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SEEPEX Inc. - White Elastomer Stators for Sanitary Applications

Stators with white elastomers are now available for SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps. The stators are made with a kaolin (China Clay) binder, rather than the traditional carbon black binder. All of the ingredients used in these stators are on the FDA approved materials list ( CFR 21, sect. 177.2600). White compounds are available with NBR (Buna), CSM (Hypalon®) and EPDM base polymers. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - SCT Vertical Hopper Pump

Keep it together with SEEPEX pumps! Open aseptic joint - NO shaft seals Conveying capacities: 1-572 USGPM Pressures: up to 360 PSI (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - ALPHA Systems


Less chemical consumption

Pulsation minimal

High quality components

All things flow (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - SCT Performance Guarantee on Wear Parts

For a limited time SEEPEX Inc. is offering a Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) performance guarantee that covers wear parts for three years when a conventional progressive cavity (PC) pump is replaced with a SEEPEX SCT PC pump. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - SEEPEX TOUCH Advanced Process Controller

SEEPEX releases a newly designed control system solution that complements their progressive cavity pump line for safe and reliable process optimization throughout various industries. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - E Semi-Submersible Pump


SEEPEX semi-submersible pumps drain full containers, basins and barrels. They convey abrasive or corrosive conveying products with low to high viscosity. Individually sized and designed for the application, they are easy to maintain and have low operating costs. Overall, our semi-submersible pumps are a cost-effective alternative to other pump systems. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - SCT Smart Conveying Technology

Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) means quick maintenance, significantly reduced life cycle costs and the shortest maintenance downtime for your progressive cavity pump. The design of SCT enables the rotor/stator sealing line to be adjusted to suit the application and compensate for wear, leading to more than double the lifetime of the rotor and stator. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Product Group D Metering Pumps

SEEPEX metering pumps achieve a metering accuracy of ±1%. They're used wherever low to highly viscous media, media containing solids and chemically corrosive media are processed and all with low pulsation and to the exact drop. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - T Open Hopper Pump

SEEPEX open hopper pumps handle viscous to semi-solid products with low or no flowability. They come in 9 ranges with multiple variations within each range and are suitable for nearly all industrial sectors. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Product Group W Wobble Pump

SEEPEX wobble-stator pumps work reliably in many industries. They efficiently transfer liquids of thin to moderate viscosities, even with a high solids content. In contrast to conventional progressive cavity pumps they have a rotating unit with only one joint, which is why the stator "wobbles." (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Product Group M Macerator, The Big Minimizer

SEEPEX macerators macerate the solid and fibrous components in pumped products. This increases operational safety, extends service life of downstream equipment and reduces operating costs. Our macerators work in municipal and industrial waste water sectors as well as in other industrial branches. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - T Open Hopper Pump For Large Chunks

SEEPEX open hopper pumps handle viscous to semi-solid products with low or no flowability. They come in 9 ranges with multiple variations within each range and are suitable for nearly all industrial sectors. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - BW Range - Wobble Pump

SEEPEX BW range wobble pumps are easy to handle and extremely economical. In contrast to conventional progressive cavity pumps the BW pumps only have one joint. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - BTH Range

SEEPEX BTH range pumps combine various advantages from product group T. They feature a separately driven, centric running ribbon screw with a maximized diameter and variable pitch. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - MD Range - Metering Pump

SEEPEX MD range pumps are compact units with a high metering accuracy. The stainless steel or synthetic material casings are highly compatible with chemically corrosive media. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Service App for Efficient Pump Maintenance

With SEEPEX VR - the new free service app - our patented Smart Conveying Technology and the SEEPEX pump portfolio can be experienced in virtual and augmented reality. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - New SEEPEX BNA API 676 Compliant Standard PC Pump

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps from the BNA range are designed to fulfill the exacting requirements of the Oil & Gas Industry and meet American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Increased productivity & lower energy requirements

Increased productivity and lower energy requirements: these two aren't mutually exclusive but complement each other in the latest generation of Smart Conveying Technology (SCT), the innovative technology for progressive cavity pumps. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Intelligent Metering Pumps for Blending

Installation of a SEEPEX Intelligent Metering Pump is no more complicated than a typical home stereo. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Wobble Pump Shop

Welcome to the SEEPEX Wobble Pump Shop! Please choose your relevant pump size using the navigation.
(read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - BTQ Range - Open Hopper Pump

SEEPEX BTQ range pumps have a wide square inlet and an identical footprint to the BN range pumps. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - N Standard Pump

Product group N pumps are the basis for SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps. They are used in almost all industrial sectors and convey low to highly viscous media with or without solids. Those benefits along with others ensure the pump's economical operation. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - CS Food Pump


SEEPEX food pumps are used in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industries or wherever a clean, sterile and hygienic atmosphere is needed. They comply with the most stringent hygiene regulations like FDA, 3-A Sanitary Standards and EHEDG and are also maintenance-friendly. (read more)