Rose Bopla Enclosures - BOCUBE, Instrumentation Enclosure

The BOCUBE enclosure from Bopla is unique, innovative, and versatile. It comes in 11 sizes and can be configured 66 different ways as standard. Two materials are offered, ABS and PC. BOCUBE features a captive lid with a 2mm deep membrane keypad area (exception: B 080805 features a .5mm recess) in clear or opaque material. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - New SL 4000 Operator Interface Enclosure

The new SL 4000 Operator Interface enclosure from Rose is an aluminum extrusion enclosure system with cast aluminum corner pieces. It is ideally suited for machinery and control equipment and features an integrated handle design. The rear panel has reinforcement profiles and an innovative fastener system for structural stability. It also provides quick access to the electronics inside... (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Build-A-Box® Custom Sized Enclosures

Build-A-Box® extrusions can be cut to custom lengths to fit your design needs. With ingress protection ratings up to IP 65, Build-A-Box® extrusions combine form and function to meet rugged housing requirements. Ideal for wireless, hand-held, wall-mount or desktop devices. The Build-A-Box® enclosure system can be used for a wide range of applications. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Perfect for Customizing—Rugged Aluminum Enclosures

Diecast aluminum enclosures are designed for rugged electronic instrumentation and electrical applications. Rose offers two of the most popular watertight aluminum enclosures on the market today-Aluform and Aluminum 01 enclosures. With nearly 100 sizes in painted, unpainted, and Ex versions, your design will safely fit in any environment. Rose also offers a full range of value-added... (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Polycarbonate Watertight UL94 V0 Enclosures

Polycarbonate UL94 V0 enclosures offer design engineers an excellent cost-effective alternative for instrumentation applications needing a higher level of safety. Polycarbonate UL94 V0 enclosures feature high impact resistance and excellent chemical resistance with IP65 protection. 19 sizes are now available as a stocking item. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Customize Your Design With Value-Added Services

Rose and Bopla offers a range of value-added services to create custom designs from our standard enclosures. Whether your project requires machining, painting, powdercoating, screenprinting, membrane keypads, or component assembly, we can add unique features to your electronic devices. Rose and Bopla offers one of the largest selections of watertight enclosures, ideal for customized desi... (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Ideal Solutions for MC Instrumentation

Whether it's for a temperature control monitor, a mobile control unit, or a handheld data logger, ROSE and BOPLA has an enclosure solution for your next instrumentatiuon design. And…these enclosures can all be watertight (IP 65 or better) so your device will be protected even in a rugged environment. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Alubos…Unlimited Sizing for Most Applications

Watertight, hand-held, wall-mount or desktop…Alubos has the features to do it all. This aluminum extrusion-style enclosure system combines form and function to meet the needs of your specific design. Three types of Alubos profiles are offered-closed, split horizontally, or open on one side. Various lengths are possible with Alubos extrusion. Custom sizing made easy! (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - EuroLite Polycarbonate Watertight Enclosures

EuroLite Polycarbonate Watertight enclosures are ideal for high quality electronic instrumentation. These housings feature a beveled edge lid design, smooth high-polish finish and molded edges. The aesthetic design of the EuroLite enclosure will enhance the marketability of your finished product. EuroLite is also offered in a modified lid design with a raised border area for membrane key... (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - More Options For Machine Control

Rose+Bopla offers an expanded line up of machine control enclosures and Suspension Arm Systems, including the new SL 4000. These rugged enclosure units have protection ratings up to IP65. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - RCP Measurement & Control Housings

RCP Control Housings from ROSE and BOPLA are ideal for instrumentation and measurement/control applications. These stylish wall-mount enclosures are available in 8 basic sizes, each with three different designs. To permit the insertion of mounting plates and PC boards, all designs have both vertical and horizontal grooves to ensure optimal versatility of the unit. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Durable Plastic Watertight Enclosures

Polycarbonate and ABS watertight enclosures offer design engineers an excellent cost-effective alternative for instrumentation. Polycarbonate 33 features a clear lid, making it ideal for viewing meters or process control instruments. Polycarbonate offers high impact resistance and excellent chemical resistance. Also available with solid color lid and base in Polycarbonate or ABS. Up to I... (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - DATABOS…Adaptable, Affordable Handheld Enclosures

