Ramsey Products Corporation - New Tool For Connecting and Disconnecting Chain

Ramsey's new RKO Tool Saves Time Connecting and Disconnecting Chains.

Connecting and disconnecting conveying chains can be tedious and time consuming. This is especially true with wear protected chains like Ramsey Allguard FX and Lifeguard, where pin heads are recessed below chain link surfaces. Ramsey engineers have come up with a solution for this problem, the Ramsey RKO... (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Ramsey Lifeguard® Chain Granted 3rd US Patent

Ramsey was recently granted a third US patent (US 2013/0087436 A1) for Lifeguard® wear protected conveying chains. Already covered by two United States patents (US 8,322,522 B2 and US 8,356,709), additional patents are pending in numerous other countries. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Lifeguard® Extended Pitch - Our Latest Innovation

Great customers often lead to great products! And we have our customers to thank for encouraging us to develop Lifeguard® Extended Pitch conveying chain. Offering all the advantages of standard 1/2" pitch Lifeguard chain, but with fewer moving parts and reduced overall weight, Lifeguard Extended Pitch can prolong chain life and promote smooth product transfer. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Ramsey Expands Product Testing and Research

As part of our ongoing commitment to product improvement, Ramsey recently completed a multi-year expansion of our product testing and development capabilities. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Wear Resistant Glass Bottle Conveying Chains

In this article, Ramsey Products discusses innovations in conveying chain design that can improve conveyor performance, reduce downtime, and extend operating life. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Ramsey's AllGuard FX | Wear Protected Chains

Ramsey's ALLGUARD FX conveyor chain is designed to extend chain life and improve product handling, especially in applications where conveyors run in contact with lateral guides or transfer plates. Using wear resistant links that guard and protect the sides of the chain, ALLGUARD chains run in direct contact with lateral guides, immune to the pin head wear that can destroy typical chains. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Chain Drive Case Studies

Do you have questions about a chain drive application? Ramsey's technical support team would like to share some of their experiences with successful chain drive solutions. Check out the chain drive case studies on Ramsey's website.The Ramsey team has summarized a variety of applications where silent chain drives have provided successful solutions. www.ramseychain.com/engineeringServices.asp (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Silent Chains & Inverted Tooth Chains

Silent Chains & Inverted Tooth Chains - Ramsey's RPV line of chain and sprockets redefines high performance for inverted tooth chains. Capable of speeds in excess of 7,000 feet/min and loads of 3,000 HP, RPV offers significantly improved performance over all ANSI Standard Chains. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - ULTRALIFE™ Glass Conveyor Chains

Ramsey's Ultralife Chain is used extensively for the transport and handling of glassware. Ultralife chain was designed for use on high speed and high volume production IS machines. Proprietary production techniques provide a link and pin configuration that maximizes contact area to decrease pin wear resulting in improved lifetime of the conveyor chain. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Ramsey Chain Couplings Replace Morse Couplings

Ramsey Products manufactures a full line of silent chain couplings that are fully interchangeable with chain couplings formerly produced by Morse. Replacements are available for standard Morse silent chain couplings, as well as Morse SA chain couplings. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - LifeGuard-Ramsey’s New Wear Resistant Silent Chain

Ramsey introduces its latest development in silent chain technology - LifeGuard™ wear resistant chain. LifeGuard chains, patent pending, feature specialized interlocking guard links that prevent pin head wear, reduce the size of gaps between adjacent side places, and minimize chain snagging. These features help to significantly prolong chain life and promote smooth product transfer. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Glass Transport

Ramsey Silent Chain is used extensively for the transport and handling of glassware. Suitable for hot-end handling, cold-end handling, cross conveying, as well as precision inspection and measuring applications, Ramsey chain is designed and built to satisfy the demanding requirements of today's glass industry (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Engineered Drive Systems

For customers that prefer a complete silent chain drive solution Ramsey designs and builds chain drive transfer cases. These units are custom built to fit each application so there is no minimum order quantity. Also, because they are custom built, shaft sizes, chain and sprocket selections, lubrication method, and enclosure materials can all be selected for th... (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Ramsey Hyperlink Chain Drive solutions

Ramsey's Hyperlink drives are customized, fully enclosed chain drive solutions built to deliver the exact loads, speeds and drive ratios needed in your application. All Hyperlink drives feature proprietary, high performance RPV, or Rampower , silent chains. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Ramsey Take Out Arms

Ramsey Take Out Arms are complete drive solutions, available to fit most IS machine designs. Because they are designed with high performance RPV chain and sprockets, Ramsey TOAs are often more compact than TOAs from other manufacturers and offer superior performance on today's high speed, IS machines. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Ramsey's Drive Selection Program Available Online!

Ramsey's new and improved Drive Selection Program is now conveniently located online at Ramseychain.com! The Ramsey Drive Selection Program assists specifically with chain and sprocket selection, chain length calculation, and shaft center distance calculation. The program allows the user to develop their unique drive solution and simplify the drive selection process. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Ramsey Silent Chain Finder

Ramsey's website has a new Chain Finder feature which simplifies chain identification and selection. This tool provides a simple, fast, alternative to searching product catalogs and provides key product information for most of Ramsey's chain products. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Seven Silent Chain Fundamentals

All silent chains are made up of stacked rows of flat, tooth shaped driving links that mesh with sprockets having compatible tooth spaces, much the way a rack and pinion mesh. Typically, chains will also contain guide links, whose purpose is to maintain proper tracking of the chain on sprockets. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Ramsey RPV....Motorcycle Land Speed Record

Ramsey congratulates Mike Akatiff and the Ack Attack race team for establishing a new motorcyle land speed record. On September 26, 2008, the Ack Attack streamliner, powered by Ramsey RPV chain and sprockets, reached a record speed of 360.913 miles per hour ( 580.833 kilometers per hour). (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Ramsey SC chains

SC chain can accommodate speeds approaching 6500 fpm and loads in excess of 1000 hp. Utilizing the patented Ramsey roller bearing joint, SC chain is one of Ramsey's most popular industrial chains. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - RamPower™ High performance silent chain

RP or RamPower series silent chain was designed to operate on sprockets manufactured with an ASME Standard tooth profile. RamPower offers twice the power capacity of SC series chains and speeds up to 7,000 fpm. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - ALLGUARD™ Glass Conveyor Chain

For applications where chains are operated in contact with lateral guides or wear strips Ramsey offers its exclusive ALLGUARD chain. With case hardened side plates that completely cover and protect the side of the chain, ALLGUARD runs flush with lateral guides, immune to the pin head wear that can destroy other chains. (read more)

Ramsey Products Corporation - Duplex Chains & Silent Chains

Duplex Chain is designed for serpentine drives where sprockets must be driven from both sides of the chain. Ramsey manufactures three different series of duplex chain: SC duplex has been around the longest, and is the most economical. (read more)