressure to control the dispense rate for an even flow. Perfect for so many applications such as box sealing, furniture assembly, fabric bonding, woodworking, electroni... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - 3M Inline Sanders

Inline Sanders are used for generating straight-line scratches for finishing stainless steel and other metals. They can used with inflatable or slotted wheel accessories. RS Hughes offers inline sanders up to a powerful 1 HP motor which produce more consistent results and are less likely to chatter.

Used with various Inline Sander Accessories.

No matter if you are looking f... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - 3M VHB Tapes

3M VHB Tape's extraordinary strength & comformability creates versatility that allows you to design and delivery projects that include glass, metal, plastic, painted wood and concrete. With instant bonding, shock absorption, stress distribution, and expansion & contraction capabilities, there is a 3M VHB tape to suite your needs. Ditch the riverts, adhesives and mechanical fasten... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Specialty Application Tapes

Our Specialty application tpaes are used for sealing, mounting, bonding, and attaches. Specialty tapes include magnet tapes, photo tapes, pre-masking tapes, and hair setting tapes. (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Simple Green-Safe Alternative to Toxic Cleaners

Simple Green is a powerful all natural concentrated cleaner and degreaser that saves time, money and labor. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-abrasive and biodegradable. With Simple Green Concentrate, you can mix it to your strength--you can create light, medium and heavy custom solutions.

Simple Green concentrated formula can be used on any washable, indoor, outd... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Threadlockers

Threadlockers are used to prevent loosening caused by vibration, heat, and humidity. Threadlockers are applied to fastener threads to fill gaps and seal off imperfections in order to improve fastener performance. Aerobic threadlockers require air to dry and primarily act as a thread filler to stabilize joints. Anaerobic threadlockers do not require air to dry and cure to a solid form whe... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - Pneumatic and Electric Tools

Our full line of electric and pneumatic tools will help you increase your productivity during cutting, grinding, blending or finishing applications. We carry an assortment of cut-off tools, grinders, disc sanders, inline sanders, file belt sanders and random orbital sanders & buffers. Choose from our large selection of Faceplates, Disc Pads or Accessories to round of the solution nee... (read more)

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. - 3M Scotch-Weld Plastic & Rubber Instant Adhesive

New World Record Holder- 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Instant Adhesive was recently
responsible for a Guinness World Records-setting feat, lifting an 8.1
metric ton (17,857 pound, 2990 PSI) forklift in the air for one hour.
This amazingly successful demonstration set a new world record for the
heaviest weight lifted with glue. The vehicle was suspended from a cran... (read more)