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Remcom (USA) - Simulation of MIMO Antennas for 5G Communications

To keep up with rising demand and new technologies, the wireless industry is researching a wide array of solutions for 5G, including Massive MIMO. Remcom’s Wireless InSite provides an efficient method to predict channel characteristics for large-array MIMO antennas in complex multipath environments. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - XFdtd 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Remcom's XFdtd® Release 7 (XF7) is the market's most modern 3D electromagnetic simulation software for FDTD-based modeling and simulation. It’s tremendously fast by leveraging NVIDIA’s most advanced CUDA-enabled GPUs. And it’s easy to use and engineered to replicate real-world processes. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Wireless InSite for Simulation Large Urban Scenes

Remcom announces a new version of Wireless InSite, its site-specific radio propagation software for the analysis of wireless communication systems. The release supports the import of KMZ and COLLADA geometry files and includes significant processing speed-ups for terrain and city geometry, enabling simulations of large and complex urban scenes. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Wireless EM Propagation Software-Wireless InSiteĀ®

Remcom's Wireless InSite is site-specific radio propagation software for the analysis of wireless communication systems, wireless networks, sensors, radars, and other devices that transmit or receive radio waves. The software provides efficient and accurate predictions of EM propagation and communication channel characteristics in complex urban, indoor, rural and mixed path... (read more)

Remcom (USA) - XGtd EM Software for Electrically Large Platforms

XGtd is a general purpose ray-based electromagnetic analysis tool for assessing the effects of a vehicle or vessel on antenna radiation, predicting coupling between antennas, and predicting radar cross section (RCS). It is ideally suited for applications with higher frequencies or very large platforms where the requirements of a full physics method may exceed available computational reso... (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Benefits of Time-Domain Simulation for Auto Radar

This whitepaper demonstrates how XFdtd's time-domain EM simulation enables rapid development by allowing engineers to determine the performance of a fully detailed sensor model installed behind a piece of fascia without needing to build prototypes and run tests in an anechoic chamber. The analysis of a 25 GHz sensor frames the discussion. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - XFdtd's Circuit Element Optimizer

XFdtd's Circuit Element Optimizer uses a new technology that combines full wave 3D EM simulation and circuit optimization to simplify the matching circuit workflow. Now design engineers can optimize matching circuit lumped element values directly in the electromagnetic layout where the coupling from multiple antennas and the ground return current paths are taken into account. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Touchscreen Capacitance for Handheld Device Design

Remcom announces Projected Capacitive Touch Capability in XFdtd® 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software. This capability was developed for teams designing sensor and drive lines in touchscreens. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - FDTD EM Simulation vs. FEM for Automotive Radar

To meet the increasing accuracy needs of high performance auto radar design, the FDTD EM simulation method has emerged as a better solution than traditional FEM formulations. FDTD overcomes FEM limitations that force design engineers to trade away accuracy and simplify their simulation models. This paper introduces FDTD’s advantages for automotive radar circuit and systems level de... (read more)

Remcom (USA) - EM Simulation of Liver Probe for Thermal Ablation

In this application note, a double slot choked antenna developed for hepatic microwave ablation (tumor treatment) is simulated in XFdtd® to determine antenna performance and the effectiveness of the device for treating deep-seated tumors. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Thermal Sensor in 64 MHz Birdcage Coil

A lowpass birdcage coil designed to operate at 64 MHz is simulated to show B fields in both unloaded and loaded conditions. When loaded with a heterogeneous human head model, the temperature rise caused by exposure to the fields of the coil is computed using XFdtd’s biological thermal sensor. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - XFdtd for Calculating Biological EM Effects

XFdtd Bio-Pro provides users with a bundled collection of important biomedical EM calculation capabilities such as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) analysis, VariPose® Mesh Repositioning, and Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC). (read more)

Remcom (USA) - XStream GPU Acceleration for XFdtd

XStream tremendously improves EM simulation performance by leveraging the powerful NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) available in modern video cards to make ultra-fast FDTD numerical computations -- from 30 to 300 times faster than a modern 64-bit CPU. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Rotman Lens Designer for Analyzing Rotman Lenses

Rotman Lens Designer (RLD) software package is a tool for the design, synthesis, and analysis of Rotman Lenses and their variants. It is based on Geometrical Optics combined with the classical Rotman Lens design equations. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - VariPose Biological Mesh Repositioning Software

VariPose® is a special purpose software tool that repositions the voxels of the Male Visible Human mesh including internal anatomical structures. (read more)