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Rousseau Metal inc.

Rousseau Metal inc. has promoted these products:

Rousseau Metal inc. - Compartmentalize your heavy-duty drawers

Do you want to organize your drawers and store your tools tidily? Rousseau offers various solutions to divide your drawers and help you gain in efficiency and productivity. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Tailored solutions for each individual situation

Rousseau does not create "one-size-fits-all" solutions, but rather tailored solutions for each individual situation. Rousseau specialists know all about our many products and the possibilities they provide, so they are perfectly positioned to offer you the best configuration for your specific needs. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - The Added Value of a Network

As you already know, Rousseau sells its products through a network of specialist distributors throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom. It is through these hundreds of specialists that Rousseau can offer a wide range of modular products to ensure your solution is tailored to your specific needs. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Second part of ROUSSolutions 2017!

Things are definitely happening at Rousseau in 2017! Can you guess what? (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Do you dream of having a garage to be proud of?

Do you dream of having a garage to be proud of? Well, Rousseau products are the solution (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Your dream garage!

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own garage? Rousseau products offer you a high level of customization as well as adapt to the structural constraints of your space. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Visualize the solutions offered by Rousseau

Rousseau offers industry-leading, modular products that can be personalized to fit the specific needs of any business while also reflecting the desired brand image.

Visualize the type of solutions offered by Rousseau, as well as the special requirements that Rousseau and its distributors can cater for. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Forget the standard solutions

This is the Rousseau difference. Forget the standard solutions that some manufacturers offer. Instead, choose Rousseau and configure it to your specific needs; a configuration in which every detail has been chosen by you. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - A wide choice of widths, depths and heights

Rousseau also offers many different dimensions so the product you buy truly fits your requirements. A wide choice of widths, depths and heights ensures you pay the right amount for the right product, whether your primary concern is ergonomics, structural constraints or optimizing space. With Rousseau you never have to settle for a product that's just adequate; instead you buy a genuine s... (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Reflect your image.

Your workspace is a reflection of your business. Whether it serves to win customers or provide a functional work environment for your employees, it needs to reflect your image. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - A solution specifically tailored to you

Rousseau has been known for manufacturing quality products since 1950. But in addition to its reputation for incredible durability and innovative storage solutions, the Rousseau name is also synonymous with customization. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Capacity of mobile workstations

What's the capacity of your mobile workstation? (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - What's the capacity of your fixed workstation?

There are hundreds of Rousseau products out there so you may be unsure of how much weight your particular product is capable of supporting. So here's a little guide to help you find out the capacity of your Rousseau fixed workstation. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Rousseau cabinets: excellence within reach

One of the greatest strengths of our R cabinets is their flexibility, a result of their modular design. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Store bulky items in a scalable system

Open shelving & mini-racking

For storing large items, our shelving and mini-racking units are ideal and boast unrivaled durability. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - For the specific needs of the health sector.

From sterilization and maintenance areas to medical departments, Rousseau provides versatile and safe products for the specific needs of the health sector. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Accessories for every requirement

Separators, dividers, plastic bins and file holders can all be added to create compartments and specially designated areas for different items.

Foam and mats are also available to properly protect your equipment.

To complete your solution, you can also choose security and identification accessories so that parts are easy to find and always safe. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Versatility at your fingertips

We often say that our Spider® shelving and mini-racking is a complete solution in itself. This product line offers a wide range of possibilities for creating a custom storage system for your unique needs. The cornerstone of the Spider® system and the secret to its versatility is the post! (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Work safely, store securely

Safety and security cannot be ignored when performing your daily tasks. Rousseau understands the importance of protecting both users and items that need to be stored. This is why we have developed accessories to improve safety and security in each of our product lines. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Key problems?

Do you need replacement keys or locks? (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Rousseau's NEW locker is spacious and adaptable


• Includes a lock on the door.
• Includes a stainless steel base. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Efficient use of available space

Wide range of accessories available for efficient organization (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Famed Innovation Continues with 54"wide Cabinets

Rousseau proudly launched its new 54" wide cabinet on February 29. As every customer and their needs are unique, Rousseau constantly seeks to provide true solutions to their daily challenges. This new dimension is one such example. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - New Doors for Rousseau

Rousseau's design team worked hard to create a modern and distinctive solution that offers true added value. The doors adjust vertically and horizontally to compensate for uneven floors. The doors also close with a simple push. The durable and ergonomic handles intuitively turn to the left or right for easy opening. Two locking options are available for added security. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Specialized Industrial Storage Solutions

Rousseau offers a mulitude of choices and solutions for your industrial storage needs (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Turn-key Solutions for your Hospital

Those who use Rousseau products in the health sector will attest to their ergonomics, reliability and safety. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - 400 lb capacity -sturdiest in the industry

400 lb capacity per drawer, the sturdiest in the industry.

Variety of drawer accessories available : partitions, plastic bins, hanging files bars, etc. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Solution Spotlight- SRE4003M Mobile Shelving

At Rousseau, we are aware that your requirements change often and that you want to keep your facility clean and safe. This is why we now offer the ability to convert your shelving or Mini-Racking to a mobile structure. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - CNC Tool Storage Solution

The Rousseau CNC tool storage system is available with perforations for Taper, Straight, Sandvik Capto, HSK, KM and VDI tools. It is also available without perforations. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Heavy-Duty Mobile Cabinet

The mobile Rousseau R cabinet provides a capacity of 400 lb per drawer and is
one of the safest on the market. Its full-width, ergonomic handle and Lock-in
mechanism on the drawers make it easy to open with one hand. It is designed for
intensive use in hostile work environments. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Storage Systems for Laboratories

For a work environment that is well organized and efficient, as well as pleasant
and aesthetic, for all your types of laboratories, the Rousseau storage systems are your solution (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Mobile Mini-Racking and Shelving

Rousseau Metal Inc. Announces Mobile Mini-Racking and Shelving (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Closed Shelving Units

General Characteristics

Load capacity and a design adapted to manual storage in most industrial and commercial sectors. Common post for Mini-Racking and industrial shelving. Various shelving heights available: 39", 51", 75", 87", 99", 11", 123" and more. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Adaptable Spider® Shelving System

With quick assembly and sturdy construction, the Rousseau SpiderĀ® shelving system can respond to all your storage needs. There is a wide range of accessories and dimensions available (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Need Mobile Shelving?

At Rousseau, we are aware that your requirements change often and that you want to keep your facility clean and safe. This is why we now offer the ability to convert your shelving or Mini-Racking to a mobile structure (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Computer Cabinet - R5JDG-5819

Computer Cabinet with Two Roll-Out Shelves (30"W X 27"D X 62"H) (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - A New Product from Rousseau

Rousseau launched its latest innovation on April 1 as its existing product range continues to expand. The all-new corner workstation, highly anticipated by customers, was unveiled with much excitement. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - New locker

On February 29 Rousseau added to its wide range of workstation products for automotive technicians with the launch its new storage locker. (read more)