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Ross Controls - Contaminant Protection for Packaging Applications

The sanitary conditions needed in food and beverage packaging applications demand contaminant-free production so that the end product is safe and pure for consumption. To meet these demands, ROSS offers the Stainless Steel L-O-X® energy isolation valve for reliable operation in washdown applications SEE VIDEO (read more)

Ross Controls - Innovative Press Clutch/Brake Solutions

ROSS' DM2® Series D double valves are excellent for clutch/brake control; they are self-monitored offering a dirt-tolerant, wear-compensating design for long life in harsh environments. Series D valves have dynamic monitoring & memory, conveniently integrated into two identical valve elements along with the valve's air control functions. SEE THEM IN LAS VEGAS NO... (read more)

Ross Controls - Pneumatic Valves - Access 2 & 3D Drawings

Make your design process easier with easy to access specifications and drawings to download. Whether your firm is in the safety, metal stamping, aluminum, glass bottle blowing, plastic blowmolding, steel, or other industry, ROSS offers a comprehensive line of pneumatic controls to satisfy your needs. ACCESS THEM IN MOST 2 & 3 D FORMATS (read more)

Ross Controls - Protect Product Quality - Avoid Downtime

Stainless Steel L-O-X® Air Entry Unit combines the industry-leading L-O-X® energy isolation valve with an integrated filter/regulator in a compact, high flow design. All 316 stainless steel for corrosion protection in caustic environments such as the wastewater, oil, gas and pulp/paper industries. (read more)

Ross Controls - Proportional Valves: Integral Piloting and Power

ROSS’ multitasking and durable Proportional valves have long been popular in glass industry for plunger, blower and hollow glass forming applications, but other industries are starting to discover the product’s many benefits. (read more)

Ross Controls - Modular Compact L-O-X® Manual Lockout Valves

High flow Energy Isolation Valve in a compact, space saving design. Full flow, threaded exhaust meets all applicable standards. The Modular L-O-X® with EEZ-ON® operation conveniently provides a soft start function, allowing a gradual buildup of downstream air pressure before it opens to full flow. SEE THE VIDEO DEMO (read more)

Ross Controls - Fluid Power Safety for Machine Guarding

This book covers safety topics pertinent to machine guarding for pneumatic equipment. Topics include control integrity, energy isolation, alternative lockout, risk assessment for fluid power, safety standards, clutch/brake controls for mechanical presses, understanding press counterbalance systems and FAQ's. AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD IN PDF - NO CHARGE (read more)

Ross Controls - Compact Modular L-O-X® Manual Lockout Valves

For flexibility, the valves can be mounted inline or as part of a modular assembly. The modular option allows for easy servicing and provides many design options. The Modular L-O-X® with EEZ-ON® operation conveniently provides a soft start function, allowing a gradual buildup of downstream air pressure before it opens to full flow. (read more)

Ross Controls - Compact, Low Profile Flow Control Valves

ROSS flow control valves provide high air flow rates into a cylinder, and precisely controlled flow rates out of the cylinder. The adjustable flow can range from near zero to full flow. Port Sizes 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 (read more)

Ross Controls - Push-Button Valves

The Pushbutton valve is an all-in-one product in that can be conveniently ported as a normally-closed or normally-open valve, allowing for greater application flexibility and a streamlined inventory. This economical valve maintains actuation and provides a spring return (read more)

Ross Controls - Reliable Energy Isolation Washdown Applications

Specifically designed for sensitive washdown applications, ROSS has assembled some of its most popular products into a fluid and particulate resistant stainless steel cabinet to meet the need for uncontaminated fluid power control in industries such as food, beverage and chemical processing, (read more)

Ross Controls - Assuring Machine Safety in Your Plant

ROSS® has been designing and supplying the "industry standards" of safety products for pneumatic energy isolation (LOTO) and control reliable double valves for the metal-forming industry for clutch/brake applications and the general manufacturing sector for decades (read more)

