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Redwood Plastics

Redwood Plastics has promoted these products/services:

Redwood Plastics - Steel Rusts, FRP Doesn't

Redwood Plastics offers fiberglass structural shapes and FRP grating that outlasts and outperforms steel structures and platforms.

Redco fiberglass products are corrosion resistant, non-magnetic, have low conductivity, and the ability to support high loads across large spans.

More about FRP Products or learn about Redwood Plastics. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Oil & Gas Solutions

Redco™ Plastic products improve safety and production with parts that outperform and outlast rubber and metals in many applications. Redco™ Plastic products are available that are non-corrosive, low moisture absorption, non-rotting, noise and vibration reducing, and non-conductive. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Material Handling Solutions- Replacement parts

Reduce vibration, wear and hang-up, and decrease damage to product with Redco™ Plastic products. Vital parts on conveyers, belts, and rollers can be replaced by Redco™ Polyurethane, (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Transportation & Automotive Solutions

Prevent downtime and costly damage with Redco™ Plastic products on production assembly lines, as well as car and truck parts including; bearings, wear liners, shock pads, truck mounts and fifth wheel covers.

Redco™ Plastic products are non-corrosive, reduce wear, and outlast many traditional materials. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - FDA Approved Materials for Food & Beverage

Extreme temperatures, sanitation and contamination can cause frustrating problems in food processing environments. Redwood Plastics products are FDA Approved, non-conductive, chemical resistant and impervious to hot and cold temperatures. Redco™ Plastic Products are the perfect solution for parts that are wearing out prematurely due to rust or chemical wash-downs (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Announcing the first X-Ray detectable UHMW

Announcing the first X-Ray detectable UHMW! Improve quality assurance and product safety with Redco™ Polystone® M XDT. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Redco PVC Strip Door- Saves energy

Redco™ PVC Strip Door brings solutions to a variety of installations. Heated or cooled air becomes contained resulting in energy savings lost from unprotected openings. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Redco Fiberglass Grating

Due to its high load capacity it can be used with confidence in applications where wide support spans are required. Redco FRP Grating is also corrosion resistant and non-conductive making it ideal for applications where electrical current or chemicals may be present. Redco FRP Grating is low maintenance with a low cost of installation. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - FRP Grating

Redco FRP Grating provides durability with extremely high strength and stiffness. Due to its high load capacity it can be used with confidence in applications where wide support spans are required. Redco FRP Grating is also corrosion resistant and non-conductive. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - REDCO™ PREMIUM LINERS

REDCO™ PREMIUM LINERS promote reliable steady bulk material flow. They are abrasion, chemical and corrosion-resistant and have low coefficient of friction. There is no moisture absorption. These liners reduce or eliminate arching, ratholing and erratic flow.

Visit for our website dedicated to plastic liners. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Custom Polyurethane Parts for Rugged Applications

Redco™ Polyurethane from Redwood Plastics, unique in its broad hardness range, offers toughness and durability far beyond the range of most rubbers and plastics making it the perfect solution for rugged applications such as surface and subsurface mining, off road equipment and general industrial machinery. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Redco Snap It Sprocket

Redco™ Snap It Sprocket requires no bolts and is easy and quick to assemble. Increase production and reduce wear on your equipment. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Redco Plastic Liners

Redco™ Premium Liners promote reliable, steady bulk material flow. They are abrasion, chemical and corrosion-resistant, low friction coefficient, no moisture absorption, and reduce or eliminate arching, ratholing and erratic flow. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Redco Outrigger Pads- Lighter and longer lasting

Lighter and longer lasting than plywood or steel, Redco™ Outrigger Pads stand up to harsh weather and extreme environments to protect you and your equipment from costly accidents. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Redco™ Sheaves & Pulleys

Redco™ Nylon Cable Sheaves & Pulleys offer high load bearing capabilities (up to 4000 PSI), are light weight, self lubricating and have a low co-efficient of friction. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Polymer alloys can perform better than brass

Durable polymer alloys capable of performing better than brass, bronze or babbitt!

  • Self Lubricating
  • Excellent for impact and shock application
  • Exceptional wear life and resistance to corrosion
  • Low temperature resistance to -80°F
(read more)
Redwood Plastics - Redco Titanium

Redco™ Titanium is specially formulated to be the slickest, strongest and toughest with superior abrasion resistance and the lowest thermal expansion. Developed for the most demanding applications involving impact and sliding. (read more)

Redwood Plastics - Redco Tuffkast- aggressive industrial applications

Redco™ Tuffkast has a combination of strength and resilience resulting in a high performance plastic that offers excellent wear and abrasion resistance with rigidity, minimal water absorption and superior impact values. (read more)