Silentium Ltd. - Silentium's Quiet Bubble™ Technology

Recently Silentium introduced the Quiet-Bubble™ family, a concept that has been developed over the last few years and belongs to a field of Zone-to-Zone ANC applications. The idea is to capture the ambient noise of your environment, creating a quiet zone. Quiet-Bubble™ technology reduces disturbing noise, no matter what the source! (read more)

Silentium Ltd. - Silentium's ANR Dev Kit EE - Special Offer

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The Active Noise Reduction Dev Kit "Enabler Edition" is a D.I.Y Development tool for the implementation of Active Noise Reduction.

Order today Silentium's ANR Dev Kit EE for a Special Price of $369 !

Includes extensive technical support. (read more)

Silentium Ltd. - New compact hot swap active silencer

S-Fan™ is a compact hot swap active silencer designed to be installed at the end of an axial fan emitting or sucking air, providing dramatic noise reduction of about 10dB(A) on the entire audible frequency range (read more)

Silentium Ltd. - Active Noise Control Evaluation Kit

The S-ANC EVK provides developers with a cost-effective tool designed for initial evaluation of the Active Noise Control technology (read more)

Silentium Ltd. -  S-Cube™ Development Kit

Silentium's S-Cube™ Development Kit allows system designers to come up with a custom noise reduction solution for loud electronic equipment. The kit is the heart of Silentium's Active Noise Control (ANC) range of products that reduce annoying fan noise in servers, networking equipment, air conditioning systems, medical equipment, and more. (read more)

Silentium Ltd. - Active Noise Control Solutions for IT & Telecom

Silentium's Active Noise Control greens your IT and protects your employees' health with significant cost savings.

Financial benefits abound when noise is no longer an issue!

Silentium's AccoustiRackTMActive's (ARA) 30 dB(A) noise reduction and 8 kw of heat dissipation provide immediate ROI:

  • Internal fans can run at the...
(read more)
Silentium Ltd. - ActiveSilencer™ Duct

The ActiveSilencer™ duct is an add-on unit, designed to be installed at the end of a pipe emitting or sucking air and generating noise. It is ideally used for air-purifying, air–conditioning, furnace systems etc. The ActiveSilencer™ Duct is an easy to install low cost unit, and provides dramatic noise reduction of about 10dB(A). (read more)

Silentium Ltd. - ActiveSilencer™ Enclosure

The ActiveSilencer™ Enclosure (ASE™) is custom built for the Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS25 to allow deployment in a small to medium business office. Silentium has worked with Intel to design the enclosure to significantly reduce unwanted server noise by up to 10dB(A) without causing any thermal or cooling degradation. (read more)

Silentium Ltd. - AcoustiRACK ACTIVE Soundproof Rackmount Cabinet

Silentium introduces a breakthrough in noise reduction performance with ARA™ of up to 30dBA equipment noise attenuation. The ARA™ has been designed to trap and absorb unwanted noise generated inside the rack, while actively allowing free air movement and heat exchange with the outside of the unit, resulting in up to 8KW cooling/heat dissipation. (read more)