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Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Hermetic DC-6 GHz SPST Switch

The ISO13316 is a GaAs pHEMT non-reflective, high-performance, low-loss switch.
The ISO13316 uses hermetic surface-mount technology (SMT) for defense and satellite applications.
The device can be supplied and tested to the screening requirements of MIL-PRF-38535 Class B and S, in addition to the required QCI.


  • Wideband frequency range: DC...
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Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Low noise, variable gain receive modules

Skyworks introduces eight low noise, variable gain receive modules for LTE and WCDMA infrastructure applications requiring low noise and high linearity. The SKY65369-11, SKY65370-11, SKY65371-11, SKY65372-11, SKY65373-11, SKY65374-11, SKY65375-11, and SKY65376-11, which are ideal for all wireless infrastructure OEMs and ODMs, are low noise, highly linear VGA modules that operate in the 7... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Skyworks PIN Diode Limiter Module

Skyworks PIN Diode Limiter for Radar, Military, GPS and Infrastructure Applications

Skyworks offers an integrated, single-stage, low-cost PIN diode limiter module to address the growing need for full receiver low-noise amplifier protection in microwave applications. The device is a low threshold/insertion loss/distortion module in a surface-mount package meant... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - 802.11a/g/n/ac Wireless LAN Front-end Module

Dual-band 802.11a/g/n/ac Wireless LAN Front-end Module

Skyworks’ SKY85806-11 features an integrated 2.4 GHz PA, 5 GHz PA, transmit filter, diplexers and T/R switches. It is ideal for set-top box, wireless high fidelity, USB dongle and personal computer applications. The device provides local oscillator filters for the 2 GHz and 5 GHz transmit paths in a compact QFN 28... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. -  Low Profile, 5 GHz 802.11ac/n Front-end Module

Skyworks introduces a highly integrated, 5 GHz 802.11ac/n front-end module for mobile platforms including smartphones and tablets. The fully matched SKY85716-11 FEM incorporates a 5 GHz single-pole, double-throw transmit/receive switch, a 5 GHz low noise amplifier with bypassand a 5 GHz power amplifier. Its0.33 mm package height makes it suitable for low profile SiP modules in embedded s... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - New Three Channel High Efficiency Backlight Driver

Skyworks introduces a step-up, three-channel LED driver with an I2C interface and pulse width modulation dimming control, offering 10-bit dimming accuracy down to 0%. The SKY82896 features a wide input voltage range of 2.5 V to 5.5 V and high-boost switching frequency. Minimal external components reduce the solution size and make the device suitable for LED backlighting in sin... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - High Linearity, Active Bias Low Noise Amplifier

Skyworks introduces a 0.5 to 4.0 GHz low-noise amplifier (LNA) with an active bias, offering excellent return loss, low noise, and high linearity performance for applications including high performance wireless infrastructure, L and S band military radio, SDAR, DBS set-top box, and GPS. The SKY67103-396LF features internal active bias circuitry which provides stable performance over temp... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Non-Synchronous Step-Down Converter

The SKY87608 is a step-down DC-DC converter that operates with a wide 4.5 V to 28 V input voltage range and regulates the output voltage as low as 0.9 V while supplying up to 3 A to the output. The 450 kHz switching frequency allows for an efficient step-down regulator design.
The SKY87608 uses an adjustable output voltage that can be set from 12% to 80% of the input voltage by an... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Low Power Bluetooth® Low Energy Front-end Modules

Skyworks’ SKY66110-11 and SKY66111-11 are highly integrated front-end modules (FEMs) designed for Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) applications operating in the 2.4 to 2.485 GHz range. They are ideal for connected home, automotive, and wearable technology applications.

  • Low power consumption
  • Output: +10 dBm
  • Supply operation: 1.8 to 5 V
  • L...
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Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Advanced Materials/Specialty Antenna Applications

With over 50 years of advanced ceramic expertise, Skyworks Solutions, through its Trans-Tech advanced materials product line, is the industry leader in technical ceramic materials. With our in-house manufacturing capability, we can deliver materials that range from custom particle size distributions for thermal barrier coatings and fuel cells, to machined precision components. Because we... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Hyperabrupt Junction Tuning Varactor

The SMV1275-079LF is a silicon hyperabrupt junction varactor diode specifically
designed for battery operation. The specified high-capacitance ratio and
low-series resistance make this varactor appropriate for low phase-noise
Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) used at frequencies in wireless systems up
to and above 2.5 GHz.
Applications for the SMV1275-07... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - SKYA21001: 20 MHz to 3.0 GHz SPDT Switch

The SKYA21001 is a Single-Pole, Double-Throw (SPDT) switch. The device features
low insertion loss and positive voltage operation with very low DC power
consumption. The SKYA21001 is manufactured in a compact 2.00 x 1.25 mm, 6-pin
SC-70 package.


