Smith & Loveless, Inc. - Test Your Flushable Knowledge

The X-PELLER® was specifically designed for high volumes of trash pumping applications and low flow conditions in 4" (75-800 GPM), 6" (75-1,000 GPM) and 8" (300-1,700 GPM) vacuum primed and flooded suction Smith & Loveless pumps. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - DI-SEP® Technology Makes Copper Purer

Smith & Loveless is a world leader in solvent extraction filtration systems for copper mines. The DI-SEP® SX-DAF systems remove organic material from the SX-EW process, enabling mines to produce highly pure copper sheets. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - Loop Brush Aerator

Smith & Loveless' horizontal LOOP Brush Aerators provide premium oxygen transfer and mixing over a wide range of flow conditions. We design LOOP Brush Aerators for the greatest efficiency and cost-effective service. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - X-PELLER® Pump Impeller

Rugged S&L Non-Clog Pumps don't need design gimmicks to efficiently meet the 10 States Standard for 3" solids handling. And for high volumes of rags, wipes and flushables, S&L's proven X-PELLER® mono-port impeller with 3" passages prevents any clogs, giving you the longest clog-free pump life for the lowest costs. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - TITAN MBR™ Membrane Bio Reactor

Smith & Loveless Inc. proudly offers TITAN MBR™, our latest pre-engineered wastewater treatment system for municipal, on site and industrial applications. The innovative TITAN MBR™ combines the wastewater treatment engineering expertise of S&L with submerged membrane technology. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - OPTIFLOW 270™ Baffle System

Smith & Loveless continues to advance the science of grit removal with the patent pending OPTIFLOW 270™ Baffle System for the PISTA® 270™. The key to grit removal excellence with the PISTA® 270™ is its unique flat chamber floor design and forced vortex operation. (read more)