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Schroff - Pentair Introduces New ATCA Products

Pentair’s Schroff brand of systems augments extensive ATCA product offering with next-generation products: the new Shelf Manager ACB-VI, the industry leading front-to-rear airflow 2-slot system capable of 450 watts/slot cooling and development efforts on a 100G data transfer rate backplane.

Pentair is proud to introduce the next-generation Shelf Manager ACB-VI from it... (read more)

Schroff - 2D and 3D data downloads CAD Data

Pentair is pleased to announce that it has extended and improved its services for design engineers with the introduction of 2D and 3D data downloads for over 4,000 of Pentair’s Schroff brand of products through the CAD portal—free of charge and in all current formats. CAD data available on TraceParts includes Schroff cabinets (Varistar, Novastar), subrack... (read more)

Schroff - New Ultra5™ ZX2000 ATCA Chassis

Pentair Electronics Protection announces its Schroff® brand has collaborated with ZNYX Networks to develop ZNYX’s new Ultra5™ ZX2000ATCA chassis system. To serve the expanding 10G and 40G backplane market,ZNYX Networks worked with Schroff, a leading brand in ATCA solutions, for its extensive engineering experience and leadership role in the ATCA market. The result is... (read more)

Schroff - New, Versatile Platform for Embedded Computing

With its new Schroff Interscale M range of cases, Pentair is expanding its solutions portfolio beyond the 19" standard to include Interscale M cases for small form factor PCBs. What is special about these new cases, however, is that they deliver electronics protection design flexibility at a very competitive price point.

Schroff Interscale M provides a flexible platform for protec... (read more)

Schroff - Calmark Torque-Limiting Card-Lok Retainers

Pentair Electronics Protection announces newly designed Schroff® brand of Calmark™ Series 223 and 224 Torque-Limiting Card-Lok retainers. Designed with a patented ratchet mechanism (US 7,883,289), the Series 223 and 224 provide consistently repeatable and highly reliable clamp without the need for a calibrated torque wrench. Standard card-loks must be properly installed wi... (read more)

Schroff - 450/40 ATCA 3U 2-Slot Chassis

Designed to accommodate the requirements of next generation ATCA boards, Schroff® 450/40 chassis’ minimize the time-to-market for critical, high-availability applications where enhanced performance is crucial. (read more)

Schroff - TECNORACK™ Cabinets

Schroff® TECNORACK™ cabinets provide a platform of options to protect mission-critical,
rack-mounted electronics in demanding environments, including Zone 4 seismic applications subject to shock and vibration. (read more)

Schroff - 450/40 ATCA Chassis

Designed to accommodate the requirements of next generation ATCA boards, Schroff® 450/40 chassis’ minimize the time-to-market for critical, high-availability applications where enhanced performance is crucial. (read more)

Schroff - NOVASTAR™ Cabinets

Schroff® NOVASTAR™ 19-in. aluminum cabinet platform offers 46 standard models to accommodate virtually any configuration for rack-mounted electronics and instruments with off-the-shelf convenience. (read more)

Schroff - Subrack Express

Subrack Express, when subracks are required...FAST! Get "express" service on your subracks, shielded and unshielded models fast. Subrack Express service provides rapid delivery turnarounds for solutions engineered to meet your design requirements in as few as 10 days. (read more)

Schroff - 40 &10 Series ATCA

Enhance enterprise networking applications with cost-effective, reliable Schroff® ATCA system solutions. With 10 and 40 Series ATCA systems providing high-speed data rates, AC power and superior cooling, Schroff ATCA enterprise solutions deliver a diverse platform for leading-edge network applications. (read more)

Schroff - Electronic Cases

Schroff® compacPRO™, ratiopacPRO™ and propacPRO™ cases provide the rugged protection needed for sensitive electronics. (read more)

Schroff - Modular Conduction-Cooled Assembly

Schroff® CALMARK™ Modular Conduction-Cooled Assemblies provide effective heat convection, preventing premature electronic component wear and reducing system failures. Robust CALMARK CCAs deliver high retention force, minimize board flex and provide protection against extreme shock and vibration. Built to order for your application. (read more)

