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Schaffner EMC Inc. - An Important Read: EMI Filters

EMI Filters for Industrial 277 V Single-Phase Applications Including LED Lighting

Three-phase power can be drawn by either the Delta configuration or the Wye configuration. In the Delta configuration, two of the power wires are combined to create a circuit that looks like an equilateral triangle (or Delta). A neutral is combined (read more)

Schaffner EMC Inc. - Connecting Commercial White Goods to the IoT

Connecting Commercial White Goods to the IoT Underscores the Need for EMI Filtering

The commercial kitchen and laundry have become new frontiers for technological advance. The Internet of Things (IoT) has applications for refrigeration, cooking appliances, washers, dryers (read more)

Schaffner EMC Inc. - Protecting Electronic Equipment from EMI

As electronic devices become more commonly used, there is an accompanying risk that some of this equipment will create electromagnetic interference (EMI), which can be thought of as noise or “electronic smog.” EMI can interfere with system functionality, causing an undesirable response, malfunction (read more)

Schaffner EMC Inc. - High End 3 Phase EMI Filter from Schaffner

Schaffner introduces their FN 3280 High End three phase and neutral line filter for Industrial Machinery equipment.

  • Rated currents from 8 to 600A
  • Compact design optimized for industrial machinery
  • Exceptional attenuation with low leakage current
  • Suitable for machines in mixed/domestic environments
  • Also increases immunity if operated....
(read more)
Schaffner EMC Inc. - Compact three-phase EMI filter from Schaffner

FN 3270 Compact three-phase EMI filter for industrial motor drive applications

  • Rated currents from 10 to 1000A
  • Compact and light weight requiring minimal space
  • Easy, time-saving installation and contacting
  • Protective covers as optional accessory available
  • Attenuation performance according to EN 61800-3/A11
(read more)
Schaffner EMC Inc. - IEC C13 Rewireable Connector

Schaffner power connector with IEC lock guard against accidental disconnection of all electrical appliances with an IEC inlet. No exchange or modification of the IEC inlet or IEC inlet filter system is needed. Easy retrofit for all electronic equipment and devices. (read more)

Schaffner EMC Inc. - FN2211 and FN2210 High Current DC Filters

The FN 2211 / FN 2210 series are the most compact dedicated high current DC filters for PV inverters in the industry and therefore are an optimum fit with most modern PV inverter generation. In addition the filters can be configured in a very flexible way to fulfil customized application requirements.

The FN 2211 / FN 2210 series are primarily designed for PV inverter applications... (read more)

Schaffner EMC Inc. - FN3311 and FN3310 Compact Power Line AC Filter

The FN 3311 / FN 3310 product series of standard EMC/EMI filters are based on Schaffner’s many years of expertise in filter design for all types of converter and inverter applications. Installed between the PV inverter and the power grid, the FN 3311 / FN 3310 AC filters are used to influence positively the conducted emissions on the grid side to help to comply with the required em... (read more)

Schaffner EMC Inc. - EMC/EMI filters for Power Supply & Electronics

Power Supply and electronic devicesEfficient EMI suppression

Two electrical devices can be prevented from interfering with each other by using EMC/EMI filters – in particular single-phase and IEC inlet filters. The same applies to network-related interferences. Schaffner components in power supply units guarantee the flawless operation of all electrical and electronic... (read more)

Schaffner EMC Inc. - Clean & reliable grids for smart & green buildings

Schaffner provides a wide range of energy-efficient, reliable and safe solutions for buildings and infrastructure.

The smart and secure use of existing or new electrical infrastructures in industrial and consumer buildings makes a lot of sense from an ecologic and an economic perspective. Even if the individual systems and facilities differ among the various types of applic... (read more)