Schaltbau GmbH - C110B Series

C110B Series contactors are the cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for traction batteries of industrial trucks. (read more)

Schaltbau GmbH - Emergency Disconnect Switch S100/80

Single pole emergency disconnect switch for industrial trucks guarantee instantaneous cut-out by manual operation. (read more)

Schaltbau GmbH - Master controllers for rail vehicles

Schaltbau master controllers operate worldwide in urban transportation and main-line rail vehicles, providing maximum safety, reliability and long life. (read more)

Schaltbau GmbH - UIC-IT for fast data connections

Schaltbau’s new UIC-IT connector system provides a flexible and stable Ethernet in railway carriages and operates reliably, even under harsh conditions. It is based on the well-tried standardised UIC 558 connector system. (read more)

Schaltbau GmbH - Snap-action switches for extreme applications

Chemicals, machine oil and particulate dust – the new S970-series snap-action switches defy the extreme conditions encountered in the printing industry. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is also relying on solutions developed by Schaltbau. (read more)

Schaltbau GmbH - Lighting connectors: Rugged and resistant

The main applications for Schaltbau circular connectors are in plant and mechanical engineering, instrumentation and control engineering in addition to drive, energy and traffic engineering. The robust circular connectors have a modular design and ensure reliable connections at all times. (read more)

Schaltbau GmbH - Schaltbau: High Ampacity Charging Connector

Schaltbau: High Ampacity Charging Connector up to 500 ampere.The new LV 500 Series charging connector assures high reliability and operating safety in the long run. Therefore it is ideally suited for use in industrial trucks, lifting devices and battery chargers. (read more)

Schaltbau GmbH - Snap-action switch S850 Series

Schaltbau S850 Series snap-action switches integrate two safety switches in one housing. It is an elegant solution for control system constructors who want to increase the safety level without having to invest in additional hardware, installation or programming. (read more)

Schaltbau GmbH - Contactors for central inverters DC power

DC power contactors are needed to reliably interrupt the current during shutdown of central inverters in grid connected solar power systems. (read more)

Schaltbau GmbH - More power for fast charging: Connector LV-HPC

The new Schaltbau LV-HPC charging connectors are capable of carrying the full rated current load without exceeding the maximum temperature difference that is allowed to occur due to the charging process. The socket contacts of the high power connectors are designed such that the contacts can carry high currents without overheating. (read more)

Schaltbau GmbH - Snap-Action Switch, V4 package - Series S880

The Schaltbau S880 microswitch is recommended wherever reliable switching functions need to be implemented within a limited installation space. The V4 switch with positive opening operation has the same features as the large snap-action switches, but is only 6 mm wide. The S880 is designed for devices and machines in which safety functions need to be implemented. (read more)

Schaltbau GmbH - Snap action switch S870 - For demanding tasks

Self cleaning contacts and protection against dust, humidity and polluting agents allow high reliability even at low contact load. In telecommunications and automation the S870 is used for switching low voltages and currents.

Its compact dimensions, protection class and special variants, e.g. with pre-assembled cable, make this switch suitable for a wide range of applications. (read more)