Select Safety Sales, LLC -  Lockout-Tagout Kit ...Electrical

Select Safety Sales - National Marker's starter electrical lock-out kit makes it easy to both identify and secure a variety of energy sources. includes: Five (5) single pole circuit breaker lockouts, Five (5) no hole single pole circuit breaker lockouts, five (5) double pole breaker lockouts, three (3) electrical switch lockouts, one (1) large and one (1) small elect... (read more)

Select Safety Sales, LLC - FIrst Aid-Only Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

The First Aid Only Bloodborne Pathogen Kit has a six (6) piece CPR Pack that meets OSHA regulation 26 CFR 1910.1030. This kit is both affordable and complete with 30 pieces that include: three (3) antiseptic sting free cleaning wipes, one (1) full sleeve disposable gown, one (1) disposable bonnet, two (2) disposable shoe covers, one (1) ear loop eye shield mask, and more. ... (read more)

Select Safety Sales, LLC -  Eyewash Stations...Speakman SE-4300 Series

Select Safety Sales - The Speakman SE-4300 is part of a new series of eyewash stations that were recently introduced by Speakman Co. The 4300 series offers an optional drench hose (SE-4320) that can be used for spot body flushing in addition to eye flushing in case of an emergency. The Speakman SE-4300 includes a 20 gallon tank which allows for longer flushing than most eye... (read more)

Select Safety Sales, LLC - Eyewash Station... Requirements FAQ

Select Safety Sales - has compiled a new FAQ document for Eyewash Station Requirements for Workplace Safety and OSHA Compliance. (read more)

Select Safety Sales, LLC - Portable Decontamination Shower...lightweight

Select Safety Sales - The Speakman PDS-1000 Decontamination Shower is a portable, lightweight shower that can be used in areas where a permanent shower wouldn't be practical. It is free-standing and can be assembled in seconds. The durable stainless steel construction makes this unit strong enough to last for many years. The unit is constructed with nin... (read more)

Select Safety Sales, LLC -  Compact LED Flares.. Lightweight, waterproof

Select Safety Sales - Eflares create a highly visible warning/safety zone by simply twisting the lens to produce a high luminosity "urgent flash" LED light. The Eflare is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to carry and store. They're available with either a steady flow or flashing light. They are very versatile and can be attached to clothing, vehicle... (read more)

Select Safety Sales, LLC - •High-Visibility Flash or Steady-On LED Beacons

These Eflares are used in landing areas for helicopters. They are extremely strong and dependable and safe and easy to use. (read more)

Select Safety Sales, LLC - Emergency Eye Wash Stations are Portable

These portable eye wash stations don't require plumbing. Stations that meet the latest ANSI Z-358.1 performance requirements can easily be installed on a wall or rolled on a cart. OSHA directive STD 1-8.2 mandates that battery maintenance and charging areas have an eyewash station. (read more)

Select Safety Sales, LLC -  Portable Eyewash Station.... Compact

Select Safety Sales - The Haws 7501 Portable Eyewash Station is a compact, economical unit that is perfect for remote locations where plumbing is not an option. This eyewash station is also used in locations where flexibility is needed in order to easily move the unit from place to place even if plumbing is available. Once the eyewash is emptied it weights only 10 lb... (read more)

Select Safety Sales, LLC - OccuNomix Vulcan Hard Hat

The OccuNomix V100 Vulcan Hard Hat is a Type 1, Class E,G, & C Hard Hat. This high quality hard hat complies with ANSI Z89.1. OccuNomix V100 outer shell is made of high-density polyethylene and is made in the USA. It resists penetration, protection from falling objects, reduces danger from low and high voltage electrical conductors, and is water resistant and slow burning. (read more)