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SEEPEX Inc. - SEEPEX 2015 Trade Shows

SEEPEX is proud to present the newest innovations in progressive cavity pump technology at the following events in 2015. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Intelligent Metering Pump

The programmable, precise and pulsation-free Intelligent Metering Pump (IMP) design is now available from SEEPEX. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Smart Conveying Technology

With the "Smart Stator Technology", created in 2008, we introduced a conveying solution which significantly reduces maintenance, assembly and dismantling times for your pumps and allows substantial cuts to pump life cycle costs. By separating the Smart Stator into two halves, we radically optimized pumping technology. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Smart Stator Technology

"Time matters" - especially for environmental technologies, time is an important factor. Due to rising global consumption, environmental engineering has developed into one of the most important industrial disciplines. Efficiency plays an important role in this field. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Open Hopper Chopper Pump

New BTM Chopper Pump Features Secondary Cutter SEEPEX Inc. has developed a new type of open hopper, range BTM, progressive cavity pump which can chop or cut fruits, vegetables or fibrous materials and simultaneously pump them. Available in stainless steel, it can shred and pump certain materials such as potatoes, apples and most citrus fruits without needing additional fluids. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - NaOCI Pumps

Progressive cavity pumps in exotic materials, resistant to aggressive chemicals, are now available from SEEPEX Inc.. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - CIP-able Sanitary Pump

CIP-able Pump Features Patented New Joint The SEEPEX CIP-able BCSO model has a new, patented universal joint. The new BCSO allows for higher pressures and flows: up to 500 gpm @90 psi and up to 150 gpm @360 psi. It meets 3-A standards. In lab tests, the new joint lasted four times longer than other joint designs. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Wobble Stator Pump

SEEPEX introduces a line of "wobble-stator" pumps for general and commercial pumping applications. This design significantly reduces the price of progressive cavity pumps and repair parts. Special elastomers and the unique design of the stator dramatically increase both performance and longevity. The new design has higher volumetric efficiencies than previous designs. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Open Hopper Pump for Wine/Juice

SEEPEX Inc. offers a variety of pumps for the wine and juice processing industries. Open hopper pumps can be fabricated with hoppers made to the user's dimensional requirements and can be fitted on carts for portability and ease of cleaning. Pumps are available with complete control packages as well as options such as TSE run-dry protection and a retensioning device to adjust stator. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - TSE Dry Run Protection

seepex TSE Dry-Run Protection The seepex TSE protects against dry run damage, the most common cause of progressive cavity pump failure. Friction between rotor and stator resulting from an unexpected loss of lubricating liquid can destroy a stator, resulting in unexpected production shut downs and costly repairs. Intrinsically safe models are available for hazardous areas. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - ALPHA Chemical Metering Systems


Less chemical consumption

Pulsation free

High quality components

All things flow (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - New

SEEPEX has developed a new type of open hopper pump to transport extremely viscous products and dewatered sludge cake. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - BWC Food Grade Progressive Cavity Wobble Pump

SEEPEX Inc. is proud to introduce the BWC Progressive Cavity Pump, our latest innovation in the world of food industry applications. The BWC pump bridges the gap between positive displacement sanitary pumps (low flow & high pressure) and centrifugal pumps (high flow & low pressure) by uniting the best of both designs into one space saving and compact package. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - ISO 9001:2008 Certified for Manufacturing&Serivce

SEEPEX Inc. renews certification as an ISO 9001:2008 Manufacturer in 2014. SEEPEX Inc. in Enon, Ohio has again been audited by NSF International Strategic Registrations, Ltd. and has met the quality requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for manufacturing and service. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has stated that only manufacturing locations can meet the 9001:20... (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Chemical Metering Systems

SEEPEX offers custom engineered metering systems complete with controls and skids for floor or wall mounting. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Wobble Pump Shop

Introducing the "BW Web Shop." An online purchasing platform that allows customers to choose from seven wobble pump models, with two to five configurations. The BW progressive cavity pumps are designed to handle liquids of all viscosities and even products with high solids content. They are cost effective and versatile. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - NSF/ANSI 61 Standard Certified Metering Pumps

SEEPEX metering pumps are now certified to meet the NSF 61 standard for use in treating water and wastewater. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - SST Vertical Hopper Pump

Keep it together with SEEPEX pumps! Open aseptic joint - NO shaft seals Conveying capacities: 1-572 USGPM Pressures: up to 360 PSI (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - White Elastomer Stators

Stators with white elastomers are now available for SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps. The stators are made with a kaolin (China Clay) binder, rather than the traditional carbon black binder. All of the ingredients used in these stators are on the FDA approved materials list ( CFR 21, sect. 177.2600). White compounds are available with NBR (Buna), CSM (Hypalon®) and EPDM base polymers. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - New - Cake Pump System

Complete Cake Pump System Solution. The SEEPEX BTH cake pump design is combined with a customizable open hopper along with system controls for dry running protection, load cell sensors, pressure gauge and boundary layer injection completes the system. (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - FREE CD - Cake Pump System

The SEEPEX Cake Pump System CD The CD includes a wealth of technical information, including specifications, drawings, brochures, selection tools, articles, power points, videos and installation pictures. Send request to: (read more)

SEEPEX Inc. - Equal Wall Stator

Stators with equal thickness rubber walls are now available for SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps. The stators are made with a revolutionary procedure that uses a metal tube hydraulically bent into a double helix. This is the same shape as the helix that forms the cavity inside the pumping element. This makes the thickness of the rubber in the stator constant. (read more)