  • IP1dB = +30 dBm typical @ 3 V
  • IP3 = +43 dBm typical @ 3 V<.....
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Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Single Control SP2T Switch for WLAN Applications


0.01 to 6.0 GHz Single Control SP2T Switch

The SKY13453-385LF is a Single-Pole, Double-Throw (SP2T) switch intended for mode switching in pre-Power Amplifier (PA) cellular or WLAN applications. Using advanced switching technologies, the SKY13453-385LF maintains low insertion loss and high isolation for all switching paths.
The high linearity per... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Skyworks Solutions is hiring!

Skyworks Solutions is hiring!

Join our dynamic work environment where employees feel empowered and motivated.

Skyworks is an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors offering:

• Competitive salary

• Comprehensive benefits

• Employee stock purchase plan

• Educational assistance

• Fitness ben... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Low-Threshold PIN Diode Limiter 0.2 to 4.0 GHz

PIN Diode Limiter Module for Automotive, GPS, and Military Applications

Skyworks is pleased to introduce a low threshold PIN diode limiter module that addresses the growing need for receiver low noise amplifier protection in microwave applications. The SKY16602-632LF is a fully integrated module comprised of a PIN limiter diode, a Schottky diode, and two DC blocking caps designed... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Six-Channel, High Efficiency White LED Driver

The SKY81452 is a highly integrated, high efficiency LED backlight solution for tablets, notebook computers, monitors, and other portable devices.
An integrated boost converter provides a high voltage output for driving up to 28 V. Six precision current sinks are programmable up to 60 mA per string. The integrated boost regulator switching frequency is adjustable from 600 kHz to 2... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers White Paper

Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers White Paper

Want to learn about the performance and characteristics of two new breakthrough, ultra low noise LNAs with best-in-class noise figure? Topics include techniques used in biasing and matching. A circuit description with information on thermal considerations is also addressed. Skyworks’ SKY67150-396LF and SKY67153-396LF are designed... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - DC-DC Converters

DC/DC Converters (Switching Regulators) Product Brief

Skyworks’ broad product portfolio includes high-efficiency, pulse width modulation (PWM) switch-mode voltage regulators ideal for a wide variety of applications such as smartphones, portable navigation devices (PNDs), notebook computers, set-top boxes, digital still cameras, and other portable electronic devices. S... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - RF Components, Dielectric, and Magnetic Materials

Trans-Tech offers proprietary ceramic materials to provide engineers the best compromise of size, Q-factor, temperature stability, and cost. Our dielectric resonator materials are custom-blended and sized to suit the individual filter or oscillator design. Less demanding applications such as impedance-matching or tuning will benefit from the Application-Specific Ceramic Materials, which... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Custom Compositions (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Modem Agnostic Portfolio

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: SWKS), an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors enabling a broad range of end markets today unveiled a set of antenna switch solutions supporting LTE, LTE-Advanced and next-generation carrier aggregation architectures. The portfolio includes highly integrated antenna switch modules (ASM) as well as transmit and receive diversity switches. T... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Industry’s Best Dual Flash Driver for Smartphones

Skyworks Solutions, Inc., an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors enabling a broad range of end markets introduced the industry’s best dual flash driver for smartphones. Incorporating Skyworks’ proprietary TrueFlash™ capability, the device enables sophisticated LED flash management features to capture the best image possible, as well new user features suc... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Ultra Low Noise Amplifier

Skyworks' industry-leading noise figure (0.23 dB at 849 MHz), superior gain SKY67150-396LF is suited for LTE, GSM, WCDMA, HSDPA macro and micro base station, UHF and L-band receiver, cellular repeater, DAS and RRH/RRU, and high-temperature (to +105 °C) transceiver applications. The highly linear, active bias LNA is provided in an 8-pin 2 x 2 x 0.75 mm DFN package and covers 300&n... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - RF solutions across nearly all gaming platforms

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: SWKS), an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors enabling a broad range of end markets announced that its front-end modules, low noise amplifiers, switches and power detectors are being utilized across the world’s foremost gaming platforms such as the Sony PlayStation®, Nintendo Wii™ and Microsoft Xbox. Skyworks has been deli... (read more)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Diode Switch for Telecommunication Systems

Skyworks is pleased to introduce a high-power handling, silicon PIN diode SPDT switch for LTE and TD-SCDMA base stations, repeaters, low frequency radios, transmit and receive functions, as well as failsafe switching applications. The compact and economically designed SKY12215-478LF features low insertion loss, excellent power handling, and superb linearity with low DC power consumption.... (read more)