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Standex-Meder Electronics

Standex-Meder Electronics has promoted these products/services:

Standex-Meder Electronics - Fluid Level Sensors – More Than an On/Off Signal

In the past, fluid level sensors provided a simple on/off signal, but now sensors are more complex and “smarter” liquid level sensors that are capable of more than just an open or closed signal line. Resistors can be placed in circuit to provide discreet voltage outputs that will indicate one of many possible level points along the travel path of a magnetic float. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Compact High Power Density Planar Transformers

Planar transformers are steadily replacing the need for traditional wire-wound transformers in many industries. Smaller volume (typ. 30% compared to wire-wound) planars can handle the same amount of work as larger wire-wound transformers. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - 2014-2015 Sensor & Magnetic Solutions Catalog

This catalog has been expanded extensively to incorporate coverage of Standex-Meder’s premier worldwide capabilities and innovative technologies. It includes the company’s extensive product portfolio, which includes reed switches, reed relays, optocouplers, reed sensors, fluid sensors, magnetic actuators, planar transformers and inductors, and custom products. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - 3D Magnetic Mapping for Sensor Applications

MEDER's technical expert describes their 3D Magnetic Mapping capabilities used in reed sensor applications (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Optocouplers For Intrinsic Safety Circuits

Learn more about how our line of optocouplers for intrinsic safety circuits can safely handle input/output isolation as high as 20,000 VDC. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - The world’s smallest high-voltage switch

Standex-Meder Electronics, a leading manufacturer of sensors and magnetic components, announces the release of the world's smallest high-voltage switch: the KSK-1A35/1 miniature reed switch. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - New toroidal power transformers

Available as bare toroids which can be integrated into the devices themselves or as toroids housed in enclosures with circuit breakers, fused input, plug-ins and other user-friendly options. Compliant with UL/IEC 60601 specifications, these transformers feature extremely low leakage current between primary and secondary windings. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Smart Grid & Smart Metering Applications

Why Standex-Meder for Smart Grid and Smart Metering Applications? (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Planar Inductors -High Power Density & Performance

Customizable planar inductors offer power density and performance advantages compared to equivalent wire wound transformer designs. Applications: switching power supplies, DC/DC converters in distributed power systems, FIGA and low‐profile high‐current, high current POL converters, feedback control, overload sensing, load drop and shut down detection. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Instrumentation Grade Reed Relays

Instrumentation grade reed relays with switching technology that offers unparalleled features available at Standex-Meder Electronics.

Whether electronic components are mounted on PCBs, at the wafer level or the finished component level, testing these components will require reed relays. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Reed Sensors With Mounting From the Outside!

LS03 Liquid Level Reed Sensors With Mounting From the Outside!

New versions can be mounted from the outside.. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - High Power Reed Switches

Our high power KSK reed switch series are used in high power switching
applications. They may be used as a proximity sensor or internal to a
relay (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Don't leave the Earth without Standex!

Whether your project is designed for service at 30,000 feet or in outer space, don't leave the Earth without Standex! (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Highly Reliable Medical Switching Technology

Medical equipment ranging from high voltage generators to portable and implantable devices require switching technology with the highest quality. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Designed to Carry Very High Current Levels.

A full spectrum of sizes, power, and high voltage switching options are just a few features offered, among the seven types of MEDER High Voltage/ High Current Reed Relays. Switching voltages as high as 10kVDC and breakdown voltages to 15kVDC. Continuous carry currents up to 15 Amps and pulsed currents 30 Amps (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Custom Conductive Fluid Level Sensors

Custom molding capabilities allow us to design and build float and sensors to suit any fluid level sensing application. That's one reason why we're the partner of choice for automotive fluid sensing projects. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Standex Transformers In Standard & Custom Designs
  • Class 2 transformers, wired, in plastic casing
  • Chokes mounted in L bracket or channel frame
  • Toroidal common mode chokes
  • PC mount current transformers
  • Class 2 energy limiting wall plug, wired, cord connected or PC mounted transformers
  • Autotransformers in open, enclosed or toroidal designs
  • Control circuit transformers<.....
(read more)
Standex-Meder Electronics - Flood Prevention Switches for HVAC Applications

• Easy installation - on primary or auxiliary drain plugs

• Reliable operation

• Switch easily accessible for service

• Flexible – red-wire or yellow-wire connection

• Tee, Elbow and Bracket models available with multiple fittings to accommodate various applications

• Complies with applicable NEC Codes

• C... (read more)


The Rectangular Flange Mount Reed Sensors offer billions of reliable switching operations in wet and dirty applications. These magnetically operated reed proximity switches are waterproof and can be mounted almost anywhere, making them suitable replacements for mechanical switches (read more)


A full line of molded reed relays offered in dual-in-line package for a wide variety of test and measurement, telecommunications, and security equipment applications are available from MEDER electronic (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - MK27 Sensor/Actuator Solutions & Applications
  • Security switch
  • Alarm systems
  • Position detection
  • Mining
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Cargo container doors
  • Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation (HVAC)
  • Hinged bracket contact
  • Hydraulic end position detection
(read more)
Standex-Meder Electronics - The compact Sensor with high switching power!

MK26 sensors are magnetically operated Reed proximity switches designed for screw mounting. The sensor should be mounted on a fixed surface with the actuating magnet on the moving surface. Introduction or removal of the magnetic field determines the closing and opening of the Reed Switch (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - MK28 Vane Sensor

New MK28 vane-operated sensors for harsh environments combine the reed sensor and actuator magnet in the same rugged housing, and are ideal for applications in the automotive, industrial automation equipment, and robotics industries. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Lean, Mean and Green

Performance Beyond All Other Reed Sensors In Its Size Class! (read more)