Schroff - Systems Express

Get standard solutions delivered fast with "express" service on Embedded Systems. The Systems Express program offers rapid solutions, providing over 60 standard systems in as fast as two weeks. With a variety of Systems solutions and global reach, Schroff® can solve any design requirements. (read more)

Schroff - Front Panel Express

Get "express" service on front panels-customized to exact specifications and delivered fast. Advanced customization services for all Schroff® front panel product lines, including cut-outs, custom handles, screen printing and assembly services, are now available for shipping in five days or less through the Front Panel Express program. (read more)

Schroff - Schroff 40G backplanes for AdvancedTCA

To support next-generation processing requirements, Schroff® AdvancedTCA backplanes and systems provide superior signal integrity and high-performance cooling with bitrates up to 40 Gigabits. With faster point-to-point connection and improved FR4 material, these backplanes offer advanced high-speed technology at an incredible value. (read more)

Schroff - CALMARK™ Conduction Cooled Assemblies & Clamshells

For rugged applications where high shocks and vibrations prohibit the use of fans or in sealed, conduction cooled chassis, Schroff® CALMARK™ Conduction Cooled Assemblies and Clamshells offer an ideal solution. As processing power increases, assemblies deliver a comprehensive thermal transfer system, providing a direct thermal path for the heat generated from processors. (read more)

Schroff - CALMARK™ CARD-LOK™ Retainers

Schroff® CALMARK™ Series 223 and 224 CARD-LOK™ Retainers are designed to secure board module assemblies to cold wall in cold plate/heat exchanger applications, establishing the secure hold required for military two-level maintenance systems. A torque-limiting design requires no torque wrench, with five audible clicks during tightening. (read more)

Schroff - 19-in. Plug-in Units PRO

Schroff® 19-in. Plug-in Units PRO deliver optimized air flow and higher PCB stability in Euroboard format. These units accommodate one or more printed circuit boards to create a closed and testable electronic functional unit with greater stability, air flow and convenience with optimal EMC shielding. (read more)

Schroff - High-Speed AdvancedTCA Subracks

To meet the demands for accelerating data rates and faster chipsets, Schroff® AdvancedTCA systems are one of the first in the industry to offer nearly doubled transfer rates on their chassis with 40Gbps backplanes (four 10G ports in parallel). (read more)

Schroff - CompactPCI Serial Systems

Forced cooling and high IP protection make CompactPCI systems suitable for use even in demanding environments. Schroff® CompactPCI Serial Systems offer data transmission speeds of up to 32 GB/s. (read more)

Schroff - VPX Backplanes

Schroff® VPX backplanes offer superfast serial data transfer with options including PCI Express, RapidIO and Ethernet. Two 3U VPX backplanes are now available, both laid out to design rules for 10 Gbit/s on one differential pair or 40 Gbit/s on four differential pairs. (read more)

Schroff - ratiopacPRO Cases

Schroff® ratiopacPRO cases offer a versatile solution for space-optimized electronic packaging with integral EMC shielding and the option of passive ventilation. Available in complete 3 and 6U desktop enclosure models, unshielded 2U to 6U empty cases (EMC retrofittable), 4U Tower Case and 6U small case configurations. (read more)

Schroff - europacPRO 19-in. Subrack

Schroff® robust modular europacPRO 19-in. Subracks can be configured for stresses of up to 25g. Built to meet IEEE and IEC extreme shock and vibration tolerance standards, these subracks allow systems to be built up for the widest range of applications including mobile, railway and traffic systems. (read more)

Schroff - compacPRO

Schroff® compacPRO cases provide a rugged desktop enclosure solution for 19-in. components or individual electronics assemblies. Available in flexible assemblies and a wide range of accessories. (read more)

Schroff - BIRTCHER™ WEDGE-LOK™ Retainers

Schroff® BIRTCHER™ WEDGE-LOK™ Retainers offer the highest locking force available for cold wall applications. (read more)