Ross Controls - Versatile Valves easily tailored to applications

Introduced in 1960, the ROSS Series 27 inline valves have lead the industry with its innovative head and body design. Known for its longevity and consistent response times over the life of the valve, the Series 27 has become a proven standard and a customer favorite. Series 27 LOGICAIR® adaptors provide special functions. (read more)

Ross Controls - Corrosion Resistant Washdown Suitable Valve

With its stainless steel construction and self-draining capability, this rugged energy isolation valve is an excellent solution for applications in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Pulp/Paper, Chemical Processing and the Oil & Gas sectors. Its standard VITON seals provide reliable protection against contaminant ingression. (read more)

Ross Controls - Pneumatic Safety Products Shipped FAST

In production, time lost is money lost. When unforeseen malfunctions cause downtime, it's vital to get your machines running again to maintain productive and profitable operation. For key components needed to ensure fluid power safety in your systems ROSS CONTROLS now offers the New Consider it Done® 1 & 3 Day Shipment Program (read more)

Ross Controls - Pneumatic Valves Increase Thermoforming Efficiency

See the pneumatic circuit drawings, specs, performance data and example valve arrangements used by OEM thermoforming equipment manufacturers to build and retrofit thermoforming machines. The results are reduced cycle time, energy savings and less downtime. Machine speed is the difference between profit and loss. (read more)

Ross Controls - Control Reliable Pneumatic Energy Isolation

Enhance safety in your pneumatic systems.

Ross Controls® introduces new series of double valves for Category 4 applications. They provide shut off of pneumatic energy and exhaust downstream pressure with control reliability. (read more)

Ross Controls - Double Valves - TOTAL Dynamic Monitoring & Memory

New DM2® Crossflow™ SERPAR® Double Valves by ROSS® combine the tough, dirt tolerant, wear compensating characteristics of poppet technology with new double valve features in response to the changing demands of the mechanical press industry and its associated standards and regulations regarding pneumatically controlled clutch/brake applications. (read more)

Ross Controls - Manual L-O-X® Valve

OSHA regulations and ANSI standards require energy sources (pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, etc.) be shut off or disconnected while equipment is being serviced. The disconnected valve or switch must be locked to prevent reactivation while anyone is working on the equipment. The manual L-O-X® valve controls the airflow simply by moving its large red handle in or out. (read more)

Ross Controls - Stainless Steel L-O-X® energy isolation valve

Stainless steel construction and self-draining capability, this rugged valve is an excellent solution for washdown applications. Where corrosion or contaminants are a concern, the Stainless Steel L-O-X® offers an easy and reliable solution. (read more)

Ross Controls - Ensure Safety Pneumatic Valves & Controls Catalog

The industry leaders in pneumatic valve technology offer a new online interactive catalog. You can search for actuators to valves and accessories to pressure controllers. Each area has in depth product data, specs, descriptions and illustrations. Plus see a video of popular products (read more)

Ross Controls - Ever seen a broken air line whipping around?

Have ever seen a broken air line whipping around? Then you will instantly see the benefits of the new HOZE-FUZE® from ROSS Controls®. The HOZE-FUZE® senses the high flow in the line that occurs when a hose or tubing suddenly fails and automatically reduces the flow to minimize hose whip. (read more)

Ross Controls - Pneumatic Systems - Relieve Back Pressure Quickly

ROSS CONTROLS introduces its High-Relief Pilot-Operated Regulator for high-flow applications. This multi-purpose regulator is an asset to systems requiring high relief capability such as welding, blow molding operations, steel, aluminum, and glass production. (read more)

Ross Controls - Risk Assessment/Risk Reduction Pneumatic Systems

Understanding how to evaluate hazards and then reduce them is the crucial first step in safety in the manufacturing environment. This helpful article and presentation will give you insight and ways to ensure safety in your pneumatic systems (read more)

Ross Controls - Reduce Compressed Air Usage up to 30%

EnergySaver® Solenoid Pilot Valves help address rising costs. Traditionally, standard valves apply the same pressure for extending and retracting double acting cylinders. However, this new ENERGYSAVER® valve revolutionizes the way cylinders are controlled, by reducing the cylinder retract pressure. (read more)