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SigmaTEK Systems, LLC

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SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - Press Brake Webinar

Press Brake Webinar: June 29th
Does your shop measure up? Give your press brake operators the right tools to work with. Watch as Matt Calkins suggests best practices to streamline your press brake processes. (read more)

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - maximizing speed, quality and flexibility

SigmaNEST brings many efficiencies used in sheet metal cutting to press brake technology with SigmaBEND – maximizing the speed, quality and flexibility of bending processes with full 3-D simulation. SigmaBEND supports different bending processes like air bending, die bending and 3-point bending. Machine options like angle measurement systems and lifting aids are also supported. (read more)

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - SigmaNEST The Complete Nesting Software Solution
  • Easiest to use
  • Fastest part nesting
  • Expert support
(read more)
SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - How Organized is Your Shop Floor?

Shop floor organization is one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face. If it makes you feel better, the image above is from a real company who struggles with inventory issues. With a disorganized shop floor like this it’s not surprising that this company would struggle to find the correct material to cut on. (read more)

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - SigmaTUBE Updates You Should Know About

The SigmaTUBE team has been hard at work updating the software in significant ways in order to help you improve your work flow. Here are the 4 most important new features that come with the latest release of SigmaTUBE version 6.0. (read more)

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - Industry 4.0 – What You Really Need to Know:

Forget all the complicated lingo. The Industry 4.0 concept is all about using the latest technology to help automate your processes. (read more)