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SKF/North America

SKF/North America has promoted these products/services:

SKF/North America - New generation Speedi-Sleeve resolve cracking issues

New generation SKF Speedi-Sleeves used with radial shaft seals in rotating machinery resolve the micro-cracking issues typically associated with conventional chrome-plated sleeves. These sealing solutions enable users to quickly and efficiently replace worn sealing surfaces without requiring time-consuming and unproductive machine disassembly and subsequent shaft regrinding. (read more)

SKF/North America - HSS radial-shaft seals for critical steel mill assets

SKF HSS radial-shaft seals are designed to promote optimized performance and reliability for critical steel mill and metals industry assets. The all-rubber, reinforced seals provide metal rolling mills with high-performance and easy-to-install solutions to protect large-size bearings from the ingress of potentially harmful contaminants. (read more)

SKF/North America - New Automatic Lubricator TLMP series

The new SKF MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator TLMP series introduces a centralized and ready-to-use lubrication system to automatically lubricate multiple bearing lubrication points in rotating equipment across a variety of industries. This sturdy system with pluggable outlets is packaged as a complete kit and designed for easy installation and user-friendly programming via keypad with LED... (read more)

SKF/North America - New electromechanical linear actuators

New SKF CAHB-E series electromechanical linear actuators introduce powerful, efficient, and environmentally friendly drop-in alternatives to hydraulic systems—for OEM or aftermarket system applications. These next-generation actuators are engineered to deliver increased thrust and holding force compared with previous designs and to achieve enhanced levels of speed, precision, and r... (read more)

SKF/North America - Shaft alignment tool—precise, compact and durable

The new SKF TKSA 71 shaft alignment tool is uniquely designed in a compact and durable package to deliver precise measurements for a range of alignment tasks in harsh industrial environments. This versatile tool functions quickly and intuitively using six dedicated software apps tailored for different alignment jobs. The tool achieves superior alignment performance in demanding conditions (read more)

SKF/North America - Automatic Lubricant Dispenser - TLMR

SKF Automatic Lubricant Dispenser—TLMR—designed to supply grease to a single lubrication point. With a relatively high pressure of 30 bars, this lubricator provides optimum results in difficult-to-reach and unsafe locations. With a wide temperature range and robust design, the TLMR is suitable for operating conditions with various levels of... (read more)

SKF/North America - Shim Kits for Accurate Machinery Alignment

SKF Shim Kits - Accurate machine adjustment is an essential element of any alignment process. SKF single slot pre–cut shims are available in popular dimensions and thicknesses. (read more)

SKF/North America - SKF Disc Couplings Enhance Service

SKF has launched a range of disc couplings that offer cost-effective, lubrication-free service in medium to high torque applications that require torsional rigidity. The SKF Disc Coupling has a capacity range up to 178 kNm in a variety of configurations-including single disc, double disc and spacer for both horizontal and vertical mounting. (read more)

SKF/North America - SKF BeyondZero

SKF today announced the launch of the SKF BeyondZero portfolio which enables SKF customers to reduce their own environmental impact. The environmental improvements provided by solutions within the SKF BeyondZero portfolio are validated through a life cycle assessment methodology developed by SKF sustainability engineers. Results will be reviewed yearly by KPMG. (read more)

SKF/North America - PumPac angular contact ball bearing arrangements

The MRC PumPac angular contact ball bearings from SKF integrate optimized internal design and uniquely engineered contact angles to reduce operating temperatures and vibration while helping to prevent ball sliding and shuttling in demanding pump applications. These bearings deliver ideal performance for centrifugal pumps and systems subject to significant thrust loads operating at high s... (read more)

SKF/North America - Tough addition to ball transfer units from SKF

Ball transfers from SKF provide quality and performance for demanding movement and loading applications. The new 888 series of heavy duty units, for virtually trouble-free operation even challenging applications, incorporates the latest designs for: 60% reduction in friction, improved corrosion resistance, reduced maintenance, 30% larger debris exit holes, 750-lb.+ load capacity rating. (read more)

SKF/North America - SKF Solid Oil bearings benefit more applications

SKF has centralized the production of bearings with Solid Oil to promote timely delivery throughout North America and has introduced enhanced formulas to benefit more applications across industries. These bearings are filled with an oil-saturated polymer matrix, which creates a consistent lubricant supply. (read more)

SKF/North America - Roller Chain Solutions...for Power Transmission

SKF extensive range of chain solutions for the demanding requirements of power transmission and conveyor applications in food and beverage, mining and cement, and steel industries, among others. The chains join a growing portfolio of SKF PT products offering optimized performance and long service life. (read more)

SKF/North America - Lubricants...Safe for Food/Beverage Industry

SKF Lubricants - has expanded its portfolio of Food Grade Lubricants with a range of specially formulated solutions developed for safe use in the food and beverage industry. The newly introduced lubricants are approved to NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and USDA H1 standards and can deliver excellent lubrication properties to resist wear, friction,... (read more)

SKF/North America -  Power Transmission High Performance Belts...

