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Standex-Meder Electronics

Standex-Meder Electronics has promoted these products/services:

Standex-Meder Electronics - New Planar Magnetics Design Guide, 2017

Our new Planar Magnetics Design Guide is a comprehensive catalog consisting of 40 pages of technical information, 198 corresponding images, and a total of 23 planar transformer and planar inductor design examples ready for customization for specific applications. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Planar Magnetics Meet EV & Critical Power Demands

Our custom and standard planar transformers and inductors serve a wide array of power ranges and operating frequencies ideally suited for electric
vehicle and other critical power applications. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Custom Magnetics & Power Conversion Components

Our custom designed magnetics and power conversion components are used in a wide variety of assemblies across all major markets. Our robust designs are available as single components – or can be combined with ancillary services, even integration into up-stream/ downstream components. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Compact High Voltage Isolation Reed Relays

Standex-Meder Electronics offers high voltage isolation relays that not only offer excellent high isolation characteristics but can also operate reliably over a wide temperature range, and represents an economical way to carry out billions of switching operations. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Planar Transformers for DC/DC Converters & More

Planar transformers are more prevalent in DC-DC converters, which takes high-voltage (HV) power from the battery and converts it to low-voltage DC, and the EV on-board charger that takes the power from the wall and rectifies it to DC. Additionally planar transformer designs are in high-power applications for buses and other heavy equipment related markets. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Transportation Electronics Rely On Reed Sensors

The importance of reed switch-based sensors in transportation sensor applications is abundant. From fluid level management, to magnetics for heavy construction vehicle satellite systems, to fuel injector coils, reed switch based sensors have long played a key role in cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Fast Charging Planar Transformers in EV's

Reliable, Space Critical, High Energy Dense

Fast charging and battery management systems for electric vehicles have become more popular as commuters rely on energy efficient options for transportation. Standex-Meder Electronics has developed various products including planar transformers for use in eCars. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Fluid Level Sensors – More Than an On/Off Signal

In the past, fluid level sensors provided a simple on/off signal, but now sensors are more complex and “smarter” liquid level sensors that are capable of more than just an open or closed signal line. Resistors can be placed in circuit to provide discreet voltage outputs that will indicate one of many possible level points along the travel path of a magnetic float. (read more)

Standex-Meder Electronics - Alternative Energy & Smart Grid Solutions

Alternative Energy Reed Relays, Sensors, And Magnetics are Reliable And Energy Efficient Electro-Magnetic Components For Isolation Control and Smart Grid Applications (read more)