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Smith & Loveless, Inc. - The Lowest Life Cycle Costs In Wastewater Pumping

Smith & Loveless Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations (WWMPS) revolutionize the way you think about wastewater lift stations. By mounting a complete lift station - including S&L pumps, piping, valves, controls - outside of and above the wet well, wastewater pumping becomes dramatically simpler, safer and more economical. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - NEW!! EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Station.

Smith & Loveless Inc.’s above-ground wastewater pumping stations pave the way for end-users to reap the benefits of robust construction, operator-safe maintenance and single-source solutions. The result is efficient pump station performance, long service life and realized savings—verified by decades of successful installations. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - PISTA® VIO™ Grit Removal System. .

The PISTA® Vio Grit Removal System provides unprecedented application flexibility and superior grit removal efficiencies with a design that allows for full variability of the inlet and outlet chambers. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - Pumps and Rotating Assemblies by S&L

Smith & Loveless Pumps comprises the heart of Smith & Loveless Pump Stations and PISTA® Grit Handling Systems. With its industry-superior components and construction, it became the first pump designed specifically for wastewater transfer. The design philosophy behind the S&L Pump engenders hassle-free maintenance, energy savings and long-lasting, reliabl... (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - Coarse and Fine Screens, Compactors and Washers

Smith & Loveless delivers complete wastewater screening solutions designed for superior durability, performance and real life-cycle cost value. Our comprehensive array of proven SCHLOSS engineered screening solutions handle coarse and fine screening, washing, compacting and conveying for both municipal and industrial applications. S (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - NEW!! RAPIDJACK™ Quick Clean Check Valve.

Smith & Loveless has revolutionized wafer check valve maintenance with the new RAPIDJACK. Clearing wafer check valves of stringy materials and obstructions will now take 15 minutes or less with the new RAPIDJACK. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - I-Series Immersible Wastewater Pumps

Smith & Loveless I-Series Immersible Pumps deliver peace of mind for end-users and owners where immersible protection is required or recommended. Available for new and retrofit applications in lift stations and wastewater treatment plant operations, these heavy-duty pumps can be immersed for up to three weeks in flooding conditions. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - A Variety Of Control Systems for Your Pump Station

Smith & Loveless offers a complete of pumping system control systems and packages for new pumps stations and retrofits on previously installed stations. Systems range from digital PLC station controllers with touch screen controls, to microprocessor pump controllers and standard relay logic. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - See How NON-CLOG Pumps Can Change Your LIfe

The X-PELLER® was specifically designed for high volumes of trash pumping applications and low flow conditions in 4" (75-800 GPM), 6" (75-1,000 GPM) and 8" (300-1,700 GPM) vacuum primed and flooded suction Smith & Loveless pumps. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - PISTATURBO Grit Washer

The PISTATURBO Grit Washer uses TRI-CLEANSE TECHNOLOGY to produce clean grit while minimizing the odor caused by putrescible organics and the costs associated with growing landfill restrictions. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - Learn the science behind settling velocities

Settling velocity is pretty simple, it measures the distance over time a particle will take to settle in water. Let’s take a quick look at this video comparing clean sand versus wastewater grit particle settling rates. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - Compare Removal Efficiencies

Compare Removal Efficiencies: There are several types of grit removal systems in the market place. But only one, the forced vortex grit chamber with baffles, leads the pack in the race for superior grit removal efficiency. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - Model R OXIGEST® Wastewater Treatment System

Proven in hundreds of installations, the Model R OXIGEST® treatment system provides stable operation and flexible process options for sanitary and industrial/process wastewater applications. The OXIGEST® design encompasses complete aeration, clarification and advanced treatment in concentric tankage while allowing these unit processes to be ind... (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - TITAN MBR™ Membrane Bio Reactor by S&L

Smith & Loveless Inc. proudly offers TITAN MBR, our latest pre-engineered wastewater treatment system for municipal, onsite and industrial applications. The innovative TITAN MBR combines the wastewater treatment engineering expertise of S&L with submerged membrane technology. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - OPTIFLOW 270™ Baffle System Grit Removal.

With more than 2,500 PISTA® Grit Chamber installations worldwide, Smith & Loveless continues to advance the science of grit removal with the patent pending OPTIFLOW 270Baffle System for the PISTA® 270 The OPTIFLOW 270 Baffle System brings previously unachieved grit removal efficiencies to new PISTA® 270 (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - Benefits of Dependable,Long-Lasting Pump Stations

Essentially, he values reliable pump station performance, day-in, day-out, and avoiding problems or hassles that might otherwise reach his desk. And one can see why reliability keys his perspective on pump stations: (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - Design Of Effective Grit Removal Systems VIDEO

Published on Jul 18, 2016

How to design effective grit removal systems is today's topic in this 2 minute industry update. We'll help all of you wastewater pros with two design tips. Let's get started.
The first design tip is sizing. Remember: one sizing formula does not fit all equipment.
When sizing equipment, the forced vortex with v-force baffle unit sizes its equip... (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - How Do Different Technologies Remove Grit? VIDEO

How well do five different technologies remove grit? In this 2 Minute Update, we'll help you, the wastewater pro, see how these technologies remove grit. Let's get started.
Grit removal efficiency measures how much grit enters and how much grit exits the system. (read more)

Smith & Loveless, Inc. - Premier Pre-Engineered WastewaterTreatment Systems

Smith & Loveless offers a complete range of aerobic, biological wastewater treatment systems to meet the varied needs of industry, commercial facilities, municipalities, and private development. Our broad system list ranges from innovative membrane bioreactors, patented sludge busting biological processes, and complete extended aeration plants. (read more)