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Reis Robotics USA, Inc.

Reis Robotics USA, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

Reis Robotics USA, Inc. - Laser Hybrid Welding

Welding fast and deep in one operating step, laser hybrid welding combines the advantages of laser and MAG welding into a common process. Increasing weld speed considerably with resulting in very little distortion by a minimized heat affected zone. The weld seams excel by very good metallurgical and mechanical properties. (read more)

Reis Robotics USA, Inc. - Rail-Guided Bridge Gantry robot -welding & cutting

Innovation: Gantry robot for components up to 135 x 12.5 x 3 m for welding, gluing, and mechanical processing (read more)

Reis Robotics USA, Inc. - Energy Savings in Die Casting Automation

Practical success:
Measurable energy savings in die casting automation

Blue Competence – experienced reality for Reis Robotics

The introduction of VDMA “Blue Competence” has been met with excellent feedback and praise. Reis Robotics has established that it is possible to save plenty of energy even in the very energy-intensive die casti... (read more)

Reis Robotics USA, Inc. - New Reis laser robot RV60-26-FT

New Reis Laser Robot RV60-26-FT with integrated beam guidance for highest laser capacity (read more)

Reis Robotics USA, Inc. - Reis Joins Technology and Linked Systems

At the end of November, the well-known Laser Day was renamed: “Reis Joins.” More than 150 individuals participated in learning of different automated joining technologies and the system competence of Reis Robotics. (read more)

Reis Robotics USA, Inc. - Removal robot controls 2-axis spray robot

Control of the removal robot will be taken over by the control of the spray robot.

The amplifiers of the two additional axes, a second CPU and a second Safety-Controller for the spray robot will be integrated in the control cabinet of the removal robot. The portable teach pendant of the removal robot can be switched over to the... (read more)

Reis Robotics USA, Inc. - Reis SafetyController

Reis Robotics demonstrates the capacity of the SafetyController. Particularly complicated weld tasks (i.e., automated build-up welding of worn-out forging and rolling tools) require the presence of an operator in the welding cell of a robot. (read more)

Reis Robotics USA, Inc. - Reis presents bridge gantry type RBP

Reis Robotics presents the biggest robot of the company's history: 135 x 12 x 3m work envelope, e.g., for economic production of large structures in railway vehicle construction, shipbuilding, steel construction, or wind energy power plant construction.

The bridge gantry type RBP can be equipped with 2 robots in different configurations. Besides the longitudinal and the transversa... (read more)

Reis Robotics USA, Inc. - Reis Robotics new laser robot RV60-26-FT

Reis Robotics presents its newly developed laser robot RV60-26-FT for laser welding and laser hybrid welding. This laser robot is offers improved load capacity for the new process technology, a higher transmittable laser power, a bigger reach, and extended interfaces and adjusting features. It is possible to transfer fiber, disk, or diode lasers up to 16 kW laser capacity due to t... (read more)

Reis Robotics USA, Inc. - reisPAD: new programming and operating technology

Obernburg, Germany – REIS starts delivery of robot systems with its new reisPAD portable teach pendant. (read more)

Reis Robotics USA, Inc. - Vertical Articulated Arm Robots for Industrial Use

The articulated-arm robot series is the most important robot kinematics for industrial use. As 6-axes universal robots with high path speeds and large work envelopes the RV-robots are especially suited for the (read more)