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Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas has promoted these products/services:

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Coatings and Hardfacings for Greater Tool Wear

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions manufactures hard-facing Flexicords made of tungsten carbide particles, mixed with a self-fluxing nickel matrix. These flexicords are known in the industry as TUF-COTE®, and longevity of tools and equipment is greatly improved. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Surface Metal & Ceramic Coatings for Tools

Saint-Gobain Ceramics, Coating Solutions, offers metal and ceramic Coating Solutions to enhance the surface properties of tools and equipment. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Maximizing Energy Potential with Saint-Gobain

The Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas Group is represented by several businesses where products are utilized throughout the extracting, refining and processing in both upstream and downstream applications. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Bearings for Extreme Environment Applications

For critical Industrial valve and pump applications, NORGLIDE® bearings and RENCOL® tolerance rings solve many problems that are often encountered in extreme environments. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - High-Load, Low-Friction Bearings for Pumps-Valves

For critical industrial valve and pump applications NORGLIDE® Bearings and RENCOL® Tolerance Rings solve many problems that are often encountered in extreme environments. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Torque Control with Tolerance-Retaining Rings

The RENCOL® tolerance ring is a radial spring component that is used to join mating cylindrical parts in a unique, economical, and mechanically efficient way. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Up & Downstream Products for Rising Energy Demands

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas Group is involved in all aspects of upstream and downstream operations — from scintillation detectors … to hydraulic fracturing proppants … to diamond cutters for drill bits … to tape insulation and seals for downhole pumps … to ceramic media used in the refining process — we’re your industry leaders for oil and gas... (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Ceramic Media for Clean Fuels, Fracturing, RTOs

Saint-Gobain is a major international supplier of highly advanced ceramic-based products used in hydrocarbon industry processing and production. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Tapes and Films for Wire & Cable Insulation

Norton® Films and Tapes are used in high-performance applications in the Energy Oil and Gas market, including electrical insulation for electrical submersible pumps, splicing tapes for down hole power cables, expansion joints for power plants, as well as electrical insulation tapes for motors, generators and transformers. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Fabrication of PDC Diamond Cutters (Drill Bits)

Saint-Gobain's Surface Conditioning Group is a world leader in the manufacture of precision abrasives and chemicals for the critical surface finishing of most solid materials for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Abrasives for Hard-to-Grind Thermal Spray Coatings

Norton's oil and gas portfolio encompasses the complete line of superior abrasive products for rough and precision applications in the manufacture and repair of downhole drilling components, oil rigs, pipelines, and petrochemical plants. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Electrical Submersible Pump Splicing Tapes

Saint-Gobain's CHR® Electrical Insulation Tapes are perfectly matched to the characteristics of high end Power Cables and Motor Lead Extensions used in ESP Systems. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Chemical Resistant PTFE Fabrics

Chemfab® PTFE-Coated Fabrics offers exceptional release properties and dimensional stability at temperature extremes, as well as chemical resistance and cleanability -- hallmarks of Saint-Gobain's coated fabrics. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Bed Topping & Support Media for Oil&Gas Processing

Saint-Gobain NorPro offers high-technology ceramic products for better and longer operation of processing units. Pressure drop problems contribute to costly reactor shut down, skimming and restart. NorPro® products provide protection from plugging and contamination, insuring longer catalyst life and improved pressure drop. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Hot-Pressed Silicone and Boron Nitride Components

Saint-Gobain Ceramics, Structural Ceramic, offers vast resources to meet your needs for wear-resistant materials for oil and gas energy industry applications. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Coated Fabrics for Extreme OIl & Gas Applications

Saint-Gobain's PTFE-based products include expansion joints, flexible floating roof seals for oil storage tanks, wire and cable insulation for downhole pumps, and insulation jacketing. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Proppants Selection for Hydraulic Frac Treatment

PropSelect™ is designed to find the most cost-effective proppant for use in a hydraulic fracture treatment given a set of reservoir and treatment design parameters. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - New Dense Ceramic Proppant for Oil & Gas Drilling

Saint-Gobain NorPro has released BauxLite®, a new proppant developed jointly by the Stow, Ohio (USA) site, the Saint-Gobain Proppants production team in Fort Smith, Arkansas (USA), and the Northboro R&D Center, Massachusetts (USA). (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Fixed Bed Catalyst Support Media Technology

Saint-Gobain NorPro's Denstone® deltaP® Bed Support Media for Fixed Bed Catalyst Applications (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Refractory Ceramics for Ammonia-Methanol Plants

Refractory Ceramics from Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials

Catalytic steam reforming is used in the industrial synthesis of ammonia and methanol from natural gas or other feedstocks. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Abrasives -- belts, discs, wheels -- for Oil & Gas

Saint-Gobain Abrasives, the world's leading abrasives manufacturer, is the only international supplier of abrasives that manufacturers each of the three major type of abrasives: Diamond Superabrasives, Bonded Abrasives, and Coated Abrasives (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Detectors & Helium Tubes for the Oil & Gas Market

Scintillation Detectors from Saint-Gobain

The Scintillation Products division of Saint-Gobain Crystals is the industry leader in ruggedized radiation detector solutions for the oil and gas industry, supplying customized gas-filled detectors and Bicron® scintillation crystal detectors. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas - Alloy Casting & Machining of Drill Bits, Impellers

Saint-Gobain provides all kinds of steels -- building steel, steel for tooling, etc. -- but we mainly elaborate on stainless steels and nickel or cobalt-based superalloys. (read more)