SKF offers a range of comprehensive standard, high-performance belts engineered to deliver efficient and reliable power transmission in drive-system applications across industries. All SKF belts benefit from innovative materials, designs, and manufacturing to accommodate the most demanding working loads, provide extended service life, and transmit power effectively f... (read more)

SKF/North America - Couplings... Standard/Customized

SKF offers an extensive range of standard and customized couplings engineered for high performance and reliability in power transmission applications. A wide variety of coupling types combined with a wide range of sizes and bores equips users with ideal solutions to mechanically connect two rotating shafts and transmit power from one shaft to the other. (read more)

SKF/North America - SKF Shaft Alignment Tool performs with app

The new SKF Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA 51 performs with a dedicated and easily downloaded app to enable precise alignment of shafts in rotating machinery across industries. The tool – the first instrument of its kind designed for intuitive shaft alignments using tablets and smartphones – makes it quick and easy to set up motors, drives, fans, gearboxes, pulleys, and couplings. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Lubricators-Automatic... Single-Point Solution

SKF SYSTEM 24 LAGD Series single-point automatic lubricators are timely and accurate "hands-off" solutions that deliver the proper pre-set amount of lubricant needed for bearings in machinery across industries. These cost-effective, gas-driven feed versions are engineered to perform on a 24-hour basis without manual intervention. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Ball Bearings Deep Groove ...MRC® HNCR

SKF MRC® brand HNCR deep groove ball bearings offer unprecedented corrosion resistance to harsh operating conditions in food and beverage processing applications. These uniquely engineered bearings are made from high nitrogen corrosion resistant steel (HNCR) to provide superior corrosion resistance, hardness, and fatigue life compared wit... (read more)

SKF/North America - Logistics Services

SKF - has invested in the human, physical and IT resources necessary to maintain near flawless Supply Chain Service, drawing on years of logistics experience to help our customers be as efficient as possible. SKF's world-class logistics ensure reliability throughout the supply chain with unique, innovative processes.
(read more)

SKF/North America - NEW...Bearing End Covers - Safety in Food Industry

New MRC® end covers for Marathon® series bearing units introduce reliable and effective solutions to eliminate exposed shaft ends and promote compliance with increasingly stringent health and safety regulations governing the food manufacturing and processing industries. (read more)

SKF/North America - Sensor Bearing Units

SKF USA - SKF Sensor bearing units are mechatronic machine components covering the fields of both sensor and bearing engineering. They are virtually an ideal combination of versatile deep groove ball bearings with sensor units provided with shielding from external influences. (read more)

SKF/North America - Profile Rail Guides - Unique Sealing System

New SKF® "LLT" profile rail guides integrate a unique "all-around" sealing system and unprecedented design features to protect against contaminants, increase repeatability, provide smooth-running performance, and promote longer service life requiring minimal maintenance. (read more)

SKF/North America - CAHB Linear Actuators

Designed to operate in temperatures from -40 to 85 °C at a 25% duty cycle, SKF electromechanical actuator CAHB family features robust metal gears and corrosion-resistant housings. Available in two series. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Solar Linear Actuators - by SKF

SKF® - introduces a new advanced Solar Linear Actuator.

(Type CASD-60) enables precise tracking of the sun from sunrise to sunset throughout the seasons to improve solar power generation. It is designed for a 20-year service life and can be applied for the full range of photovoltaic, concentrating photovoltaic, or concentrating solar power systems (read more)

SKF/North America - Rotary Actuators

SKF rotary actuators are designed to provide rotary motion. Fast or slow. Heavy or light duty. Complex or simple arrangements. You can chose from a wide variety of application areas. You will find a solution with both technical and economic advantages. (read more)

SKF/North America - WindCon 3.0 Proactively Monitor Wind Turbines

The SKF® WindCon 3.0 offers a proactive solution enabling wind farms to extend turbine maintenance intervals, effectively manage maintenance resources, reduce unplanned downtime, predict remaining turbine service life, and decrease operating costs per KWh. (read more)

SKF/North America - Machine Monitoring System...Wireless

SKF New Wireless Machine Monitoring System V/T is designed to improve reliability, reduce installation costs and increase personnel safety. Data is automatically uploaded via a standard WiFi 802.11b wireless network to SKF Machine Suite for analysis. Ideal for monitoring machines in areas that are inaccessible. (read more)

SKF/North America - Thermometers...Portable Infrared

SKF -Infrared thermometers are portable, lightweight instruments for safely measuring temperature at a distance. They are extremely user-friendly; simply aim and pull the trigger and the temperature is shown on the display. (read more)

SKF/North America - Stroboscopes...Compact Easy to Use

SKF Stroboscopes, TKRS 10 & TKRS 20 are portable, compact, easy-to-use stroboscopes that enable the motion of rotating or reciprocating machinery to appear frozen. They allow applications like fan blades, couplings, gear wheels, machine tool spindles and belt drives to be inspected while running. (read more)

SKF/North America - Electronic Stethoscope - TMST 3

The SKF - TMST 3 is a high quality, sensitive instrument enabling the determination of troublesome machine parts by the detection of machine noises or vibrations. (read more)

SKF/North America - Thermal Camera - TKTI Series

The SKF Thermal Camera TKTI Series (TKT1 10 & 20) is an extremely user-friendly camera designed especially for use by maintenance technicians to visualize troublesome hot spots quickly and easily. This unique thermography camera requires no special training and by simply pointing at the application, hot spots are rapidly identified. (read more)

SKF/North America - Belt Alignment Tool - Reduces Downtime

SKF BeltAlign, TMEB 2, aligns the pulleys where it counts most, in the grooves. V guides and powerful magnets allow the BeltAlign to be fitted in the grooves of the pulley. With only two components, a laser emitting unit and a receiver unit, the BeltAlign is easy and fast to attach. (read more)

SKF/North America - Video Endoscope...Handheld for Restricted Spaces

The SKF video endoscope TKES 1S is a compact handheld instrument that allows the user to view applications in restricted spaces that could not normally be seen with the naked eye. (read more)

SKF/North America - SKF MECH-TRONIX, complete system solution spindles

SKF® Mech-Tronix spindles with integral AC motors introduce a complete system package offering high power capabilities and variable speed performance. Their factory-matched drive, chiller, and other component options allow users to specify solutions for the most demanding milling, boring, or grinding application requirements ... (read more)