This highly adaptable ABS hand-held enclosure system is available in gray or black, depending on the design. Each enclosure type provides different equipment features and accessories, so making it easy to find the ideal enclosure for use in a wide range of mobile data collection and processing applications. Options include display windows, membrane-keypads, battery compartments, and (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - INTERTEGO, New Industrial Desktop Enclosures

INTERTEGO, an extruded aluminum enclosure, is an innovative design system that will make your product stand out. Two heights, three widths, and three depths offer a multitude of sizing options with plenty of space to accommodate electronic equipment. These enclosures are suited for applications requiring electronic shielding, and with a little upgrade... (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Modular Construction Means Flexible Designs

Rose+Bopla offers two superb choices for your next instrumentation application: CombiCard for more robust watertight measurement/control designs and Ultramas for small test equipment or computer peripheral devices. Both offer modular construction to accommodate a wide range of sizes and features, from terminal compartments and membrane keypad mounting to desktop configurations or (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Alustyle...Bopla's New Aluminum Profile Enclosure

Alustyle, newest member of our extruded aluminum enclosure family, can be customized by selecting the length of extrusion and adding accessories. Alustyle is available in 2 standard colors, 4 profile sizes, and 3 profile types (closed, horizontally split, U-type with front panel). Alustyle's trapezoidal shape allows it to be used as a hand-held, wall-mount, desktop or DIN rail enclosure. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Handheld for Mobile Applications - Rose & Bopla

Rose+Bopla's new handheld enclosure BOS Streamline with it's innovative technical features and smooth ergonomic lines offers new opportunities in the field of mobile data recording and processing. The angeled shape of the half-shells allows... (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Durable Cost-effective Housings—Polycarbonate/ABS

Rose+Bopla offers Polycarbonate/ABS housings for measurement/control or junction boxes. Wall-mounted RCP housings have terminal compartments and guide grooves; CombiCard offers modular construction making modifications easy; and our Polycarb box, rated to IP66, is available with clear lid, making it ideal for small instruments in tough environments…good value for your next design. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - BOCARD Control Enclosure Now In 5 Sizes

BOCARD is a versatile enclosure for use in measurement, control, and automation control technologies. BOCARD is at home in water technology, fire protection, building protection, logistics, and mobile control technology applications, just to mention a few. BOCARD, molded in ABS plastic, is now available in 5 sizes ranging from 179 H x 199 W up to 338 H x 400 W (mm). (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Explosion Protected (Ex/ATEX Approved) Enclosures

Fiberglass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Ex Enclosures from Rose+Bopla carry a wide range of Ex/ATEX approvals. Ex enclosures are ideal as Junction & Pull boxes in harsh environments. Rose+Bopla also offers the Beluga Ex handheld enclosures with Ex/ATEX approvals. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - NovoTronic—New Extrusion Enclosure from Rose

The new Rose NovoTronic enclosure system offers 5 aluminum profile sizes for robust measurement and control technologies. Inside each profile are integrated guide grooves for PC boards. Each profile size is available in 3 standard lengths, as well as meter lengths for custom sizing. Profiles and lids are powder-coated jet black and multi-function side profiles are powder-coated ruby red. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - New Extrusion Enclosure With A Slant

Alu-Topline is a new desktop enclosure with lots of innovative features. Alu-Topline can also be wall-mounted for use in data recording and processing applications. This new extrusion-based enclosure is available in 2 heights and 5 standard lengths. The split profile design ensures easy assembly of electronics and a recessed area on the top side is ideal for mounting membrane keypads. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - 4945 Suspension Arm System

The Rose+Bopla 4945 Suspension Arm System is a sensible solution for wiring control components fast and with very little maintenance effort. This stylish equipment carrier system was designed to be used with and compliment their new SL 2000 flat panel machine control enclosures. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - BOS Ecoline—Cost effective Aluminum Enclosures

BOS Ecoline is used for a wide range of electronic applications. Aluminium extrusions are available in three different versions—closed, open on one side, or split profiles. Profiles equipped with guide grooves for PCBs. Two styles of ABS endcaps are available, with or without wall brackets in Gray and Silver. Profiles feature recessed areas for membrane keypads. Sold in meter lengths. (read more)

Rose Bopla Enclosures - Ergonomically Designed 2921 Mobile Control Units

Providing an interface between man and machine, Rose+Bopla's 2921 Mobile Control Units are offered with five different sized heads to suit a wide variety of control requirements. Modern engineering facilities use membrane panels for mobile controlling and installation. The 2921 enclosure is designed for membrane keypads or electro-mechanical components. (read more)