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R+W Coupling Technology

R+W Coupling Technology has promoted these products:

R+W Coupling Technology - SERVOMAX Couplings – In Stock

Compact and backlash free, R+W SERVOMAX elastomer insert couplings are stocked in a wide variety of sizes, bore diameters, and keyway dimensions for off the shelf delivery. With a choice of three different Shore hardness levels, depending on the combination of flexibility, vibration damping and torque rigidity required, the EKL is a good fit for most direct coupled servo gearhead outputs. (read more)

R+W Coupling Technology - Calculating Application Torques

As a provider of flexible drive couplings and ball detent safety clutches, we are often asked to provide a bit of assistance in calculating application torques, especially for customers looking to retrofit existing equipment. (read more)

R+W Coupling Technology - Reliability under the most extreme conditions

Thousands of tons of copper matte is removed daily from the world's largest copper mine, which is 4,300 meters long, 3,000 meters wide and 850 meters deep . Huge bucket wheel excavators are used for this operation. To avoid very costly excavator downtimes, mechanical safety couplings by R+W are used to limit the force in the main and auxiliary drives (read more)

R+W Coupling Technology - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Depending on the application, extreme temperature ranges, heavy soiling, a high degree of vibration, and continuous operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year are the prevailing conditions for tunneling technology. The mining material is transferred to conveyor belts and transported several kilometers for processing. (read more)

R+W Coupling Technology - Design Considerations for Heavy Equipment

The world of high horsepower drives often calls for mechanical design to be approached from different perspectives. As motors, gearboxes and machines increase in size, power density can become disproportionate from one driveline component to the next, emphasizing the need for more rugged, robust and compact equipment to be used. (read more)


As a manufacturer of safety couplings and torque limiters, we are often asked to provide some assistance in calculating the moment of inertia of various loads, in order to aid in selecting the appropriate disengagement torque settings. Once the driving and driven inertia values are known, acceleratin and deceleration rates are used to estimate safety coupling torque adjustment ranges. (read more)

R+W Coupling Technology - Modern torque overload protection

You will learn:

  • The "how" and the "why" of mechanical torque limiters
  • Proper selection methods
  • Best practices for users
  • How to take advantage of new design technology in mechatronics
(read more)
R+W Coupling Technology - Precise and Compact

R+W products have proven their value thousands of times in the plants of leading bottling and packaging technology manufacturers. (read more)

R+W Coupling Technology - Disc Pack Couplings with Keyway Mounting

disc pack couplings are well suited to demanding power transmission applications
bellows couplings are typically used for servo drives and high precision applications (read more)

R+W Coupling Technology - Proper Shaft Fits for Precision Coupling Devices

When it comes to high-performance / high-speed drives and “smart” motors, such as servo and steppers, shaft fit becomes increasingly important. (read more)

R+W Coupling Technology - R+W Assumes a New Position on Metallic Couplings

When it comes to machinery that utilizes this type of equipment, professionals at all levels know that shut down for maintenance can be extremely costly, and that unplanned downtime can have catastrophic effects on the profitability of a process. (read more)