Select Fabricators, Inc. - Cleanroom bags

The Low Minimum, Small Lot, Made in USA Advantage

When your bags and pouches require cleaning to ISO standards, specify SELECT’s cleanroom bags. We are particularly cost effective with low minimum / small lot size runs. SELECT uses the latest quality standards and equipment to produce standard and custom sized bags with a wide combination of shapes and materials. (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - RF Pouch Isolates Wireless Car Entry/Devices

Select-A-Shield™ RF isolation key fob bags permit secure access upon demand.

Canandaigua, NY USA: Select-A-Shield RF shielded key fob pouches are designed to prevent wireless entry devices from sending or receiving signals as well as securing device information. (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - RF/EMI Shielding Enclosures, Pouches, Curtains

Select-A-Shield™ RF EMI shielding pouches, collapsible tent enclosures and curtain systems are made in the USA from RoHS compliant conductive fabrics, patented and patent pending non-radiating closure systems, frame and roller track systems, shielded ventilation, filter plates and EMI hardened lighting. (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - RF EMI Shielded Tent Enclosures

Select-A-Shield USA made RF shielding tent enclosures help secure electronic devices from RF EMI interference and/or emmissions. Tent enclosures range in size from 4' by 4' by 6.5' to 40' x 40' x 20'. There are three frame styles to choose from with options including vestibule, lighting, I/O filtering plate, ventilation, transit cases and testing. (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - RF EMI Shielded Tabletop Enclosures

Control RF/EM interference by using Select-A-Shield™ RF / EMI shielded portable tabletop enclosures. Nine standard sizes are available at a fraction of the cost of metal box units. (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - RF/EMI Shielded Tabletop Enclosure PN:500242424SW

Control RF/EMI interference using Select-A-Shield™ portable tabletop enclosures. Select Fabricators, Inc. offers updated features that improve efficiency in a smaller
package without sacrificing shielding effectiveness. (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - RF/EMI Shielding Curtains

Select Fabricators, Inc. specializes in EMI/RFI flexible shielding utilizing the finest quality materials and best processes available in the industry. All our EMI/RFI curtains are made in the USA of US materials including RoHS compliant, durable, lightweight Silver/Copper/Nickel fabric. (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - USB Forensic Examination Pouch

On-site mobile device data extraction with SELECT's RF Isolation Forensic Pouch. (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - RF / EMI Shielding Pouches

Select-a-Shield™ RF/ EMI Shielding Pouches secure portable transmitters from RF & microwave interference and/or emissions. Lightweight and flexible, these pouches are made to attenuate and reflect signals from entering or leaving electronic devices. (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - Aerospace and Military Contracts

Select Fabricators delivers protective custom covers, tarps, enclosures and assemblies to customer specifications for aerospace and military contracts. (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - RF Shielded Enclosures for Rent

Select Fabricators, a major provider of RF shielded enclosures to the electronics test, electronics security and wireless industries, announces a new rental program. (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - Custom Bags - Military, Security, special apps

Create the Custom Bag to meet your specification

Choose from a wide variety of bags made with quality materials in the United States by Select Fabricators, Inc.

Custom Bags

Military Specification Bags

Security Seizure Bags

Special Application Bags (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - Barrier Packaging

Select Fabricators manufactures packaging that protects items from external forces and/or keeps the items themselves from leaking to the outside environment. (read more)

Select Fabricators, Inc. - Flexible Packaging for Industry

From security pouches to EMI shielding enclosures to high-tech fabric garments, Select Fabricators specializes in contract sewing services for the most stringent requirements. (read more)