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Rousseau Metal inc.

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Rousseau Metal inc. - Two Rousseau cabinets to be won!

Two Rousseau cabinets to be won!

By entering our contest by November 20, you could win a special-edition 65th Anniversary workstation or toolbox with side cabinet. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - CNC Tool Storage Solution

The Rousseau CNC tool storage system is available with perforations for Taper,
Straight, Sandvik Capto, HSK, KM and VDI tools. It is also available without
perforations. The system is remarkable in many ways: (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Heavy-Duty Mobile Cabinet

The mobile Rousseau R cabinet provides a capacity of 400 lb per drawer and is
one of the safest on the market. Its full-width, ergonomic handle and Lock-in
mechanism on the drawers make it easy to open with one hand. It is designed for
intensive use in hostile work environments. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Storage Systems for Laboratories

For a work environment that is well organized and efficient, as well as pleasant
and aesthetic, for all your types of laboratories, the Rousseau storage systems are your solution (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Mobile Cart for NC Tooling - NCW0217

Centered Mobile Cart for Taper 50 (32"W X 27"D X 59¼"H ) (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Mobile Mini-Racking and Shelving

Rousseau Metal Inc. Announces Mobile Mini-Racking and Shelving (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Bank of Drawers

The Rousseau R modular drawer (400 lb capacity) can be installed in more than 35 brands of shelving making it possible to keep existing materials. Sturdy construction and a distinctive appearance (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Closed Shelving Units

General Characteristics

Load capacity and a design adapted to manual storage in most industrial and commercial sectors. Common post for Mini-Racking and industrial shelving. Various shelving heights available: 39", 51", 75", 87", 99", 11", 123" and more. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Adaptable Spider® Shelving System

With quick assembly and sturdy construction, the Rousseau Spider® shelving system can respond to all your storage needs. There is a wide range of accessories and dimensions available (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Need Mobile Shelving?

At Rousseau, we are aware that your requirements change often and that you want to keep your facility clean and safe. This is why we now offer the ability to convert your shelving or Mini-Racking to a mobile structure (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Multi-Drawer Cabinet - R5EHE-5807

Multi-Drawer Cabinet, 20 drawers (60"W X 24"D X 62"H) (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Closed Shelving - SRE9005

21 Shelves (108''W x 24'' D x 87''H) (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Closed Desk with Closed Legs

Its robust components make it ideal for industrial applications while its attractive design fits perfectly in office environments.Also available on stationary or mobile version.Our standard lead time is 10 to 15 working days.Photo is a product image only as final product look may change depending on color and accessories selected. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Closed Industrial Shelving System - SHE2024

Closed Industrial Shelving, 8 shelves (36"W X 24"D X 87"H) (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Computer Cabinet - R5JDG-5819

Computer Cabinet with Two Roll-Out Shelves (30"W X 27"D X 62"H) (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Tool Storage Cabinet for NC Tooling - NCM0017

Tool Storage Cabinet for Taper 40 (36"W X 24"D X 60"H) (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Rousseau Spider ® Shelving System - SHE1024

Open Industrial Shelving , 8 shelves (36"W X 24"D X 87"H) (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Double Smart compact

Mobile, 10 drawers, (36"W X 21"D X 41 ½"H) (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - MULTI-DRAWER CABINET, 10 DRAWERS
  • 48" W X 27" D X 38"H
  • Design patented.
  • 400 lb capacity per drawer, the sturdiest in the industry.
  • Includes lock(s) on cabinet housing.
  • 10 drawers
(read more)